How to get Women’s clothing cheap using Thread-UP

Hi everybody. It’s Tracy. I just wanted to
talk to you a little bit today about this phone app called Thread-Up. So what
Thread-Up is, it’s a phone app where you can get clothing. All kinds of clothing. Right now it’s for women and kids and it’s used or brand new with
tags clothing that you can purchase it at a discount. I’ve used it before I’ve had
really great success with it; love the quality of clothing that comes out of
there and it’s all name brand and stuff like that. But they also offer active
wear which I have yet to purchase so I think that might be my next purchase. with these guys. I am gonna go ahead and share my screen here and we’ll go
over how Thread-Up works a little bit so hold on just a second and I will get
this going. Alright, so on here we’ve got the Thread-Up phone app open and as you can see you’ve got your different tabs up here-
women’s girls boys sales luxe and clean out and then you’ve got different
options here, summer dresses, boho style, shorts. It’s really easy to use. You
can go to search, choose women, type in Under Armour and it’ll bring up some
items here. You can sort through here and you can do a filter for your size. Just go here to filters. We’ll do size, large, and let’s do 10, 12. I’m not worried
about my shoe size right now so click on done and it’ll kind of bring up different items. Now let’s look at this heat gear by Under Armor. Say you’re interested in in. It gives you all kinds of pictures oand it tells you the price that they’re
charging. Underneath that there’s a cross out price. That’s
actually the price that they’re estimating it to sell if you were to
buy it new in the store. You can scroll down, they’ll give you the measurements, the
material, the condition. They do have a shipping and return policy. It’s all
right here. Basically for any order they give you free shipping for eighty
dollars or more. If it’s under $80 it’s a $6 flat rate. They do give you 14 days to return the items once you’ve received
them and you can get your money back in two different ways. You can either do a
store credit, or you can do a refund. Now if you do store credit, it’s free
shipping. If you choose a refund, they’ll give you back your money the way that
you paid for and then they’re going to charge you a $9 processing fee. So just be aware of that. They usually offer promo code – that little
money sign will give you 15% off if you spend $100. With them, I know that they’re thinking about doing men’s clothing on here as
well. They just did a little survey on that I said yeah absolutely! I think my
husband and my son would really like this, especially my son. They’ve got all kinds of stuff, handbags, shoes – not sure if they’ve
got jewelry. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry so I couldn’t tell you that one. But another thing that they do is a “clean-out kit”. You can
actually send them your clothes from your closet, they will try to resell them
for you, or you can even donate them. You go to press on the
bag and you’re like “yeah, I want to go ahead and do my kit”. It looks like
right now they’re not doing that, but you can donate them. They do all the work. they’ll send you the bag. You just throw
it in the bag and they’ll send you out a tax receipt. But here’s a couple of other
options to donate your clothes – you’re free standard bag and you’re $16 expedited bag – and they’ll sell what they can. They’ve got all kinds
of information in here for you. So that’s just a little bit about Thred-UP.
Like I said, I’ve used this before. I’m going to put in a photo of one of the items
that I bought. Actually I’ll show it to. I got this little romper here. $19 and the shipping is pretty fast. I’m going to put in a link down below. If you want to try it out, you can get $10 for your
first order. Go ahead and give that a try let me know what you guys think. Thank
you! Bye

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