How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in 4 Easy Steps

Hi, this is Josh with Bed Bug Supply
and today I want to show you how you can get rid of bed bugs
in just 4 easy steps. This is a proven, professional-strength treatment
process that stops the biting from the very first
night. Let’s get started. First, you need to stop bed bugs from reaching you in your bed.
Your mattress, box spring, and bed frame are the most common hiding places for bed
bugs so it’s the best place for you to start your
treatment. Begin by stripping off your bedding
from the mattress and bagging them in sealed garbage bags
to prevent bed bugs from escaping and infesting other parts of your home.
Take the bags directly to your washing machine, carefully unload your bedding directly inside,
taking care to reseal the bags, and wash using the hot water setting.
Once that’s done, dry the bedding on the high heat setting if possible.
This will kill any bed bugs and eggs hiding in your sheets and covers.
While your laundry cycle is running, remove your mattress and box spring
from the bed frame, then use a vacuum to remove
any bed bugs, shells, fecal droppings, or eggs that may be present
along the seams and folds of your bed. While you could use most regular
vacuums for this step, the preferred weapon of choice
is a sealed HEPA PCO vacuum. These are designed specifically
to collect bed bugs and their eggs into a sealed HEPA filter
so that nothing gets out. After you’re done going over
the bed with a vacuum, you should follow up with a steamer.
While the vacuum may have done a good job covering the surfaces
of your bed, only a steamer can effectively
penetrate deep inside your mattress, box spring, bed frame,
headboard, and footboard to kill bed bugs and eggs hiding inside.
Use the included cloth attachment to break up the moisture expelled
and steam slowly all over your bed, paying close attention to seams and folds. Once your bed has been steamed and left to dry,
spray the joints of the bed frame, headboard, and footboard
with a contact spray like STERI-FAB. This will kill bed bugs quickly
and then evaporate, leaving no residual protection,
so follow up with a residual spray to fill those cracks and crevices
with a residue that will kill bed bugs for several weeks.
After your bed has been fully treated and left to dry,
use sealed and certified bed bug proof mattress encasements
and box spring encasements, like these SafeRests,
to protect and seal off your bed. These will prevent bed bugs
from entering or escaping your mattress, reducing the potential hiding places
that they can reside in. Once your encasements have been applied,
you can put the mattress and box spring back on your treated bed frame,
and put your clean and bed bug free bedding back on your bed. In step 1, you treated your bed inside and out and made sure
that bed bugs stay out of your mattress. However, bed bugs aren’t just
hiding in your bed. They’re also likely in your furniture,
your closet, even your walls or floors – anywhere close enough for them
to detect the carbon dioxide and body heat that you emit in your sleep.
So the second step is to stop any bed bugs from climbing back into your
bed looking for a meal.
Let’s start by isolating our bed from other points of contact.
Bed bugs can’t jump or fly, so they have to crawl up something to reach
you. If your bed has hanging skirts,
let’s tuck those in or remove them. You should also remove any unnecessary
pillows, and any storage underneath the bed. And don’t forget to move your bed
away from the wall. Now that you’ve isolated the bed,
the only way bed bugs can reach you while you sleep
is by climbing up the legs. You can stop them by placing
ClimbUp Interceptors under each leg. As bed bugs attempt to get to you,
they will climb up the edge of the Interceptor and then fall
into this pitfall where they can’t escape. With these traps in place,
you can stop bed bugs from reaching you in your bed and monitor their population
over time without being bitten. This is a critical part of the treatment,
as you’re cutting off the infestation’s food supply
and inhibiting their reproduction and growth. Treating, encasing, isolating, and intercepting
your bed does two important things: it creates a safe haven for you
that bed bugs can’t reach, and it allows you to act as a lure
to bring bed bugs out from their hiding places and into the sprays and powders
that will be applied in step 4. Now that the bed is secure,
you can move on to the common bed bug hiding places.
Bed bugs are also found in your clothes, your furniture, walls, and floors.
In this third step, we’re going to hit the bugs where they’re hiding. First, remove any unnecessary clutter in the room.
Things like clothes, shoes, and books give bed bugs a place to hide
and makes treatment harder. Launder what you can in a dryer
for at least 45 minutes using high heat settings, if possible. Many personal belongings can’t be laundered or steamed,
like books, papers, luggage, shoes, and dry-clean only clothing.
These can be treated with a portable bed bug heater, like this ZappBug.
This heater will deliver lethal heat without damaging its contents.
Treat deep cracks and crevices along your baseboards, window sills,
and furniture with a vacuum cleaner, then again with a high pressure steamer.
Our bed bug steamers deliver steam that’s over 180 degrees, enough to kill bed
bugs and their eggs instantly.
Many of them, like this Vapamore, even have a steam adjustment knob
that allows you to control the flow of your steam:
low power for direct surface steaming or high power for deep penetration
into walls and upholstered furniture. Remember to move the nozzle slowly,
no more than about 1 inch per second, to ensure that all bed bugs
are adequately exposed to the heat. By now, you’ve covered most of the room
with various treatment methods. Now you just need to hit the bed bugs
that you may have missed previously and set up a long-lasting defense
to ensure that the infestation is finished off.
For our final step, you are going to use a combination
of contact and residual sprays as well as a residual powder.
First up are the contact sprays. These will kill bed bugs quickly
but offer no long-lasting protection. With that in mind, you want to make
sure that you hit bed bugs where they’re hiding, so spray
along baseboards, below drawers, behind nightstands, and on
the cushions of upholstered furniture like sofas and chairs.
Resist the temptation to spray all over the place.
Bed bugs don’t tend to hang around in open areas when they’re not feeding,
so this won’t do you any good. Instead, focus your spray on tight spaces
throughout your room that bed bugs are likely to be hiding in.
Next are the residual sprays. Residuals won’t kill as quickly
as the contact sprays did, but they will be effective for much longer.
Spray into cracks and crevices throughout the room,
like in the corners of upholstered furniture, along baseboards, and along
the edges of the carpet. Lastly, you want to use a residual powder
for places that you couldn’t use your sprays. Using a professional powder applicator,
you can apply powder into deep cracks and crevices throughout the room,
such as under appliances, in door frames, and along cracks where the wall meets the
floor. You can also puff some powder
behind the faceplates of electrical outlets and light switches.
To prevent any surviving bed bugs or eggs from repopulating the area,
you’ll want to reapply your contact and residual sprays
about two weeks after the initial treatment, then again two weeks after that,
for a total of three applications. For the sake of convenience,
we offer pre-packaged bed bug kits containing all the sprays and powders
that you’ll need, along with a professional powder applicator,
just like you see here. Regardless of what products you use,
remember to always follow the product label and MSDS
for safe and effective usage. If you followed all 4 steps,
including the follow-up treatments in the last step,
you’ll be bed bug free now. To avoid future infestations,
keep your bed encased, isolated, and intercepted, and use your
portable heater to treat luggage after coming home from trips.
The best part about this process is that you own all of the items used
once the treatment is done. This ensures that you have all
the prevention tools that you’ll need to keep bed bugs away for good.
All of the products that you need for this treatment process are
available at We offer low prices, free shipping,
and expert support online or over the phone.
If you have any questions, you can reach us via live chat at
or toll-free 7 days a week at 866-238-9868.
Again, this is Josh at


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