How To Make a Huge Princess Dress Cake!

Welcome to Pins and Things. Today, we’re going to be making a life-size Barbie cake. Happy birthday to Ellie she’s three years old The first thing we’re going to do to build the form on the bottom is take our biggest pan and I’m just going to trace around the bottom of the pan. We need the circumference. Now, we’re going to cut it out I’ve got four cake pans in varying sizes, and this is the biggest one so this is going to be our base Which is the top of the cardboard form for the bottom of the dress. Oh my goodness. This is because Ellie loves this so much and she’s been begging me to open But she’s been like caressing it and kissing it and she’s had slimy fingers all day So you can obviously tell where she loves it the most I just got this barbie at Walmart, Ellie loves it so much It’s about two and a half feet tall somewhere around there, but it was around like $35 Which is a pretty good price for this I think and she loves it so much. Okay, I have to tell you guys a secret This is one of my childhood dreams come true. No joke. That’s the reason I wanted to do it so bad cause I love it just as much as Ellie does Well, that’s really tall I just realized the shoes don’t come off of this and I was like, huh? That’s like so un-barbie like and then I realized there’s probably not shoes that would fit this one I changed my mind. This is mine Obviously, I don’t want to make the whole thing cake because that’s gonna be a lot of cake and a lot of work, a lot of ingredients. We’re actually going to make it cardboard from the floor up to the bottom of her skirt and then we’re gonna make it cake from the bottom of her skirt to her waist and that way will save us a lot of time and effort in making the cake and it will actually be a reusable stand if we ever wanted to make a giant Barbie cake in the future. So the height of this cardboard is actually almost 12 inches and that’s perfect from the floor to the bottom of her skirt. I want the bottom circle to be 3 inches bigger than this one I’m just going to bend this cardboard, so it will fit around my round form better You can use any cardboard for this project but I’m actually using a 36 by 48 inch display board which should be exactly what I need. You will need to go with the grain of the cardboard for this part so that it will fold on the lines just like this Now it’s time to glue the board together, so I have the whole thing glued now on here making a big tube looking thing Now it’s time for a little bit of math, so the bottom circumference Which is around the whole thing is around 50 inches. The top one is around 30 inches right here Let’s just take the ratio so 3 to 5 that means for every 5 inches that there are on bottom We need 3 on top so I’ve taken a spare piece of this cardboard drawn out five inches on bottom Three inches on top and we’re going to cut this out to use a little pattern that we’re gonna trace on So now I’m going to take this after I fold it a little bit just so it will match up with the circle. So now I can easily take this and place it on the outside and draw my lines on to be able to trim it By trimming this, it will make it more into a dress shape once we take out the triangles that we’re cutting out Alright now that I’ve cut it, you can kind of see it’s going to bring us into the right shape here And then we can put this one on top and there will be our form so I’m going to start gluing these slits together Time to finish up our hubble telescope Ok we’ve got the top part here all of the inside is glued if you’re not sure if it will stay or if it’s sturdy enough, you can take your hot glue and go around all of the seams on the inside To make sure that it will stay but I think that it will be good. It’s pretty sturdy. Now, let’s top it off Okay, that’s where her feet are gonna go. Now, we’re cutting a hole for the barbie to go in Ok we’ve trimmed the hole for her legs to fit through and now it’s time to glue the top on Go ahead and wrap your dress in Saran wrap, this way it won’t be ruined by cake or frosting. Now I’m going to be covering the whole bottom form with Tinfoil So that it won’t get cake on it or be ruined, and I can reuse it if I want Put her through the tinfoil. Alright, It looks like it’s time to put the cake on. I’m going to make a couple of holes here so that we can put it right in the middle Go ahead and put some frosting over it to give the cake something to stick to. Moment of truth Perfect. Put some more frosting on and add our other layers Ellie wanted all pink everything. She wanted pink cake and pink frosting in a pink dress and everything so I was like alright Shout out to our other princess video when she turned two. That was also pink everything Are you ready for our pink overload? In fact the recipe for this icing can be found on that video. The Princess pull apart cake. That’s where we have the recipe for this frosting specifically Last layer. Fantastic. Doesn’t it look amazing? Time to put the Barbie in Oh those hips though. You can do it barbie. Go barbie. You can fit into that dress. You’ve always wanted to I think it’s gonna look good. That makes me really happy. You know what’s really cool, too If there’s little pieces that I see like by the hips or whatever that I need to build up a little bit There’s lots of extra cake that I can go ahead and put in there with a little bit of frosting to glue it all together A little bustle. Now it’s time to put frosting all over the cake and then we’re going to smooth it and we’re going to put decorations on top of that I am not a master baker But I think that I can make it simple enough that anybody can do it like this right? The tip that I’m using is Wilton 1m and I am just going in big rose pattern So I love the pattern from the princess pull apart cake that I used on the cupcakes And I’m pretty much doing the exact same thing for the whole dress on this one We got a base layer of icing and I’m just decorating on top of that and this whole Wilton icing kit I will have a link in the description below you can get it on Amazon So I’m just going to put little dollops in between kind of fill in the little gaps Try not to get it on the dress, but if it gets a little bit on the dress it will be fine. I I’m so happy right now. Ended up doing four different colors, starting with the lightest at the very top and working our way down to Brownish pink at the bottom Oh my goodness that is a butt load of frosting right there But I think it meshed really well, you almost can’t even tell where the cake is and where the cardboard is. We used 12 pounds of powdered sugar and we quadrupled the recipe three times That’s a lot of sugar. Now for some finishing touches I’m adding on some sixlets that I got in the party section at Walmart that are pearl pink color and I’m gonna put these all throughout the dress just to tie it all together It’s finally done. Cover your eyes. Let’s go see it Okay open your eyes, look! Do you like it? My favorite Thank you guys so much for watching make sure to subscribe if you like this video. Also you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All of the things that you will need for this Barbie cake are in the link in the description below on Amazon. If you click over here You can watch me every day on The Beach House and if you click over here you can watch my princess pull apart cake. We’ll see you guys next time

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