How to Look Expensive #1 | Styling Tips

– How to look luxe on a budget. (upbeat electronic music) Hi ladies, it’s Erin, and
welcome back to my channel. Through my channel Busbee Style, my goal and mission is to
help women just like you, who are busy juggling life. Look like you have your act together, even if you don’t. This is a video topic
I have done once before and I felt like it needed a redo. I wanted to go in a different direction. If you missed the first one, I’ll put a link to that
below in the description box. So that’s a lot about where to shop: consignment stores, outlet stores, flash-sale websites. This one, I wanna tailor more toward what to actually
wear to look more expensive. I also wanna explain a little bit that expensive, to me, also means elegant, sophisticated,
age-appropriate, chic. It’s not just like I look like money, because I don’t necessarily
think that’s so important. I think that looking elegant and chic and sophisticated are the goals and what you should target. I’m gonna kind of walk you through some basic tips to help you look more elegant and sophisticated and chic. (upbeat electronic music) Number one is to wear all black. It’s such a chic combination but there are a couple of factors
behind the all-black look: So, number one, it’s easier to buy inexpensive fabrics, and
have them look expensive, if the fabric is a dark color. Number two, black is very slimming. Number three, it’s a great blank canvas for any accessory you want to add to it. Number four, it just looks more chic and elegant when you wear all black. The nice part about all black is that you don’t have to worry so much about your fabric choices because again, that color will hide if the fabric isn’t that expensive. One of my favorite
go-to’s this time of year when it’s a little bit
warmer, is just a really nice pair of black trousers,
whether it’s a culotte or an ankle trouser, and a black cami. It’s just so simple, it’s so chic, it’s so elegant, and then you could always throw a
little moto jacket over it. You could throw a great necklace on with it, a scarf with
it, a blazer with it. There’s endless possibilities. So all-black is definitely a home run. It’s very difficult to screw up all-black. (upbeat electronic music) In contrast to all-black, I think all-white can be equally as chic. Maybe even more
luxe-looking than all-black. The tricky part with
all-white, a couple things. Number one, you have to kinda pony-up a little bit more for the fabrication because when you have inexpensive or synthetic white fabrics, it’s going to show a lot easier
than it does with black. Number two, it does show a lot more so it will show lumps
and bumps a lot more. So you have to be a little bit more strategic about the silhouette and the fit and how it works. So here’s an example of an all-white outfit I wore this Fall, that I loved. It was just a white fuzzy sweater and a wide-leg white trouser. And then I wore an all-white look recently at the beach. These really, really sexy high-slit white pants with a white sweatshirt. I absolutely love an all-white look, I think that it does look very chic and expensive. So, if you can get those things right. Where you get the fit and the silhouette right and you also get
the fabrication right, then go for the all-white look. It’s just divine. (upbeat electronic music) The third thing to consider is the fabric, the fabric choices. So when you are looking at the tags of something and you’re thinking about buying it, if it is a natural fabric- So that would be linen, cotton, suede, leather, cashmere, silk,
those are natural fabrics. They are naturally going
to look more expensive. They are naturally going to drape and fit the body better than synthetics. Synthetics like polyester, rayon, nylon- they are going to not drape as well and not look as chic and expensive as those natural fabrics. So that’s another thing to think about. (upbeat electronic music) Number four is jewelry. So jewelry, there’s a couple of different ways you can go about it when you want to
look very chic and luxe. The first way that you can go about it is to wear dainty jewelry. So that would be kind of like what I have on right now. The circle necklace, these little stud earrings, this ring- When you’re wearing these dainty pieces, it looks like it could be the real McCoy, it looks like it could be real gold and real diamonds. Another route you can go is wearing bold gold jewelry and I would just do, if you’re gonna do this route, just do one piece and then
leave everything else out. So something like this would be a good example of how that will just elevate your whole look. It’s a really cool, bold,
gold choker necklace- unfortunately not available anymore, but you get the idea that if you just pick one bold gold piece and add it to your outfit,
that will elevate the look. It will make you look more chic and it will make you look more stylish. Another jewelry option for you is the tried and true pearl necklace. It’s just very classic and pretty and feminine, but also very sophisticated. So I happen to love this one, it’s a multi-layered pearl necklace but you don’t have to go that route. You can do just like a smaller multi-strand piece, or you could even just do a single strand which would be really beautiful as well. (upbeat electronic music) Number five are sunglasses. Here’s where you can really play around with going high or low. I think the dupes for the high, high-end sunglasses are so good that you do not need to spend three, four, even $500 sometimes
on a pair of sunglasses. Take a look at what Celine has, take a look at what Channel has, take a look at what Khloe has. Take a look at your favorite high-end designers: Valentino, Prada, Gucci- and then look for the dupes. And the dupes can be at Nordstrom in the BP section, the dupes can be from Amazon, the dupes can be from just about anywhere. They are so good, just make sure that they have UV protection. But when you where a pair of sunglasses that looks high-end expensive, that instantly brings your
whole look up a notch. It just makes you look a little bit more mysterious, a little but more stylish all-around and
definitely more luxe. So sunglasses are totally key. (upbeat electronic music) Wearing a scarf is another option for you, if you want to
look more luxe, expensive. So you can go the route of that skinny, silky scarf
and you can roll it up. I have done three videos
on how to tie scarves. I’ve done the blanket scarf, the rectangular scarf,
and the skinny scarf so you should check that video out if you haven’t already seen it. I’ll put it in the description box below, but you can just add a really
cool scarf to your look. There’s a lot of options. (upbeat electronic music) Next up is belts. Belts are something that are not gonna break the bank, even the high, high-end ones, and they will take your whole look up a notch. Like it defines a waist and
it looks more expensive. So you could go the route of the high, high-end designer belt. Like the Hermes H belt, or maybe the Gucci belt, or maybe the Salvatore Ferragamo belt, that’s the one I have, but get it on the consignment store. Don’t pay full price for it if you know exactly what you
want and what your size is. Just go to The RealReal,
or Vestiaire Collective, or eBay, or someplace like that and get the same belt for a lot less. I mean there’s no reason why you need to pay full price for that. So here’s the belt that I have. It’s real understated, the Gucci belts, some of them are really big. I happen to prefer this kind of smaller, more understated size but I also always look for a reversible option, especially if it’s a higher end, because then you get two-for-one. I always like a two-for-one, especially if you’re
paying a lot of money. This one was a hand-me-down. (upbeat electronic music) The next tip I want to
talk about are handbags. Handbags are one of those really easy things that you can incorporate into your wardrobe that will definitely elevate your overall look. There are a couple of
ways you can go about it: You can go the high,
high-end luxury bag route. If you are going to go that route, you may wanna look at consignment stores. You can get something that’s really classic and lovely kind of like this belt bag that
I got on The RealReal. You see there’s not a lot of logos, there’s not a lot of hardware on this bag, it’s a structured bag so it looks very luxe and expensive,
but it’s also very classic. So if this is like your one bag, it’s gonna go with everything and it’s not gonna, you know, go out of style in five years. It’s going to last forever,
so that’s one option. The other option is just to think in terms of a really chic, structured bag. So it doesn’t need to be a super high-end bag like the Celine bag but you could do something more like this. Here’s a Brahmin bag that’s structured, that’s really beautiful
and looks very expensive. Here’s another one that I
have that’s python embossed. This one’s by Michael
Kors, a little bit smaller, and it’s metallic so that’s a very neutral color as well. And then here’s another example. This is a Henri Bendel bag structured in white, that has the top handles that’s very elegant, chic, and versatile. That’s not going to be crazy expensive. It’s something that you can wear with almost anything and it also, again, just takes the whole look up a notch. Those structured bags, if you get one with just some nice, clean lines, with the minimal hardware if you go the route of a more subtle luxury bag, it’s going to be more relevant, longer. So just something to think about. (upbeat electronic music) Next up I want to talk
about classic pieces, and the importance of
wearing classic pieces. So by no means does this mean you cannot wear, like, trendy pieces, I’m just saying that if you want to look more luxe and more
sophisticated, and timeless, then classic pieces are the way to go. By classic I mean tailored, clean lines, minimal details, pieces that will really span the decades, that never go out of style. They’re really timeless and those are the pieces that
will look the most luxe. When in doubt, go classic vs trendy when you want to elevate
and look more expensive. (upbeat electronic music) Dark jeans, I just mentioned them, those are a big deal on a couple fronts. Number one, they make you look slimmer. Number two, they’re really versatile and they go with
everything in your closet. And number three, they
can elevate your look and look dressier, more sophisticated. I love to pull out a pair of dark-washed skinny jeans, pair them with a pair of great chic, classic pumps and a cute top and be done with it. Maybe a blazer or moto jacket over it. It’s a wonderful look, the dark jeans are terrific, they’re a wardrobe basic. If you don’t already have a great pair of dark washed jeans that you feel really good in and really confident in, that is definitely something that should be
high on your shopping list. (upbeat electronic music) The crisp, white button-down
is always a slam dunk. Now I know some of you
may have larger busts, and have trouble with a white button-down. In that case, either you can take your garment to the tailor and have them fix it in the waist so it’s not so big in the waist,
or what you can do is just wear the button-down open with a really lovely cami underneath and it will still look really
chic and sophisticated. So that crisp, white button-down, those dark wash jeans, that belt and the pumps and you’re
like yes, that’s a winner. (upbeat electronic music) Pointed-toe shoes are
definitely a classic. I don’t feel like they’ve ever gone out of style, even though they can be a nightmare to wear
unless you find the right pair. They do look very expensive, so if you’re contemplating between a rounded-toe or a pointed-toe, when it comes to a flat or a heel, I would go the direction of the pointed-toe
if you can take it. So I would have a pair of black pointed-toe pumps, I would have a pair of skin-colored pointed-toe pumps, and maybe one fun subtle print like a polka dot, or a
stripe, or an animal print. When in doubt, go the route
of solid colors vs prints. Prints are wonderful and I love to wear prints, but it’s so much harder to get that sophistication right with the print, unless
it’s an animal print. It’s a lot easier to do when
you’re wearing solid colors. (upbeat electronic music) You know when you’re wearing something that’s a little more fitted, you want to make sure you have a really smooth, more t-shirt type bra that fits you well so there’s not like folds of skin peeping
through to your shirt and also, you don’t want to wear a lacy bra that’s gonna look lumpy under a shirt and you don’t want to have the bra a contrasting color. You want the bra to be a color that really will not
show through the shirt. So those are just some of the things to think about with the undergarments and also obviously you don’t want panty
lines showing through. So you wanna do a no-seam panty. Soma Intimates makes both a great vanishing back bra, and also a vanishing panty line bra,
I’ll link both below. (upbeat electronic music) Okay, this next combination is one of my favorites and when it comes to, like, looking really elegant and luxe, it’s a winner. Every time. And it’s the
turtleneck/blazer combination. So you throw on a turtleneck and a blazer, you just look really expensive. You do the turtleneck, the blazer, the dark wash jeans, and
the pointed-toe pumps, and the belt- let’s not forget the belt! And you are, you’re so good. (upbeat electronic music) The next piece I wanted to talk about that I think is one of those fail safe look-luxe options
also, is a camel coat. Whether that’s a camel trench, a camel overcoat, outerwear coat, or a camel blazer: all look expensive. All look luxe, all look super regal and classic and sophisticated. So can’t go wrong with camel. (upbeat electronic music) The last tip I wanted to share is to make sure that you are walking around with confidence because if you are not walking around with confidence and owning
what you’re wearing, then it will show. People will see through that so whatever it is that you put together on your body, whatever outfit you decide to do, whatever tip you decide to employ, make sure that you’re walking around owning it. Confidently wearing it, smiling, happy, and that’s gonna make all the difference in the world. A couple of other quick
things I wanted to mention, just, hair is important. You want it to be sleek and clean and nice and not messy. And also, you need to think about steaming or ironing your garments so that they’re not all wrinkly. That one’s a hard one for me. And then also tailoring your garments because if something doesn’t fit quite right, it will make
it look less expensive than if it’s tailored for your body. It’s going to look so beautiful and elegant and just crisp and perfect. So those are my tips to helping you look more expensive, but also more elegant, more sophisticated, more chic, more stylish- And I think that if you use these tips, you’re just gonna feel awesome. You’re gonna walk out your door with an extra spring in your step and I think, you know, who doesn’t want that? Thank you guys so much for watching! If you like this video, I hope that you will hit
that button right there and subscribe to my channel. Give a thumbs-up to the video. And I do have completely different content over at my website BUSBEESTLYE.COM So I hope you will visit
over there, as well. Thank you all so much for watching! Do let me know if you have any questions, just comment below, and I will see ya next time. Bye! (upbeat electronic music)


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