How to Fold Shirts & Pants : Folding Pants With a Crease

Now we’re going to talk about how to fold
trousers with a crease in the front. And this would be any sort of work pants or suit pants.
So for these the same way we started with other ones you want to make sure that the
fly is zipped and that any clasps at the top that need to be done, are done. Now unlike
other things you actually start these face up. And you can see that there’s a really
nice crease in them, and what you want to do is pull on the crease like this and carry
that crease to the very top. And you have a leg like that, then you lye it flat and
you try and keep this as flat as possible. And then what you want to do is repeat that
with the other side. So here’s the seam crease that we saw in the other pant leg. You lift
that up so you create a flat and you lay it on top of the other one. Now lining everything
up is really important here. You want the pants to line up at the bottom and if they’ve
been creased well they should line up at the top. You want to make the seat to line up
with the seat, and stretch the entire thing out. And then for pants, I really only like
to do one fold because if, the horizontal crease in your pants really just looks unprofessional
If you just have it over once.


  1. Hm. I've used easier, lazy-man methods for years. But this is easy enough and the creases fell in line very well. Excellent. Thank you!

  2. I am not going to be needing this for a few weeks until I leave the VZ garage. I will also save on the soap and shampoo. What the heck?

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