How To Embroider Handkerchief

ok today we're going to embroider on a handkerchief not easy but I'm gonna show you how I do it other people may do it differently machine embroider and it's really delicate handkerchief so they're really thin so we're gonna play around and see what we can do to make this a nice job so we're starting off with the first thing we're gonna do is show you a few things now this is something called a light fusible tearaway got it right here you can see the sticker on it it has a really sticky side to it and it's a tearaway so you take it to your iron you iron it on you could heat press it to whatever it takes I'm going to do that which I've already done and I'll show you that then we're gonna hoop it so there it is there's your handkerchief with your stabilizer which is your tearaway now we're gonna use the fast frame system with sticky back so that's like having a double tearaway and we're gonna use that and show you that in just a second we'll be right back okay next let me show you a trick okay here's our fast frames right here showing it to you right here fast frames here is your tearaway which is your sticky back tearaway we're gonna put that on this frame now the key is when you cut it it's sort of hard to get it off there one sides gonna be real sticky and I'll show you that so just make a little crease a little crease at the end of the corner that's gonna help you to get that off there a lot easier crease it on the corner crease it on the corner and then unfold it and then with your fingernail or our Pete pin or whatever you want to use it'll come off a lot simpler and when you do get to it what you're gonna do is you're gonna just I had a proportion that was already done there it is and just take it off and then you're gonna put it on to your frame which we're gonna do and then we'll show you how we set that up we'll be right back okay here's your fast frame I wanted to show you something and zoom in on it on the fast frames they always have this little right in here just little B okay we're gonna take that corner cuz we're doing a corner logo or it's gonna just be a letter that's all it's gonna be a little monogram letter we're gonna stick the tip of that handkerchief or if it was a napkin or whatever right in there and we're gonna make it that's gonna be your spot for the center there and this tip is gonna go right in and I'm gonna show you that after I get to the next stage but I wanted to zoom in and show you that we're gonna lay it in there and then we're gonna make some marks on the side which I'll show you next and you'll see how I set it up so that's coming up next okay let's take a look at what I've done I've set it up and I'm ready to go so in that little v-notch i put the corner as you can see here made a couple pieces of masking tape or any type of tape that you can see along the sides here so you know you're gonna pull it up to that point and you're gonna pull it up right there and right there and you're gonna go into production and this person wants 20 of these so I've got to do a whole bunch of different ones with different initials on there so this is the setup we're gonna mass-produce some handkerchiefs that's coming up next we'll show you it's gonna be a quick little thing we'll see how it turns out and this is just one of the ways we can do it we can also hoop it and I'll talk to you about that in just a little bit okay we're gonna get this going videos only one letter most people just want a little dean thing anchor2 clothing didn't take long see how it turns out the handkerchief I had laying around not quite the kind of hangar kid he's probably maybe using a people supply or hanging this all different types so you have to adapt to what they're giving you sometimes when something like stares you may be able to just use sticky back and get away with it this one I could piggyback and also as you can see I showed you how to use some that stabilizer tearaway stabilizer that he is a stabilizer or a fusible where they call a feasible table we're doubling up to tear away that way hoping it's gonna turn out night that's it we're done let's take a look at it we'll be right back so there it is we're gonna just tear that away and then tear back that fusible stabilizer and take a look at it see if we have a lot of pucker or what's going on okay I've taken another corner we'll try again this time we're just using the sticky back let's see what it turns out like that way and then compare so now no fusible to worry about and tear away and it sticks it's hard to get off you know sometimes you can get away without use and that fusible so here it is and I'll show you how to do that there's our hole that we pulled off from the last one so you just get another piece of sticky back put it on the back fills up that hole put your NICs handkerchief on there and you're ready to go fast easy high-production it's probably gonna be a lot faster to tear it away you know probably look just as good because it's just one letter that you're embroidering so sometimes just stick you back on a tearaway may work great so let's do this one and then we'll get back so here's a second quarter we're doing and we just came from the sticky back we'll see how this turns out in comparison we use a fusible fairway and the sticky back gonna be freakin bad they talked about a little bit remember I always corners of the actual hangar tip to get it nice and flat and then of course when I'm done I'll also go back there at iron corners or iron the or you can press it if you gotta heat press at work too well either way they're making look really nice and then pull them up for great presentation these are grateful weddings these are great for gifts that the baseball team does want to they want plenty of for all the people all the ladies on the team again and there we are let's take a look okay I've got it on the ironing board and I've ironed it and this is the one with just a sticky back so there it is just a sticky back I think it looks pretty good all right in the corner there sometimes you'll see them with flowers and all sorts of things there's plenty of things you can do matters what the napkin is well how the person wants it done I've seen it also done in the corners here down at the bottom in a straight line it's whatever the customer really wants to do that's basically what you're gonna do if they want a little day near of course you can make it a little smaller this one has some ridges here on the side here on this side and that makes me put it up just a little higher I didn't want to put it down in these ridges so just on this one that's the way I did it matters what the napkin is or the actual handkerchief okay let's take a look at the other one okay here's the other one where we use the two pairs of two pieces of tearaway right you got the fusible tearaway that diffused onto the back and then we also use the sticky back which is a tearaway also so two pieces in this case to me they're pretty pretty close because it's just one little letter I could have got away with just using the basically the sticky back tearaway and that would have worked flying it would have gone a lot faster and I like to take off which is very big very careful because it's very easy to put holes in these really thin handkerchiefs but I like to take away almost all the backing all the tearaway backing so you have to pick it through there and be very careful with it and that it takes time to do that if you leave it in there and you can see through these it doesn't look as good I don't think but it's your personal opinion try both get one of these handkerchiefs do all corners try it out see what works best for you you can also hoop these you know so maybe you can hoop it and then make your adjustment in the hoop to bring it up just a little higher so it is possible to hoop them and so you can do that also I just showed you the way that I personally like to do them and of course there's plenty of other ways you could try so don't be afraid to get a few of these and play around with them I'm just showing you a few tricks we'll see you next time I hope you enjoyed this video and subscribe to our channel thank you very much for hanging out with me today and we'll see you next time on the embroidery to you Channel


  1. Hi, I run a small retro channel at and would love to feature some of the media from this URL and credit you with a thank you link in the description. It seems to be marked on Google Images as public domain.

    Whilst I have no doubt you'd be agreeable, I always like to check in with people in advance. But of course if you'd rather I didn't, please do not hesitate to say so too 🙂

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  2. Good tips — I never noticed the "v" indent on the fast frame. Thanks for showing the difference between adding an additional layer of stabilizer versus just using the stabilizer. I'm enjoying your insights.

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