How to Iron Clothes : How to Iron a Law Enforcement Uniform

Hi this is Vickie Pavone on behalf of Expert
Village this clip we’ll show you how to iron uniforms, this could be military, or law enforcement.
Like previous shirts your start at the top with your collar the sleeve is tricky part
on the uniform, you want that crisp seam from the shoulder all the down to the cuff. Your
going to have to hold your patch, flatten your shirt and start at the top and just press
down, so you get that nice crispness at that. Turn it over to the other side, your going
to move to the top back of your shirt start at the top, press those epolips, turn it to
the other top back don’t forget your working at the top with the point of your iron and
towards the top of your shirt. Bottom back starting at your seam, iron within the panel
thats already set out for you.
Keep going to you get all the way around, next the bottom at the front panel working
up corner of your pocket around the pleat, around the pleat and then the top, up towards
the top. Other side starting at the top, point towards the top work your way down, around
your pleat and finish with your last panel, now your uniform is ready to be worn.


  1. How do you do this NOT using a hot iron. 5.11 new uniforms with teflon states you can Not Use a hot Iron. Any Ideas

  2. Hey dont do this with the actual iron our police department uses polyester and it can melt the fabric! Use a pillow case and some starch
    SAPD POST 761

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