How to Look Expensive On A Budget

hi guys welcome back to my channel if
you are following me already I have a really exciting video today if you are
new welcome welcome join the family we have lots of fun here here and on
Instagram today we are talking about how to look expensive on a budget a lot of
you guys are always messaging me about different items that I have and I’m
always so excited to share with you that it was an amazing deal that I got I am a
big lover of finding good deals but also hacks of how to look elevated and not
downgraded so before we get into the tips I wanted to say thank you to
RetailMeNot for partnering up with me and sponsoring this video let’s get
right into our tips so tip number one of how to look expensive on a budget is to
actually think about things like budget when I get things on sale I feel like
they feel even better and look better because I’m just walking around being
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because that makes me happy thanks again for RetailMeNot for partnering up and
sponsoring this video thank you for this amazing tip
really excited to share with my audience and now we are back to the other tips
tip number two is focusing on neutral colors this is by no means letting you
know that everything you need to wear is white but let me tell you when I see
people that are wearing neutral palette there’s something that gives you that
like expensive of by pairing neutral color like grays and whites and beige
even like soft pinks and blues all of these colors are really happening this
season and I love seeing these colors in the winter you can stay away from blacks
it’s those neutral warm soft tones that really bring that Ralph Lauren feel but
I would also focus not only on neutral colors but also on textures and fabrics
that actually look more expensive for example this weather this was not
expensive at all but the texture and fabric of it makes it look so luxurious
and fluffy tip number three is keeping your jewelry and accessories to a
minimum the trend today is minimal dainty pieces and I love it I feel like
it really elevates every look I’m talking about those little dainty
strings I am obsessed with my little dainty necklaces this is my kids
initials and this is just an evil eye these are something that first of all
you can layer I’m also talking about little gold earrings that I’m sure
you’ve seen me wear just that little thing of gold and metal are absolutely
beautiful I would personally stay away from
colorful jewelry unless you are going out and you really want to show up so
just those dainty little accessories would really bring that soft and
sophisticated look that we’re trying to achieve and I’m gonna link my favorites
in the description box so you guys can check it out if you’re wearing neutral
clothing you can also add a scarf that just elevates the look a little bit or
even a hat but please make sure to stay away from any crazy colors from
crazy shapes and textures and really focus on just clean and crisp you can
see in my content how I like to mix low end and mid and type of clothing and
designer bags you don’t have to invest and buy expensive everything if you are
on the market for any bags that can make you look expensive really focus on
something that structured a great example of a designer bag that is going
for that structure and minimalistic and no local look is a saline bag this is a
great example of a designer bag that is very understated so if you’re looking
for a bag that more affordable focus on those kind of shapes where it’s more
structured very clean no crazy logos no crazy colors no one will know it’s
designer it’s not designer who cares tip number four I’m sure that a lot of these
videos of how to look expensive they’ll suggest to invest in quality staple
pieces that will kind of stay in your closet for years so some of the items
that I would recommend to have in your closet that you can either invest in or
that you can find a really good option in affordable places are overcoats
leather jackets you can find staple pieces in places that are more
affordable like Zara or mango or H&M there’s a lot of places online where you
can find great pieces and I’m again gonna link my favorites below thrifting
by the way it’s also a great way to find amazing pieces on a budget I have quite
a bit of over coat jackets that I’ve been wearing for like over seven eight
year it’s a trickle finding an affordable yet quality piece is really
making sure that the fabric is there you can find a lot of these items that are
mixed with wool and cashmere for great prices you want to make sure that the
details looks like nothing too crazy pockets are done nice the tailoring is
nice do a quality check before you purchase that item touch the fabric see
if it catches every little flock that is in the air please make sure to invest in
this little guy I can’t tell you what a difference it makes on your clothes when
you have this in your bag I’m making sure that my overcoats are always clean
it really makes a difference those little details that
when you do purchase those items make sure that you’re really looking at it as
a long-term and not short-term so don’t buy that crazy neon blue jacket because
it’s neon is hot right now please invest in pieces that are timeless tip number
five is hailer your clothes I can’t tell you how much of a difference those
twenty dollars that you invest in pants that you found or a jacket that you
found will elevate the look and make you feel good about yourself and that outfit
I often go to thrift stores and get really cool pieces but they’re never
exactly the way I wanted to sit on my body so it will always go to a
seamstress I’ll pay that fifteen twenty dollars and I make sure that it fits me
just right the fit is really what makes an outfit look expensive
when I find pieces that would say I love the feel of it I love to look at it and
they don’t fit again it doesn’t deter me from buying them it’s just I will always
calculate that seamstress services in that price a lot of my like Zara pieces
H&M pieces things that are more affordable are mostly old tailored I’ll
always make sure that they fit my waist they sit well that the length is just
right again these are services that are accessible for anybody or maybe even you
the type of person that can do those alterations yourself if you don’t know
how to do it don’t try just go and pay that fifteen dollars please I try to
tailor something myself once and that was a big big no-no here’s an example of
a skirt that I bought at a thrift store and it was actually like sighs well I
knew that I loved the look of it I just really needed to basically cut half of
it off so I took it to a seamstress I pay my $15 and I got this amazing
Scottish skirt that I absolutely love tip number six is take care of your
clothes make sure they’re not discoloured hold or even wrinkly I
personally steam all my clothing before I wear them and leave the house I feel
like it’s just make sure that all this effort that I put in this outfit really
shows and I look more polished it’s just a little steamer a hand steamer that I
got from I’m gonna link it below there’s nothing
that I hate more than wearing wrinkly clothes so I even travel with this in my
suitcase most of the time to make sure that I don’t look like a slob if you buy
any clothing that requires only dry-cleaning please make sure that’s
what you do and then the last and obvious tip is take care of this I did a
video of ways to look more attractive that I’m gonna link here and you guys
can see my quick tips and things that you should always kind of have in the
back of your mind before you leave the house these tips very much apply to how
to look expensive it’s just making sure that your hair is tamed if it’s dirty
pull it back I mean God knows I love my bun especially nowadays as a mom to a
newborn that bun is on me 24/7 invested go dry shampoo like me personally today
I use like three kilos and look it looks it looks like a you know wash my hair
and took a shower make sure that your makeup looks good and fresh always have
rosewater mist on hand just to freshen up your your face and make it glowy and
look fresh don’t use any products that just don’t stay or flake a fall another
thing that’s very important is nails if you can commit to get that nail polish
looking amazing don’t wear any nail polish I don’t have
time to make sure that my manicure looks good so I go on a completely bare look
on my nails and this doesn’t attract any unnecessary attention it’s those little
details and small little things that people notice that are like having those
multi-purpose products that I love so much that you can just apply a little
bit on your cheeks and your and you’re good to go so this is it you
guys these are my tips of how to look expensive on a budget I hope you enjoyed
it I hope you learned something that’s the purpose of all these videos let me
know if you guys have any tips that you use or that you discovered I need to
know everyone needs to know share your knowledge thank you guys so much for
watching and I will see you next


  1. Let me know below if you have more suggestions on how to look expensive on a budget ❤️ Also, let me know what other fashion videos like this you want to see!

  2. exactly simplicity is the key giirl …girls be thinking that putting on a winged eyeliner everyday with tons of foundation and wearing tons of jewelry will make them look beautiful but noo just put simple makeup and stylish clothe and ur are perfect 👌🏽🥰

  3. Why would someone want to look "expensive"? Usually people are going for a "chic" look or "classy" look, but expensive…that just sounds materialistic, stuffy and shallow.

  4. You're always glowing Ms. Val😍😍😍. Thank you so much for sharing some tips and it's very helpful to us☺️

  5. The extremely affordable brands are fast fashion brands that totally violate human rights, manufactured in poor countries n are destroying the planet. Id suggest thrifting, or investing in signature pieces instead, at least u will live guilt free.

  6. Привет, мне нравится твои видео и это также тренировка для моего английского языка:-)

  7. I sopport you no matter what other people assume about you Valeria because noone should be judged by their looks and people ask rude questions to you. And i get it. Its hurtful sometimes and you are more than your look. Dont mind those people dont let them ruin your mood. I know its hard when they say things but they should know its hard to be asked those things.. much love

  8. Actually This fashion advices are not necessary for me because this clothes are not available in my country…Yet I'm seeing the video only to see Valeria talking 😊

  9. Love and want the best for you but evil eyes are not a positive thing especially not to have the represent ur children's names. God bless!!!

  10. Less is more. Your quality pieces will show and get attention if you haven’t piled on so much junky stuff like you’re in a Glam Band from the 1980’s. That’s an interesting look but not an expensive look.

  11. The tip about the tailoring is so right! I hate almost all my clothes because none of them fit perfectly. Really beautyful clothes look weird on me unless they fit. I'm really small and short too (4'10, 148cm), so finding clothes that fit is extremely difficult. All pants are too long and all shirts are too wide in the waist. Loved this video, will definately use these tips, especially the one about tailoring.

  12. Hi, Valeria! I always love your outfit videos! You literally taught me how to dress… haha I was just curious, what else did you say was on your necklace with your son's initials? And what does it represent?

  13. Every girl needs a vid like this! I think Valeria you've the Bases.
    What to buy/ stay classy,however,we have another small store discount ( ladies wears,purse,shoes,shawls )
    Kids stuff too & it's called WINNERS,think they are across Cda,not sure though. Ps they also have jewllery
    I picked up a lovely Michael Kors bangle there only $ 60 inc taxes
    Ex any spelling errs I'm sick today)

  14. I love these tips! I would also add that it's essential to dress for your body type. Wearing flattering cuts can make one look elevated and refined.

  15. I definitely stick to neutrals for the most part because then you can always pair that with your “omg must have” statement piece and not feel like you wasted money on a show piece. Fit is definitely a big one too, ain’t nobody wants dragging pants.

    Also we need the dry shampoo secret because your hair somehow always looks fresh and shiny !!

  16. Fantastic video…the best I have seen of the look good on a budget category 👌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. thank you for this great video! I liked that your tips were actually real things that can be applied in everyday life, I feel that most videos on youtube about this topic don't target the essential points, in the end, it's not about buying more and expensive things, it's how can you use what you already own and eventually, learn how to invest better in yourself! Love your channel, keep up the good work! 🙂

  18. Hi, I have scoured your account but I can’t figure it out. Where are those blue checked pants from please? I really want to purchase them! Thanks!!!

  19. $15-20 to have your clothes tailored?? Nice work if you can get it, but I can't get someone to hem jeans for under $25. Unless you know someone handy with a needle and thread 😉

  20. I personally feel like solid colors vs patterns tend to look more chic. Not that you can never wear prints/patterns, but some are trendy and some prints are timeless. And keeping the print/pattern to one statement piece, like with Valeria's overcoat. I think the overall theme of looking expensive is everything should be in balance. Nothing should be competing for attention with anything else.

  21. I have been looking all over for earrings like that and I simply can't find the perfect ones, because I have yours in mind and none of the ones I find are exactly like yours. If somebody found any similar ones, please leave a link or give me a tip on where to find them!!

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  24. Hi Veleria! This is a great video and I have watched so many times. I’m wondering if you can put together some outfit, like the ones in the video and let us know what shoes go with those culottes? Thank you, you looked awesome in all your outfits

  25. I think that shopping at second-hand shops- I have personally found designer and pre-tailored garments there and both of my favourite dresses came from there.

  26. my tip is
    if my face looks perfect
    the rest doesnt – almost –
    it's a lol tip for the minimum
    which is the face

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