How To Make A Canopy Pencil Dress/Pencil Dress With Circle Sleeve/Cape Pencil Dress/Setro/Sewing Pt1

Good day everyone, this is Joke Setro and you are welcome to setro craft channel
I have be doing this and doing that, my because of my baby, so but now today we want to learn something new just in a few minutes and you will believe it
it’s just like I’ll be showing you from the screen right now, how to achieve a
cape pencil dress just simple as easy as A, B and C, a cape pencil dress or
pencil dress with circle sleeve whatever you want to call it, for the neckline cut
I’ll be using three and a half by three and a half inches the wideness tree and
the half the depth three and a half would be using the following measurement
parameters bust 38 shoulder to nipple will be 11 inches then half lenght position
is 16 inches then we’ll have to shoulder to hips that soon its location it’s 25 inches by
the hips it’s 40 inches then we’ll have the dress length to be forty four inches
then you have the shoulder or they are crossed out to be 15 inches of cotton
three cosine cheese and the sleeve as you can see as you can see from the
screen the sleeve is just from the neckline some waking so I were using 16
inches but neckline chords are by using three and a half inches for the
whiteness and trend a half inches for the tips so the shoulder measurements as you know
is 15 15 inches bye-bye so now he was seven and a half seven and
a half inches so I can just add up inch for sewing around then my welcome-home
my round hump all is 18 what time don’t think so just use in the half okay I’m thinking the bust measurements
the boss measurements it’s 38 38 inches divided by four
the Prophecy’s not support the back is on support so you have nine and a half
inches so this my knife and a half inches here man and a half inches then
you could add one inch so in alarm so I like having more children so I’m gonna say two 1/4 0 7 3/4 he’s my seventh
because back in 7 inhabit so divided by four he was eight and a half so I have
not eaten the having shit they’re like super chill so we go to the new each
location the most pressing three to five and six just like that I’m using some
fun so this way I’ll take each measurement so the peeps is 40 divided
by four thou give us now go to dress length to be 44 just one
inch for the around to turn the length of the choice so what do we do right now
for the end line are going by working to start making it from this institution
itself making it by each divided for Sue taking one inch that’s from my on the
bus like a shot this way half inch on both sides so are they extended to the
Nico position and also general position welljust we leave right now
mr. Kutz out back panel about ten surgeries any we’re not chief okay okay
cotton our top back panel for pencil cape dress is as easy as a and b NC so I
just do it replace your front panel on the fabric those made you leave your
one-inch Alliance for this for the zipper yeah okay if they will be using
the zipper but if you need more than that but for me I wanna use this one
inch then the neckline you could actually send a client if you so wish
but for me I wanna use this same three and a half inches by what I’ll be using
the same three and a half inches rightness by depth okay achieving the kid or the Sacketts
me1 me2 doings you know the neckline remember it when you but starting from
this neutral position is going but starting from the nipple position so
somewhere here I’ve shown on the screen down to the nipple position so you
calculate from here to the back neckline so the key just like it actually
yourself last for your peploe state or whatever
don’t you know much about that you can visit my video now to make a circular
scale so it’s as easy as the ambien see with your pole to the swing just for the
game so what’s better gang goes over step you killed my pot these words
install I use it at the sacral trains and that’s neckline disable use them 23
inches so strain see this fold is into the four so we divide by four now be
fine so you just do a quick glance because so many people they decorate our
calculation where we go formula for it you can check it myself straight a
circular skate video why do they want to use that population just use this simple
logic what would give me five inches so let’s see what’s giving us five the messy three
and quarter inches good site try hard some friends of I mention we’ve actually
said that with the using from shoulder to about sixteen inches for the length
so is a sixteen inches here so the week in allowance and showing around Vicki
cents in inches so you get the 17 inches round the three okay like it comes from the nipple
position this week okay so these just have to achieve your past address has to
kill trace of tests addresses status leave whichever one you want to call it
in few minutes I believe you it’s real nice time to get
up please don’t forget to like like like this video share subscribe and our July
online classes on way to learn from anywhere in the world and you be a pro
in fashion I love you hope so I can’t wait


  1. This is very similar to the new duchess of Sussex, Meaghan Markle's white cape dress. if you search youtube for "Compare Megan Markle and Kate Middleton…." and you will see it.

  2. What about the sleeves? And how about the dress you have on? I though this was the tutorial for that?

  3. Thanks a lot. Kindly let usknow what measurements to use if i want a gathered(with elastic ) cicular top.

  4. I must have missed something? I thought I was going to see the dress at the beginning. I missed the way u attached the cape to the dress & how u completed the dress. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ

  5. I WANT PATTERN CAPE canopy bolero for summer

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