How to Look Expensive #3: 10 Shopping & Styling Tips

(upbeat music) – Hi ladies, it’s Erin and
welcome back to my channel. For those of you who are
new to my channel, hi! I do upload two new videos every week, every Wednesday and Friday
morning, so be sure to subscribe, to hit that subscribe
button so you don’t miss out on anything new. I do try to feature both
high and low pieces, because I do think that
a lot of women like to invest a bit more
money in their wardrobe. And I also try to feature
more affordable options, because I know a lot
of you are on budgets. But this video really is focusing on how to shop on a budget, how to
shop and style yourself so that you look more expensive
even though you’re on a budget. So I’m gonna talk about 10
simple ways that you can do that. (upbeat music) The first thing that I want to talk about and I think it’s the most important thing and I talk about it all the time and if you’re a longtime viewer you’ve heard me mention it
before and that is the importance of shopping your wardrobe basics first. So before you buy anything else, you should always get your basics covered. So if you haven’t already
subscribed to my blog, you should click the
link below to subscribe so that you get the free
wardrobe basics checklist. So I send you two
checklists for spring summer and fall winter and you go
through those checklists and you see, am I missing
anything on this list? If you are missing
something on those lists, those are the things that
you need to get first before you buy anything
trendy or fun or colorful or sequin or special occasion,
you need to get the things on those basics lists. Why? Because when you have
your wardrobe basics, getting dressed in the
morning is much easier. It’s much faster, it’s
much more efficient. You need the basic pieces,
the foundation pieces in order to dress every
day, in order to pair with the more trendy, colorful pieces. So the first real tip
to shopping on a budget is making sure that you stick to a list and that the list includes
things that you really need that will keep you focused,
that will help you spend less, that will help you spend more wisely and ultimately save you time and make your day-to-day
life a lot more efficient. So in addition to saving you money, it’s gonna save you time. (upbeat music) The second thing I want to
talk about are outlet stores, specifically online outlet stores. I almost never go into
physical outlet stores anymore, because frankly, I just
don’t enjoy shopping in them anymore. It’s too crowded usually. I think the racks are too jammed together. I just don’t like to
shop like that anymore. I used to love to go
in and find a treasure in an outlet store, but now I much prefer to find the treasure online
and I’m so familiar with brands and I’m so familiar with size charts that I can pretty
efficiently pick out things that I like that I think
would be those treasures without having to step foot in the store. But that’s totally up to you. So I want to talk about some
of my favorite outlet stores. Number one would be Nordstrom Rack. I think Nordstrom Rack is a
wonderful, wonderful resource and that also includes HauteLook, because Nordstrom Rack
also owns HauteLook. HauteLook is a flash sale website, which is very similar to an outlet store, but flash sale websites
generally list a grouping or a specific sale that
lasts for up to 72 hours and those sales are usually
upped 75% off of retail. So both outlet stores
and flash sale websites are tremendous opportunities
to get higher quality goods for more affordable prices. So again, if you’ve gone through your wardrobe basics checklist and you know, oh, I need a pair of jeans or I need a pair of black trousers or I need a black pencil
skirt, that’s good information to take to these outlet stores online to look for what it is that you need. Other outlet stores that
I love are Saks Off Fifth, Neiman Marcus Last Call,
the Outnet is really fun, the and also, In terms of online stores that aren’t necessarily outlet stores, but they’re on the more affordable side, I really love to look at, Misguided is another
one, it’s a UK website. They have some great
trendy, mostly trendy pieces for really discounted
rates and the quality of both of those sites are decent. And then the last one that I
would look at is Again, a decent price
point, decent quality. You start going into those
other sites like Romwe, Shein, and you’re talking about risky. I do order from them occasionally and I do find some really
cool pieces, but it’s risky and a lot of the times I’ll
order five or six pieces and then I’ll only like three of the six and returning is such a nightmare
that I don’t even do it. So I really end up
wasting about 30, 40 bucks when I order from there. My advice would be to stay
away from those types of stores unless you get a recommendation
from somebody like me saying, yeah, this is a great
piece, go ahead and order it. And I would instead look for
a lower priced online e-tailer like an ASOS or Topshop, for example. (upbeat music) The next tip that can save
you money are promo codes. And promo codes are, it’s like every store has
a sale every day almost. And it’s a really easy
thing to search for. You just type in the Google
box, promo codes Pottery Barn or whatever you’re looking for. And a promo code may pop up real quick. So you could go that route. Or you could sign up for
a website called Honey. It’s And Honey will go through
and try to find promo codes for you and it will remind
you to use the promo code, which is a really nice
service and very easy to use. So you could try Honey. There’s other websites
that do list promo codes, like
will list promo codes. The other thing you can
do, Gmail is so efficient at organizing your emails
now that you can sign up for a retailer’s site. So let’s say you have
your top five retailers that you love to shop at. Like for me that would be
Nordstrom, Shopbop, Revolve, Loft, and maybe Asos. And then I sign up for
their email newsletter, their email blast, and then I find out about
those sales right away. So that’s another thing to consider, just signing up for their emails and you’ll get those sale notifications or any kind of special discount
notifications right away. (upbeat music) The next thing I want to talk
about are consignment stores or vintage stores. I have some online favorites
and the first one I want to talk about is Vestiaire Collective. They authenticate bags
so if you’re looking for a designer bag for less,
that’s a great place to go. You know it’s an actual genuine bag. And they have a lot of bags,
they have a lot of shoes, they have a lot of clothes. And then the other one I really like is called And they also authenticate. So just be careful if you’re doing Ebay and you’re buying, let’s say
a designer bag, for example, or a designer pair of pumps,
they don’t authenticate so it’s hard to know if something is genuine and real or not. That’s why I stick with the
ones that actually authenticate. But Ebay is a great resource, too. So, for example, I might
use Ebay to order ski gear, because a lot of people sell
ski gear that’s barely used. So those online consignment
stores are awesome. It’s another great resource. It’s another way to save money. It’s another way to find
higher quality designer goods for less, because you can
buy just cheaper clothes, you can go to Walmart or Target
or whatever and that’s fine, but especially when you’re
thinking about your basics, you want to try to elevate those basics and buy things that are higher quality, because they will just last longer. So in order to do that, you’ve got to go with the outlet stores,
the consignment stores, and look for the sales, obviously. (upbeat music) The next tip I want to
talk about is the power of dark colors. So if you’re buying something that’s already an inexpensive garment and probably the fabric
doesn’t cost that much money, if you buy it in a dark, solid color like black or navy or
dark gray or burgundy, it will look more expensive than if you buy it in a
white or cream or beige, because you cannot see
the detail of the fabric and the intricacy of the fabric. When it’s a lighter
color, it’s more obvious. And that is across the board. It’s from clothing, things like
sweaters and pants and jeans and tops and blouses to handbags to shoes. So something to think
about if you are really on a tight budget, buy darker colors. (upbeat music) When you’re on a tight budget and you’re looking for a bootie or a pump or a really great ballet flat, buy a, not only the dark
color, but buy it in suede. If you buy it in the faux leather, it will look much less expensive than if you buy it in suede. Suede always looks more expensive. And even if it’s faux suede,
it will look more expensive. So that is something to consider. (upbeat music) Another little trick you
can use to make things look more expensive when
you’re on a shoestring budget and to look a little bit more elevated is to take a garment like a
coat or a blazer or a blouse and swap the buttons, especially
with a blazer or a coat. So let’s say you bought
something at a vintage shop and it’s got these giant buttons and they don’t look very expensive. They’re actually making the
coat look very inexpensive. If you go and you swap out the buttons with something like gold
or a tortoise shell, something that looks really luxe, that will take that whole
garment up probably two notches and make it look like it
was a lot more expensive than it was. So that’s a simple, simple
thing that you can do, a simple tool that you can use to make that garment
look a lot more expensive when you are on a really tight budget. (upbeat music) Right along those same lines
of swapping out the buttons, you need to have a great tailor and tailoring does cost
a little bit extra money, but when you tailor a
garment, so you find something in a vintage store, you think
it’s gorgeous, you love it, it’s a dress, it fits you,
but it’s a little bit weird or awkward in the bust or the waist, take that garment to the tailor. Spend the extra $20 on the garment, you already got it
significantly discounted, and it will look twice as expensive, because it really fits your body and it really flatters your body. (upbeat music) The next tip to looking a
little bit more expensive on a shoestring budget would
be to swap out the belt. How many of us have bought a
dress or a jacket or a coat that comes with a belt and
the belt is a piece of crap? I would say 99.9% of the time,
those belts are horrible, because they’re not gonna
spend a lot of money if they’re mass-producing
something on the belt. The belt’s going to be too expensive if they spend a lot of money on that belt. So all you do is take that belt
off, throw it in the garbage or repurpose it for something else, maybe you make a choker
out of it or whatever, and use your really nice belt instead. And then, again, you’re taking
that whole look up a level, up a notch, it’s looking
so much more expensive, so much more elevated. (upbeat music) And the last thing you could
do to look more expensive on a budget is to really
take care of your clothes. And this is the hardest thing for me. Really steam your garments,
iron your garments, starch them, dry clean
them, hand wash them. Do get the sweater shaver
out for the sweaters with all the balls on
them or the lint brush to get the dog hair off. I feel like I’m constantly doing that now that Traveler, we have
Traveler, she’s got white hair. So anyway, taking care of your garments will definitely make
you look more expensive, making sure that they’re
steamed, that they’re pressed, that they’re de-balled, de-fuzzed, and that you’ve gotten the lint brush out and gotten all the dog hair
and cat hair off of them. So that one’s probably the hardest for me. Maybe it’s hard for you guys, too, but it definitely will take
the whole look up a notch, for sure. So those are 10 very simple
tips that you can use, shopping and styling tips, to
help you look more expensive on a budget. Do let me know if you have any questions. I’ll put links below to
the things that I mentioned so that you don’t have
to go digging for them and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to get those wardrobe basics checklists. Also, I am on Instagram and Pinterest, BusbeeStyle both places. And don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel and give a thumbs up to the video and thank you so much for watching. I will see you next time. Bye! (upbeat music)


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    I also can't agree enough about tailoring your clothes.  I found a lady in my town who is amazing (I found her using Google reviews…I recommend looking there or Yelp for anyone who is looking for a tailor).  Even small things like her hemming my jeans (since I am 5'1") or shortening sleeve lengths made such a huge difference in how I looked!  It also made me love my clothes more because they fit so well.

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