How to get boy-clothes on MSP! ♥ (PATCHED)

Hello, CrayCrays! And here’s a tutorial on how to get boy-clothes on MSP! So first you go to shopping. And then you go to clothes. And it’s smart to have a boy account ready if you want to know some ClothesId’s, but I’ll get to that later. When you’re in the clothes-shop, open Charles. The link to the download is in the description. Then you just click the link, click download and you have it. I know two ClothesId’s already. But they’re VIP things, so if you want those, you’ll have to be VIP. Wait a sec, just fixing the screen. Okay! Now you have to chose which colors you want the boy-thing to be. I’m going to show you the Energize It caps (The E-caps). This is what it looks like, if you didn’t know. Then I chose a thing in the shop with the same amount of colors that the caps has. The caps has four colors. This has three. Yeah, it’s hard to find something in this theme with four colors. So I’ll go to another theme. I’ll go here. *Bark* If you heard that, that was my dog. But I don’t think you heard it. Then I’ll chose this. And the first color is the color… that the main part of the caps is. I’ll just pick a random color. That was a little light, so I’ll pick another one. And the next color is the sides of the caps. And… They should be white, because the rest of the thing is white… (Idk why I’m not explaining it better) And the last two colors should be the same color because the E on the caps… will look nicer. It’s actually the same thing, but… If you saw my caps then you saw that he text was a little bit… Wrong (I meant weird), and that was because I didn’t know that it was the same thing. So if I want the E to be this color, I’ll have both of the last colors that color. Then I open Charles and click the + next to… Or .com if you reading this text. Because I have English subtitles but you probably see that. And then, when you’re done chosing colors, (I’ll just remove this) you click here. (Add it to your wishlist) Then you go to Charles and click where it says .addToWishlist at the end. Then I’ll just drag the sides out a little so I can see. Then I click the pencil. And by the way, when you go on Charles, make sure the white circe with the red dot on it, and the red thing with six corners are marked. Both of these need to be on. Then you click request. Oh, oops, I forgot to click the pencil 😛 Then you click AMF. One of these. They are the same, so it doesn’t matter. Then for the caps you write on ClothesId: I’m a little unsure, but I think it’s 5298. Then you click Execute. Then you click on your profile to check if it’s there. On your wishlist. And it is. With the right colors. So here’s the white side-thing I talked about. So you see the thing under the green part is white anyway, and you can’t change that, so it’s best if thi is white, too. And then you have those things, but I don’t want that. And I’m not VIP so there’s no use having that there. But now I’ll show you what ClothesId that one has/is. It’s called Batwing Boy. Now I’ll just switch colors on this one (because Batwing Boy also has four colors). The first color is the color of the wing. I mean wings. It can have white wings. And this is the top of the sweater (I meant top) The top stripey-thing. (Wow, I’m so good at explaining) I’ll have that a blue color. And the stripes can be red and blue. White, blue, red, blue. I need to find a diffrent thing. Let’s see… White, blue, red, blue… If I click this, can I put it on my wishlist? White… Blue… Red… Blue. Okay it works. Then I click add to wishlist. Then I click on “[…]add.To.Wishlist” on Charles Sometimes you have to wait… Then you click the pencil Then we change it to… 3361 Then we click execute… Then we check our wishlist again. And yeah, here it is! So the top stripe here is blue… And then the stripes are blue and red, and the wings are white. And now I’ll show you how to find out what a boy-thing’s ClothesId is! I’ll just pause the video until I have made a boy account. And now I have a boy account! Nothing fancy, just a boy account. Then I click top. Then I find something I want. And… If you see a vip boy-thing you want on your vip girl account, then you’ll have to make the boy-account vip to get the ClothesId. I want this. And I want it shock pink. Aaand… Shock pink. Then I add it to my wishlist. On my boy account. Then I click… Since it doesn’t show up here, it might be on another msp tab. (Sometimes it’s on the same tab thing in charles) Maybe it’s here. I think so. Yeah. Here it is. And then you can see that this ClothesId is 3527. Then you copy that. Well you can’t right click, so then you click ctrl + c on your keyboard. Then you go to your girl account. And then you find out how many colors there are. This has two. Okay, then I’ll go to shopping. And then I click this, because I know that this has two colors. Then I choose the colors that I want. I think I have to… Yeah you can change the color that you want when you get to your girl account, so I’ll change to this because she is standing in front of the pink. So I’ll choose these colors. They are pretty. Then I add it to my wishlist. Then I find the tab with the girl account… Then I go to where it says .addToWishlist at the end again, and click the pencil… Then I double click ClothesId (you might have to click AMF again first), and click ctrl + v to paste. Then execute… And then the pink shorts here should be purple here. Next to the dress. Yup! So that was… Actually pretty easy. And when charles has been running for 30 minutes, then it will automatically close itself because this is the demo version, and not the full version. Yeah, I hope you liked the video, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye!


  1.  I got the free trial then tried a few methods from different YouTube videos. The layout of my version of Charles is different to yours :/ It doesn't say clothes id. Please helpp ♥ D;

  2. you sound so cuuuuuuuute in this video omfg i just died jesus
    and now i'm like "sorry i can't make my part cuz' i just died :c"

  3. so i was wondering if once you get the boys clothes can you gift them to other girls? Also i must have done something wrong because i clicked download free trial and i didnt get it :/

  4. How do you type in the numbers I tryed it doesn't work 🙁 please reply or do it for me my user is banoo!! MSG me

  5. i'm pretty sure for this to work the version of Charles has to be 3.9.3 or whatever it says bc I've went around seeing the successful trials and they all have the same version but when I tried it with an upgraded version it didn't work.

  6. I have the e cap nose to year and heart tat I have my others away if u can give me e caps give it plz I need more and some boy cloths

  7. i love your voice its high pitched and msp patched the demo version and not the full version and i have a acc that has over 600 boy clothes xD add my usa regular acc thenewqueenbee if you can add what server are you on?

  8. If you look on my channel there is a way to wear boys clothes 2015 its not yet patched so check that out hope it helps u xD 🙂

  9. Yeah it's for sure bit patched anymore because our made this video a looong time ago and it still works I can record a video about it jut check out my youtube

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