How to make a detachable collar shirt from a modern dress shirt

Welcome everyone in this video I want to show you how you can turn a modern shirt into a a detachable collar shirt which then can be used with detachable shirt collars like this club collar. Stay tuned! [Music] Let’s start with the ingredients. You need a shirt an unstitcher, a very fine pair of scissors, a sewing needle and matching thread.tThe thimble here is optional. You can replace the needle with a sewing machine but I don’t want to assume that every one of you has a sewing machine so we will stick to needle and thread. Step 1 removing the collar by unstitching the one or two seams here on the collar band [Music] this work can be quite annoying and you can see that you really need the unstitcher or the fine pair of scissors because the stitching is quite small and you really don’t want to damage the fabric [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m unstitching the first seam all around and then I will take care of the second seam which is halfway inside the collar and by the way the small stitches are a sign of a good quality shirt so the better the shirt the more annoying is the work here at removing this damn collar. [Music] So this is the collar you want to remove. This is the collar band you can see here there is an upper seam on the outside which you want to remove first and then the color is like reverse stitched so you will need to pull the fabric aside and then you can get to the second seam here and remove it too. [Music] and at some point you will have removed the collar leaving you with a collarless shirt so step two we’ll be removing all this fuss around here and sewing the collar band back together [Music] what you want to do now is close this gap here with a simple backstitch [Music] as you might assume the step is a lot easier when you’re using a sewing machine but again I don’t want to assume that every one of you has a sewing machine step three is removing the front button and in this case because it’s a button-down shirt or was a button-down shirt we have the two small buttons here which we have to remove too step four is adding a buttonhole here in front and in the back of the collar band so you can also use the unstitcher to make holes in the shirt for the buttonholes. If you have a sewing machine use the sewing machine for the buttonholes because it’s a lot easier and a lot faster [Music] [Music] well I made two buttonholes by hand which became a bit ugly but they will do I guess. If you don’t know how to sew a buttonhole or what a backstitch is I will put links in the description with short tutorials on how to back- stitch or how to do a buttonhole. Now you have three options for detachable collars: the first one is make one from scratch like this. I will do another video about making detachable collars from scratch. the second option is buying one like this one. This is actually from Darcy Clothing and this is not an ad I can really recommend Darcy. They also have actually shirts where you can put on a detachable collar and the third option is you buy another shirt like from a thrift shop or something like this like the shirt was bought this from and just detach the collar from the shirt. You can’t use this one apparently because this collar from the shirt we just decomposed this collar is missing this collar band here which you need to have to attach it to another shirt so you need another shirt to take the collar from and again remove the button usually have you have the button here like we did on the shirt and add another buttonhole here in the back what you definitely need are these separate shirt buttons a small one and a long one the short one goes in the back because it pokes through two layers of fabric the long one goes in the front. I demonstrate. This is a short one you put it in here through the button- hole you just need and then through the buttonhole of the collar and then you take the long one. First buttonhole Second buttonhole, third buttonhole and forth Nice. Isn’t it? Et voilà your own detachable collar shirt you can also buy of course a so-called granddad shirt and start from step 3 because you don’t need to remove a collar and this is how it looks in action [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]


  1. Brilliant! I do have an old Mao collar-style shirt somewhere in the back of my closet. Since I'm not a communist (*cough cough*) this could become a nice project for spring. Thanks!

  2. I would have one question which would be if you would advise to get the collared shirt in the closest fit to the neck (So maybe size down half a size, so the detachable collar is in the size one defaults to) or if you should stick to the regular collar size you always wear?

  3. Could you make a tutorial for Coats? I'd really love to know more about that kind of topic and I think you have the most experience 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for your channel! I'm working on building a 20s style or 20s/modern wardrobe. Subscribed and looking forward to future videos 😀 I'd love to see a video on essential pieces for getting started. I ordered a tweed three piece already, but will need to add many more pieces for more looks. I'm interested in how to properly do 20s casual for everyday wear.

  5. Great.
    I am suprised you have got a channel since I sometimes visit your page ..
    Btw I am already waiting for a tutorial how to make a detachable collar..

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