HOW TO LOOK TALLER: Outfit Ideas For Petites Ep. 7

hey guys today I’m putting together
another video where I’m showing how I can transform outfits from basic to
really something that’s more taller and slimmer looking since I’m 5’1 (or 155cm)
I really view fashion as a form of makeup where I can work with things like
color to really enhance and make me feel more confident in my day also I want to
work with things like proportion and the cut of the garment so let’s get started
with the first outfit for the first one I’m going to start with a jean jacket
and some navy flats and then a lighter outfit underneath with a light henley
and then some oversized very loose-fitting jeans so I love and wear
all of these pieces that I own but not every single piece that I own is made to
look taller but there’s ways where you can combine each one of these pieces to
work but for this outfit since I’m wearing light colors underneath it’s
really emphasizing wear this jacket cuts me which is right at my widest point so
I’m gonna just ditch the jacket for now now you’ll notice that because my
proportions have you know a longer torso and then shorter legs this shirt is a
bit too long for me it’s really making that long torso look even longer than my
legs so I’m going to tuck in my top that’s one of my main tips is anytime
that you can make your legs look longer by where you’re in your top is going to
end it’s gonna really help balance that out so after doing that you’ll notice
that these are my looser fitting jeans I wear them you know if I’m feeling a bit
bloated if it’s that time of the month but I do have a really tighter option
because they are a lovely pair of jeans I think they’re really flattering I do
need to get them hemmed up a little bit though so I’m just kind of rolling them
for today but just by making that small shift into just sizing down one size on
my jeans jeans aren’t necessarily supposed to be extremely comfortable
some days they need to just be more flattering
nobody said jeans were comfortable – no – it’s a lie – it’s a lie – so if we could all
get rid of the idea – debunk that straight away like good jeans are not that comfortable – no
one’s having a good time in good jeans they’re horrible they give you camel toe everything hurts it’s hurting here it’s up the bum – but oh my god you look good – but they look great – the thing though about lighter jeans is that they will always emphasize you
there so if you maybe want to look more you know curvy or you know wider down on
your pants you can have a lighter option but visually I would like to go darker
on these jeans so I’m gonna swap them out with a tighter fitting and darker
wash jeans these jeans are also higher waisted so they are honestly the highest
rise I have in a pant and so they’re really gonna elongate even though right
now I’ve got like two contrasting colors and I’ll get into that in a little bit I
get a lot of questions when talking about high waisted pants if it’s okay to
wear mid rise are low-rise and I think that if you have proportions opposite of
mine if your legs are super long in your torso is very much shorter then you can
go for like a mid rise and it’s still gonna balance out that illusion and
still look really flattering on you now the henley that I chose to wear today I
specifically chose because I have it also in a navy so I want to show what
monochrome can do this is one of my favorite tips because instead of
virtually making two squares stacked on top of each other in the colors you’re
going to create one long rectangle that’s now going to just make a solid
line from your shoulders down to the end of your pants so that’s always one of my
tips to lengthen and elongate and anytime that you can do that then it’s
going to stretch the illusion of how tall you are so you’ll notice that my
top is untucked at first and I wanted to do that so that
I could illustrate the illusion of monochrome so if you’re just one of
those people who’s like I don’t enjoy tucking in my top you don’t have to if
you’re going with monochrome you’re still going to have that long illusion
but for me I’m pear-shaped so if I’m displaying my smallest point
then that’s going to really work for tucking in my top so what’s really
happening here is I’ve got a navy outfit white ankles which is proof I need to go
on vacation and then I’m wearing really dark shoes so that color
blocking still applies when it comes to footwear so because I want to expose my
ankles here I’m gonna go with a skin tone shoe this is one of the first tips
I ever did with the series and I’m still wearing these shoes they’re amazing so
their skin toned and they’re pointed so what’s really gonna help if you want to
wear flats is that you can go with a pointed toe that’s gonna add a few
inches visually so those shoes really work if you’re one who just does not
want to wear a heel or maybe just that day you’re not necessarily feeling like
you want to wear a heel that’s a really great tip but because this outfit could
be so much more elongated by wearing a heel I want to just show that for
illusion in illustration sake so these are ankle boots that’s gonna really help
already compared to like a knee length boot just visually to elongate my legs
and then also having that skin tone color is gonna help and then adding the
heel inevitably somebody is going to see the intro of this video and be like oh
she just adds heels you know problem solved of course that’s how you look
taller but there’s so many other little aspects that come into play with an
outfit like this so just seeing the before and after I think is gonna help
so much but first I want to add a jacket so originally I started out with a
jacket that hits me right at my widest point but I also want to show a
different jacket something that is a lot longer if you want to look taller with a
jacket the best way that you can do that is by going with a really long jacket or
else a cropped jacket so this is hitting me right at my knee ideally I’d like to
have a jacket that’s going a little bit above or below my knee but this is
working just fine especially since it’s a thinner jacket it’s also monochrome so
it’s going to blend in with the rest of my outfit and then I’m going to add a
scarf that’s also much longer than a normal scarf would be just something
that could really a lengthen and keep those long lines flowing for this next
outfit I want to have a striped shirt I want to have some black pants and then
some ankle boots that are black as well there’s plenty of ways to make this
better I’m sure you already have a few guesses as to how so right away I’m
going to tuck in that top you’ll be able to notice that these pants have big
pockets those pockets start a little bit lower so they at least
emphasize that the waist is smaller than the pockets themselves but this outfit
could be so much better in general these pants are cropped up so they’re going to
expose more of the black/white/black thing that’s happening here
with showing my ankles so I want to add some socks to make that more of an
elongated look so now all of a sudden this black line is going from the top of
my pants all the way down to my toe so that’s going to help so much I could
also create this long line by having a pant that isn’t cropped and have it go
all the way to the ground so these pants are just maybe an inch too long I tried
to get them to the tailor before the video but my tailor sadly has closed her
doors and I just want to emphasize anytime that you can make an outfit be
hemmed up just a little bit to really work for your proportions
that’s how outfits and pieces should be worn so this would have been even so
much better the power of tailoring is incredible and it’s really
cost-effective for the cost of the outfit compared to that so I just wanted
to say that if you’re working with proportions if your outfit is something
that’s perfectly tailored to you it’s going to help so much the thing that I
do like about these pants is that they’re not only high-waisted but they
have enough stretch to them to where it’s really going to highlight curves
and still with curves you have you know wider points and slimmer points so this
is going to accentuate that I love having curves I love working with that
and not hiding those necessarily next one of the tried-and-true principles to
looking taller and slimmer is to not have horizontal stripes if they are
horizontal stripes it’s okay to work with a thin stripe because then at least
there’s not like too much contrast but I wanted to try a different top to really
have the same sort of look and design without necessarily having a stripe so
this top is color-blocked you have white on top and then it breaks off to the
black which is going to make your legs look even longer so it’s breaking much
higher than even my high waisted pants you don’t need to tuck in a top like
this but it is going to help if you can at least like roll it up a little bit
either way it’s totally fine of course what’s going to make it even better is
a monochrome look so I want to swap it out
with a black sweater just for illustration so now I’ve got a very long
line I’ve got tall boots which are hidden underneath really long pants and
then I’m carrying that black line all the way up to my shoulder so even though
I’m 5’1″ (155cm) this outfit is very lengthening compared to what it was at
the very beginning something I’ve really been experimenting with a lot is
athleisure so today I’m wearing hoodies sneakers leggings and an oversized
jacket so I love this jacket it’s so extremely comfortable
it works well if you just are traveling and you want to just cozy up and be so
warm and everything but the problem here is that the faux fur is tracing where my
widest point is it’s also extremely oversized extremely loose not working
with my proportions at all so I want to swap that out today I’m gonna just
remove it for now and underneath I’m wearing a hoodie that’s cropped up and
that works perfectly and then I’m wearing high-waisted leggings so the
combo here is okay but it could be better so the first thing that I want to
do is I want to tuck that up a little bit and just expose more of my leggings
the cool thing about a hoodie is that it’s going to add more weight to my
shoulders where I’m really a lot smaller than the rest of my body so that’s going
to make more of an hourglass illusion then say pear-shaped
so that’s gonna work for me especially but what I also want to do is swap out
that top again monochrome we’re gonna see what happens here so that top is now
a black hoodie and then I’m just carrying that line all the way down to
my ankle I’m not going to be switching out the shoes for this outfit but I have
a really handy trick so if you have shoes like sneakers that could easily
conceal this these are amazing they’re little tiny 1 inch riser inserts the
cool thing about them too is that they’re going to make your shoes more
comfortable they are a lot like orthotics where you’ve got just a little
bit more of a gel cushion in your shoes so I like to wear these for heels to
make them more comfortable especially like tall boots but for today I’m
putting them in my sneakers these are sneakers that I very much treasure I
don’t wear them for heavy workouts but they are just a beautiful look for an
athleisure outfit so having little inserts like this you
know they don’t cost very much money and they’re going to add a little bit of
extra height to you so that’s what I’m doing for this outfit it’s subtle but
it’s adding an extra literal inch to my outfit and finally for the jacket choice
instead of having that oversized faux leather jacket before I’m going to opt
for a cropped jacket so this is a leather moto jacket and it’s gonna look
really good with a hoodie because the hoodie is just gonna add more emphasis
to my shoulders it’s and then the jacket is gonna cut me right at my smallest
point and then what’s underneath is just black leggings so I’ve got a really long
line that’s happening here with monochrome and then I’m not even going
to worry about if the sneakers are the different color from my legs or anything
they are very close to the color of my legs even though they have some black
accents and then I’m just giving those risers to really add some literal height
so that’s what’s happening with this outfit it’s really cool how you can just
still work with a lot of thought process on an outfit that’s athleisure and
comfortable and seemingly effortless but there’s little tricks like this that you
can put in your back pocket and maybe make your outfits look even better and
more put together every day so you feel more confident and that’s it I hope that
you enjoyed these three outfits if you did be sure to give this video a thumbs
up especially if you want more look taller videos and I guess I’ll see you
next time


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