How to Iron Clothes : Sorting Laundry for Ironing

Today we are talking about all things to do
with ironing. And I am going to share some secret tips with you. So let’s talk a little
bit about sorting your clothes. Now sorting your clothes in the beginning actually saves
you time in the long run. And how I know what to iron first is actually the dial helps me
out. Things like silks, they are going to be the things I do first. The last thing I
do our cottons, our wools. Really heavy things. Why I do this is because by the time I am
done with my silk that doesn’t need much heat the iron will be warmed up and ready for something
like a heavy wool or a corduroy. For example I have this cute little number. Cute isn’t
it. And I read the tag. Make sure to always read your tags. Ok silk, so this won’t take
any heat at all. I mean just a little bit of heat. Be very careful with your delicates.
You can see I could burn through that very easily. So you want to make sure your iron
is on the lowest. Here I have number one. So you want it on the lowest, you don’t want
to have maybe knocked it over to the highest. Check that iron. Make sure it is on a lower
temp. There we go, start with that. And then I move on to a more Poly-blend something that
is a little bit more durable. It is still not like that heavy wool. But it will take
about a medium, a medium to get through and get the wrinkles out of this one. Again you
don’t want to over heat. Because the last thing you want to do is have a burn mark on
something you love. So there you go. And the last one that I will show is this corduroy.
This is a very heavy fabric; it takes a lot of steam and a lot of heat to get this done.
So by the time you are done with these you will be ready to move onto your corduroy.
Ok, now I am going to go ahead and sort the rest of these and we are going to get ironing.

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