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– When it comes to first date
jitters, there’s nothing worse than being stressed about what to wear. So we’ve rounded up our
favorite outfits for any dates. (upbeat music) Movie night. Keep things casual and bray
of those chilly movie theater temps with a breezy blouse,
light-weight cardigan, your favorite skinny’s and
your go-to ankle booties. (upbeat music) Hiking date. Opt for breathable knits and
layer on a sporty jacket. Then pop on some active leggings and go hands-free with a tranquil backpack. (upbeat music) Dinner date. Slip into something feminine and timeless. Like a sheath dress and
a classic moto jacket. Then throw on your fancy
pumps, grab your clutch, and you’ll be sure to make your RSVP. (upbeat music) Drinks. Whether it’s a swanky new
bar or a fun, local dive. Pair a flirty top with easy denim. And those pumps that your BFF loves. (upbeat music) Sporting event. First of all, be sure to
rep your team’s colors. Whether it’s a striped tee and their hues. Or a fun pop of color in your accessories. Then throw on your comfiest
denim and easy sneaker and you’ll be ready to cheer
your team on into overtime. (upbeat music) Museum date. Why not try an outfit that reflects the art you’ll be looking at? Start with a crisp button
up and white denim. Then add a bold pop of color for that modern art minimalist look. (upbeat music) What’s your take on date night dressing? Be sure to let us know
in the comments below. And don’t forget to tell your
stylist about your next date. (upbeat music)

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