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– Hi, everybody, welcome
back to my channel and if you’re new, my name is Audrey. I post two new videos every week and if you hit that red Subscribe button, you’ll be notified when
each video goes live. In today’s video, I wanna
share some of the styling tips that I rely on to look expensive and make sure that I feel put
together every single day. My first tip is when in
doubt go monochromatic. So I’m sure by now you’ve
all heard the power of going monochrome and
wearing the same shade from head to toe and how
a lot of people think that it makes you look sophisticated, it makes you look chic,
taller and thinner. So really it seems like
kind of a catchall formula for looking your best and I
find that it really is true. If I wear similar shades from head to toe with thoughtful pieces
and then complement it with delicate accessories, my whole entire look
pops and I really do feel and look more expensive. My next tip is to keep it simple. So no matter what you’re wearing, if you keep things simplistic,
classic and minimal with very tasteful accessories, you will always look
thoughtful and expensive. There’s just something
about chic separates when paired together with like I said delicate, thoughtful accessories that makes it look like
you took a lot of time to get dressed and that
each piece costs more than it may have actually cost you. My next tip brings us to footwear. Now, I found it my experience that your shoes really have the ability to make or break an entire outfit so when choosing footwear I
keep a couple things in mind to ensure that I’m choosing
the most versatile piece and something that will complement the most items in my wardrobe. So the first thing I like to keep in mind when picking shoes for my outfits and then my overall wardrobe
is to keep things structured. If the name of the game is to look luxe then you definitely wanna opt
for more structured pieces in both your clothing
and your accessories. So I find that delicate ballet
flats with a very slight heel and loafers and very classic
silhouettes like that have a way of instantly elevating everything else that you’re wearing and really taking your entire
look up to the next level. So using the example of ballet flats, I find that if you pick
a very simple ballet flat with no delineation between
the heel and the sole, it can look a little bit
more cheap even if it wasn’t. So when opting for a
flatter shoe like that, try to find something with the
slightest little bit of heel. So I’ll include some images
here of what I kind of recommend and I found that by doing so you instantly elevate your entire look because people will
register that silhouette as being more expensive on your feet and assume the rest of
your outfit follows suit. Now, along those same lines, a very safe general
rule of thumb to follow if you wanna look expensive is to match your shoes to your handbag. Now, I know a lot of you are gonna say that’s incredibly
antiquated and old school and while that is true and
there are definitely ways that you can mix and match
different footwear and shoes in different shades and
materials and still look luxe, I think that if you’re just starting out and you want something
that always hits the mark then opt for neutrals in both
your handbag and your shoes and then match the two because
that’ll make your whole look feel and look cohesive which
again will read expensive. Next step all comes down
to how you wear something. So you can have the most expensive item or the most inexpensive item
and if you don’t wear it well and you don’t wear it confidently and you don’t style it to suit you and your personal lifestyle then it’s never gonna
look as luxe as it could. So one thing that I really love to do is to take anything that I’m wearing and pop a collar, drape
something over my shoulders, roll a sleeve, half tuck something. Those little tweaks
really go a long distance in making your overall
look feel more thoughtful which again makes it look more expensive. Another rule of thumb
that I like to follow when getting dressed in the
morning is the rule of threes. So generally speaking, I
will start every outfit with a top and a bottom and
then I always add a third piece and that third piece should
be some standout accessory of some sort so whether that’s a necklace, a great pair of earrings, a fun bracelet, a great handbag, a silk scarf. The possibilities are truly endless but the whole concept behind this is that by adding a third piece, you look like you did more
than just throw on basics. So you can be wearing
something super simplistic like a T-shirt and jeans and
the addition of a silk scarf really helps take the whole
look up another notch. Next, I like to make sure that
everything that I’m wearing fits me well. So I try to avoid things
that are too tight from head to toe. I like to mix it up a little bit and have something looser up top if I have really slim
bottoms or vice versa and I find that that juxtaposition again makes everything
look more thoughtful and makes it look more
bespoke and custom to you and if things look like
they were made for your body then people will automatically assume that you paid a crazy amount
for it even if you didn’t. So along those same lines, I’ve touched on this in past videos but I definitely recommend
taking anything to a tailor that doesn’t fit you quite right. So if you’ve got a great
jacket that you absolutely love but it’s just a little off
then by taking it to a tailor, you’ll again give it that
bespoke and custom look and people will assume that it was made specifically for you. Another thing that I like to do to help my outfits feel more expensive is to add different textures. So whether you’re working
with different textures all within the same color family or playing off of complementary colors, by adding different textures to your look, you’ll look like you had
your outfit put together by a personal stylist which
always reads expensive. So it’s something that I really love to do and I highly recommend it. Now, you know how much
I love statement jewelry and very bold accessories but I do find that if I
wanna look instantly luxe, I keep my accessories and my
jewelry very classic and clean. So I opt for very minimal
pieces that are very delicate because that tends to read more expensive regardless of the price point. So for example, let’s say
you’re looking for a piece that you can wear every single day, it’ll go with so many different things and will always look luxe then I recommend very delicate rings. I recommend something that
has an engraving in it of some sort. So very delicate necklaces
with your initials in it or birthdate. A special thing like that
really helps your whole outfit feel more custom to you which again goes into not only
elevating your personal style but also making you look
and feel more expensive. Now, along those same lines,
nothing beats a classic watch. So when all else fails,
by pairing your look with a very simplistic,
minimal, classic watch, you’re gonna instantly feel elevated and you’re gonna look totally custom. So I love watches with
very delicate bands. A medium to small face I
find is the most flattering with most silhouettes and I find that you can get most watches at varying price points
in very high quality that look very expensive. So I’ll link some of my
favorites down below for you. Now, another thing that goes very far in making your overall
outfit look expensive is to mind your undergarments. Now, this might seem very
obvious to some of you but always make sure that you
check your outfit in full 360. So get someone to spot check the back if you don’t have a full length mirror and make sure that you don’t
have any visible panty lines, make sure that your
undergarments aren’t showing unless of course that’s
the look you’re going for and then always make sure that
things fit you appropriately. You don’t want a bunch or bulge
in any uncomfortable spots because it’ll make you feel uncomfortable which doesn’t look expensive and then also one thing
that’s very important to keep in mind when it comes to this is always, always, always make sure that you never pair white undergarments with a white piece of clothing. So whether it’s white shorts,
white pants or a white shirt, steer clear of white undergarments because they will beam like a lighthouse from underneath your clothes. So it’s one thing that you
definitely have to keep in mind. Always opt for beige or skin tone because it’s gonna be
virtually translucent underneath your article of clothing. And my last tip is to make sure that everything you’re
wearing is in great condition. So try to avoid wearing
anything that has tears or rips or scuffs. Anything that has visible flaws like that will really detract from the piece and people will notice the imperfection rather than the clothing
and your overall outfit. So it’s really something that goes into, that plays into the details
of your overall look that ultimately do make
you look more expensive and that’s everything. Those are some of the styling tips that I like to keep in
mind when getting dressed to make sure that I
look and feel expensive. I’m working on a part three
of this series as well where I’m gonna share
some outfit combinations that always look like a million bucks. So definitely be on the lookout for that and like always, thanks for watching and I’ll see you in my next one.


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