How To Flip Shirt Collar

When shirt collars are worn and frayed
they can be flipped over that’s right they can be flipped right on over it’s
easy to do and I’m going to show you how ok this demo shirt is not especially
worn and frayed but I grabbed a shirt from Goodwill for demonstration purposes
and I’m going to show you that this is the part of the collar that’s going to
show and that’s around the neck and here’s where it’s normally going to be
frayed stained and if the back of your shirt collar is essentially the same as
the front you can flip this piece right over I’m going to show you how beware
of the shirt that doesn’t look the same in the back is wrinkled and has the stay
pockets those shirts you can’t do this with so when you’re purchasing shirts do
be aware of the shirts that look the same on either side that’s going to be
your best investment ok let’s go ahead then with flipping this collar mark
where the collar ends with chalk or pins this is the seam we’ll be ripping once
the collar is separated pick away all the loose threads now flip that collar
right over and then we’re going to begin to sandwich that collar right back into
the opening that we’ve made once you’re good and pinned in it’s time
to sew get started stitching from pin to pin check every so often that you’re for
sure catching the back good press away the chalk marks and you’re finished
remember pin very well so that the sewing is easy and you’ll have complete
success good job


  1. I've never thought of doing it that way. Now I can save more shirts instead of giving them away to Good Will. Thanks Phyllis

  2. Cool, what was that device you used to unstitch the collar Phyllis? I remember now my Grandmother used something similar. Thank you, Jim

  3. Thanks for the instruction video. Had heard of people doing it but couldn't find anyone who had actually done it. Old flannel workshirts get a new lease on life.

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