How to Find a Tailor You Can Trust | Make Your Clothes Fit Better

What’s up guys? My name is Brock. You’re watching, The Modest Man and today, we’re talking about, how to find a tailor that you can trust. Okay, I know, you’ve heard this a million times but fit really is the most important aspect of style. If your clothes don’t fit, nothing else matters, you know, it doesn’t matter where you bought them, what brand they are, how much they cost,
what color they are, you know, how trendy they are, what season it is, if they don’t fit, you’re not gonna look good. If you don’t believe me, you just look at these old pictures of how I used to dress before I understood, just how important clothing fit actually is. You know, once I understood that
my clothes have to fit well, it doesn’t matter where I buy them or you know, what color they are, really anything else, if they don’t fit well, they’re not gonna look good. My entire look transformed, you know and honestly, I wouldn’t be as stylish or
nearly as confident as I am today, if I hadn’t realized this. Wearing clothes that fit, will literally make you
look taller, leaner, more handsome, more athletic, it’s gonna make you feel more confident and the best way to get your clothes to fit
well, is to take them to the tailor. Now, this is especially true, if like me, you
don’t have an off-the-rack body type but if you’ve never been to the tailor, I
understand that the idea of having to find a tailor and visit them, can be kind of intimidating or maybe you don’t know where to start. I often get asked, you know, how do I find a tailor? How much should I pay them? How do I know if I can trust them? Do I have to know my measurements? You know, what if they mess up my clothes? What if I waste my money? So in this video, I’m gonna show you the
exact process that I use to find a new tailor, test them out and then build a
long-term lasting relationship with them. So, how do you find the tailor? Okay, the best way to find a tailor is, you guessed it, by using the Internet. So, you want to hit Google and Yelp and you want
to type in “tailor” or “clothing alterations” and then obviously, your town name, where you live. Most cities and towns are gonna have multiple options, even if you live in a very, very small town, chances are your local dry cleaner has a
seamstress on staff that can handle basic alterations. So, whether you use Google or Yelp,
I really like Yelp for this particular thing. Now, you want to pay attention to two things. Number one; is the Reviews. You want to make sure, they have a few reviews at least, that they’re positive, you know, four or five stars. You want to make sure that some of those
reviews are from men and not just all women and the second thing is Location. I highly recommend finding a tailor that’s
close to your workplace or your home, that’s gonna make dropping off and picking up
your clothing, much more convenient. So, after you identify one or
two tailors that have great reviews and that are near your workplace or your
home, pick up the phone, it’s time to call them. First of all, make sure that they’re gonna
be open, when you plan on stopping by and ask them this exact question, I want to get a pair of jeans hemmed and I’d like to keep the original hem. Can you do that? Now, if they say, no, they can’t do that,
they can’t keep the original hem or if they don’t understand, what you’re talking about, you’re gonna want to move on. Okay, they’re probably not a great tailor. See, jeans have this thick hem at the bottom and when you shorten a pair of jeans,
you can do in a few different ways. Now, the simplest way is to remove
the hem and do a blind hem. This looks terrible on jeans and it’s the sign of an amateur tailor. The second way to do it, is by stitching a fake hem around the bottom, after creating a blind hem. This looks a little better but it’s still not
the best way to do it. The best way to shorten jeans is, to do it in a method that actually preserves that original hem. Yeah, it’s a little more complicated, little harder to do, usually a little more expensive, but it’s definitely worth it. It looks way better and any decent
tailor, who’s gonna be able to have a pair of jeans, while keeping the original hem. So, find a tailor that says, yes, they can do that and then ask if you need an appointment, you probably don’t. You know, stop by, bring your jeans in,
you’re gonna have to try them on, and you’re gonna stand in front of the mirror, I promise, if this feels weird, you get used to it after you go there 15-20 times, you know, it’s really, it’s not a big deal. They’re gonna pin you up, you know,
make sure to wear some shoes that you’re probably gonna wear
with those jeans more often. So, if you’re a loafers guy, wear your loafers. If you’re a boots guy, wear your boots. Make sure you’re happy with the length. You know, with a new tailor, sometimes they have an idea of what they think is the
proper length for your pants. You might want them a little bit shorter, so make sure they give you what you want. You know, not what they think is right. People like you know, if they say, “This is a good length”, but you want them a little bit shorter. You say, “No, you know, I actually want just a little bit shorter, if that’s okay with you.” It will be fine with them, you know, you’re paying them for a service. Okay, so a few days later, they’re gonna call you or they’re gonna tell you to come and pick your pants up, try them on, when you’re there.
Make sure they look good. You know, if they’re not, how you want them, if they’re too long or too short, ask if they can fix them. You know, if they want to charge more for
that or something, it’s okay. You know, right now, the relationship is kind of new, just pay them what they want but make sure you’re happy with their work. Now, if their work is really bad, like if the hem is messy, if the stitching is loose or they didn’t keep the original hem, you’re gonna want to move on, you know, I’m sorry but you’re
probably just wasted 20 bucks but at least you dodged a bullet by figuring
out that they’re not a great tailor. In that case, go back to the beginning,
start over with a new pair of pants and a new tailor. But if they did a good job, which they probably
will have done a good job, it’s time to up the ante a little bit and bring
them a slightly more complicated task. So, what I recommend doing next, is bringing
in a button-up shirt that either needs to have the sleeve shortened but it needs to be taken in, like maybe it’s a little too baggy on you. These are slightly more complicated, slightly more involved and expensive alterations but still any decent tailor should be able to do a great job with a button-up shirt. Same process. Go in. You’re gonna put it on, they’re gonna pin it up and then you’re gonna go pick it up a couple of days later, try it on, make sure it looks good. If you’re happy with their work on your
shirt, congratulations, you’ve got yourself a tailor and at this point, you’re probably gonna want to bring everything to the tailor because you’re going to be totally convinced about the power of tailoring and I recommend doing that and
nurturing the relationship. So, you know, if they did a good job, leave them a five-star review on Yelp, leave them a five-star review on Google and make sure to let them know that you did that. Once they start seeing your face, you know,
a couple times a month or every month, once they see your reviews online, you’re gonna be a loyal customer, you know, you’re gonna be a regular and they’re gonna start turning
things around faster for you, they’re gonna start giving you discounts sometimes and it’s really cool, it’s kind of like your
relationship with the guy who cuts your hair. You know, it’s, it’s a very old
school kind of loyal relationship and you know, whenever I move, I always
make it a priority, to find a new tailor that I can really trust and I used this exact
process that I’ve outlined in this video to do that and one last point, it’s totally okay to have
more than one tailor. You can kind of have your affordable,
fast turnaround tailor that can handle most basic alterations, like having and tapering a pair of pants
and then you can have your higher end, more expensive tailor that you bring your,
you know, your suits to or anything that’s really important or more expensive. I personally have a couple of tailors that I can trust but I do have my one and go to tailor and I’m probably there, I’d say once a month on average and you might think that sounds expensive but getting your clothes tailored is always
cheaper than buying new clothes. So, my hope is that if you haven’t gone to the tailor,
if you don’t have a tailor that you could trust, after watching this video, I really hope that you know, you feel more comfortable finding a tailor and testing them out and then you know, becoming a regular. And of course, if you have any questions about this stuff, leave a comment down below, I’ll do my
best to answer them. Until next time, stay stylish!


  1. Great video again! Finding a good tailor in London is actually pretty easy. If you shop smartly and relatively minimally, tailoring really isn't that expensive at all.

  2. I had 2 different tailors butcher my tailoring until I found the right one. So I’ve been there with waisting my money. Feels horrible!

  3. Also call around to multiple tailors. I haven't gotten anything but some pairs of jeans tailored but it shouldn't cost you more then 15 anything above that you should find someone else

  4. Im really lucky to have a grandmother who was a seamstress for 40 years. The only payment she takes is a kiss on the cheek🤣

  5. Good video Bud! One quick observation, but take as you will. The dark chair kind of blends in with darker clothes like your jacket. Makes it appear you have a wonky fit in shoulder of your right (left in video) which is kind of distracting in a fit video. Just a quick note, no offense or complaints, I'm working on my own channel and I know there is a LOT that goes into it.

  6. Hey Brock, I've just bought a pair of tan oxford shoes from the brand Ted Baker, what are your thoughts on this footwear brand? Thnx 😉

  7. Great video! Just a question though, I am the shorter guy and a teenager and most of the time off the rack doesb’t fit me. At what age is it worth tailoring your clothes? Cause I’m still growing 😀

  8. Thanks a lot man, i've been wondering for a while now on how to get a tailor and so forth. Great video man really appreciate it.

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  10. Went to a tailor.. was an older russian guy.. pretty awkward to begin with, then he asks.. young man,.. what side do you wear your balls on?

  11. Your videos keep getting better, Brock! That throwback to your old pictures was a reminder that it takes time to learn all these things and that it shouldn't be too intimidating (there's a lot of information floating around the interwebs)

    Speaking of "the guy who cuts your hair", how do I find one of those lol. Right now I just go to a chain but I know its not the best, where would I go / what would I do to find a good barber?

  12. 0:47 Absolutely. I just got my first tailored suit. It cost me more, but I am satisfied the way it fits.

  13. When I find a new tailor I usually have one or two “ test shirts” that I bring to them. These are usually old shirts a have that don’t really fit me or shirts I don’t care about in case the shirt is ruined. I think it’s important to never have the first item you bring to the tailor be something you love or can or replace. I have even gone to the thrift store and picked up a dress shirt to “ test” a tailor in order to preserve the shirts I care about until I know they know what they are doing.

  14. After the two ladies in my town failed on big levels, I went on a whim to the next town over where I saw a seamstress shop.
    Went in we talked briefly, she has altered 2 jeans , 2 dresses for my wife and 3 suits for me. She is fabulous.

  15. What if you take an expensive suit to a tailor and they say, get your request wrong and ruin the suite by making it too short or something? Is there tailor insurance for this sort of thing?

  16. I love that this is actually useful! Thank you so much for the advice.

    Saying this as a poor woman in college, who is 5'10, it costs at least $60 to find a pair of pants that are long enough for me. And for some reason skirts and dresses are not in style right now, so generally I just have to scourge Goodwill for something that is nice. Half of the time they are just an inch too small or too big, so the thought of a tailor has been bobbing in the back of my mind for ages. I can't wait to try it out, this has definitely given me some confidence and motivation.

    (edit: Goowill to Goodwill)

  17. I have older jeans I barely wore they are too long. Me being 5'8 almost 5'9 its hard to find a length that fits properly.

    So I will use those when testing out tailors to see if they are worth using for my tailoring needs. Of they screw up my jeans.. won't cost me anything but the fee to have them done.

  18. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and process on "howto" find a tailor. The examples use to give them a trail run are some I never would've considered! I'll be sure to exercise these techniques! Wish me luck!

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  23. I saw that you recommended Sew Perfectly in Tucson. Who is your "go-to" tailor and your "quick turn around" tailor? Thank you for the video and info.
    Bear Down

  24. I love well tailored clothes … but seems like the next trend for young people is oversized tops, harem pants and birkenstocks. No thanks, I would rather look out of style.

  25. That moment when you've been keeping the original hem of your pants just by doing what youtube videos show…

    Damn I should apprentice for tailoring

  26. Man dude.. I've back to back with my tailor.. and am thinking of switching .. i always get criticized because i have a bit on my sides and lower stomach.. i paid 72$ to get my jacket and dress shirt to fit on the back.. cause it has a excess bunching of fabric.

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