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Hey there, thanks for watching with Wendy in this tutorial. I’ll show you how to make a denim button-up shirt also known as a Chambray For this tutorial [you] just need some lights denim fabric as well as some fusible interfacing That’s the kind of interfacing that has a glue side so that when you iron it to stuff it sticks You also need five buttons to go in the front of the shirt as well as five decorative buttons if you want there’s one that goes up here two that go on the chest pockets and Two that go on the cuffs For more details on how much fabric and all that kind of stuff make sure [you] check out the bottom bar for links in Terms of times this could take you a long time This is one of the harder tutorials, and I only did it because everyone kept being like do a collared shirt But it’s definitely not easy, so if this is your first time sewing please don’t try this one first [but] if you’re feeling adventurous, and you have a day off go [for] it because this took me a whole day [but] it was fun if you [like] this tutorial please make sure you [subscribe] so you [can] see more and if you want you can also find me online under at With Wendy like on Instagram Twitter Facebook That kind of stuff the bracelet in this video is from Romwe it goes on like this Yeah, one thing I like about this shirt Is that like I made the sleeves? Shorter so you can actually show off all your arm candy stuff if you want to check out wrong.we There’s a link down there for you to check it out if you want and if you don’t want to check it out Then don’t [that’s] all for today. I hope you guys have a really great day, and I will see you all next time bye Lay down a loose-fitting sweater and fold the denim fabric right sides together in half you’re going to cut out the shape That’s on the screen here there’s a little bit of a flap going up on the left-hand side and then following the shoulders the neckline armhole and Along the side and the bottom try to make the bottom a bit longer and a bit curved because that gives a shirt a nice shape you’re also going to cut out two pieces of interfacing that go down the very center [of] your body and climb up that tiny Little strip on the Left-hand side Cut out two symmetrical sleeve pieces by following the shape [that] you see here going a little bit longer than your sweaters arm And then going all the way to the armpit and curving it up to the shoulder in that s shape There’s also the back piece which is right now shown folded so that I could make it perfectly symmetrical But it’s basically the same as the front pieces only that the neckline goes a little bit higher about an inch feel free to make the back piece curved a little bit lower than the front piece because that makes it a nice asymmetrical look and Again on the side with the arm holes just follow the exact same shape the other piece We’re missing is the cuffs make sure you cut out two Rectangles that when folded in half are a little bit wider than your current sweater cuff you also need two strips of fabric that [are] About one inch wide and these are called the [plac] x they’re part of forming the cuff In order for our cuff to have a little structure It’s going to need some interfacing to go alongside it so cut out two interfacing rectangles for those cuffs as well For the caller you need to denim pieces that kind of form this squared out dome shape as well as one piece of interfacing to give us in Structure and For the pockets you need to big house straight pentagon’s and four little pentagon’s to make the flap for the pockets Who so now you’re done cutting out all of your pieces? First step is to fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric for all the pieces that are shown here [to] [get] started on the pockets fold and press the top edge on both of the pocket pieces So that the right side of the fabric is on the outside Then go ahead and do the same for all the other sides of the pocket folding in the Corners first and then folding in the whole side [pin] the pockets to the right side of the two front pieces and sew them along the sides and the bottom So the pocket flaps right sides together along the bottom and side edges so that you have two pieces instead of four Flip those inside out like you can see on the top one and then sew it down along the top and along all the sides Cut a little slit along the bottom of the pocket flap so that it’s big enough to fit the button and then use a skinny Zig-Zag stitch And just start at the top go all the way down the right turn it around [and] then go all [the] way back down In those two pocket flaps to the front of the shirt and then sew them down along the bottom edge Once that flap is sewn in [place], then you bring the flap downwards pin it in place And then give it one more top stitch along that top edge so that it stays pressed downwards on your shirt Ten and so those two front pieces to the back piece of the shirt right sides together along the two shoulders and along the side But stop about three inches from the bottom because that makes it look nice Before we keep going [we’ll] prevent anything from fraying in that front edge by going down it with a zig zag stitch We’ll also take those top edges and press them [down] with an iron about a centimeter in On the collar piece that has an interfacing mark out two little triangles about seven inches away from each other and sew them down [these] are [just] going to help things stay in place on your collar Cut inwards until you reach those triangles and then iron that little edge down as well Then lay those two collar pieces on top of each other [right] sides together [sew] those two pieces together alongside the bottom and the other side Flip it inside out push out really hard on those corners, and then sew all the way along the [top] But make sure you don’t sew shut that hole that we left between those two triangles With the whole side facing up pin that collar to the top of the shirt right sides together and then we’re going to sew it together all along the top Edge again leaving that hole open Now fold those two side [flops] [inwards] so that the edge of the flap is touching the center of that little triangle and pin those down along the entire free Edge So that done as well all the [way] across Flip those color pieces and push on those corners to make sure that they are nice and charming To finish the collar we’re just going to hand [stitch] that opening shut On the two sleeve pieces that are right sides together cut inwards about three inches to get the cuff going for a little bit of structural support salt on the two sides of the cut Take those little placket pieces and press it so that it looks like the one that’s on the right with the right side folded inwards A little bit pin the free edge of the placket to the slip that you just cut in the sleeve and sew them together along the Top Edge right sides touching Then bring that [blackett] piece all the way around to hide all the raw edges and sew that down with the top stitch as well Take that placket piece fold it in half so that the sleeve looks like this And then we’re going [to] sew a little diagonal line into the top edge Open up the placket and along the Edge that is touching the long side of the sleeve Fold that one inwards and sew it [down] with a little stitch Here’s where you’re at with your two sleeves You’ve got two little pockets that fold outwards towards the big edge of the sleeping next we’re going to add some darts [I] chose to go with three darts [so] I just drew a couple of dots and the goal is [to] line up the dots and sew a straight line three times to [making] three darts in the [end] you want to make sure that the sleeve that you’re left with can fit around your wrist comfortably? Here’s how it looks with two darts done. I just have one more left to go I sew a straight line from the top dot all the way down to the Reeducate Edge to seal off the Tube to make things easier to fit I don’t go all the way to the edge that way I can adjust the diameter of the sleeve depending on how it fits with The shoulder to add the cuff simply pin the right side of the cuff fabric to the right side of the sleeves Once those are sewn together along the free edge Make sure you press that raw seems that it’s pointing towards the Cotton field Flip that cuff piece upwards and then pin that folded edge to the Edge that you just sew it together try to line them up nice and flush or going to sew along [the] side for that front edge and also the side of [the] [company] Now you take the cuff piece and flip the entire thing inside out once more Pushing on those corners to make sure that they’re nice [and] sharp Start pinning that entire raw Edge down to the sleeve and then we’re going to stow that all together with a straight stitch on the outside of the cuff We’re also going to do a top [stitch] along all of the [free] sides to make sure they’re nice and crisp For now pin those cuffs together instead of sewing on a button. Just because you want to get on with the fitting In the right side of that sleeve to the right side of the shoulder and then try this on It’s likely [that] your sleeve might be a little bit long so slide back as much as you need so [that] it hits your wrist Nicely and then cut off the excess [fabric] that you slid back pin that sleeve back to the shirt so you can tell how much you need to seal off along the bottom Edge and Then with the right sides touching you’re going to seal off the entire armhole attaching that sleeve to the shirt Finish the front fold those raw edges inwards about an inch and sew along the bottom Then flip those inside out and push those corners really hard one more time to make sure they’re really sharp then fold that word inwards twice and you can [handle] the entire bottom this way the last step is [just] like with those pocket flaps you’re going to cut all of The buttonholes that you need so sig zags along those buttonholes, and then attach a button to the other side of the fabric


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