HOW TO DRESS BETTER *life changing*


  1. okay, needless to say i love you….
    two questions:
    the green satin dress at 25:50, where'd you get it?
    also i think i speak for everybody when i say pleaaaase make a colour theory video.
    Thank you 😉

  2. Why is it never addressed that you said you were cruelty free & vegan but you always show your Chanel & Vuitton. You also show yourself using products that arent by vegan brands. Can this just be explained please Alexandra? Its not an attack its a genuine query

  3. Dressing square, brilliant!! My sock drawer; black, white, and fuzzy. Wardrobe; black dress pants, dressy shirts. So easy.

  4. I love how this was focused on self-empowerment rather than dressing for other people. You look the best when you feel the best.

  5. Whoa, I just tripped tf out when she said my name. It's really uncommon to hear and my name has always been mispronounced so i'm happy to hear it be said so smoothly! and happy that beauty of a name is now shared!

  6. Undergarments, Nails, and Jewelry

    * Find a style of panties that fits you and feels comfortable, and stick to that one style.
    * Ankle socks go with any shoe.
    * Pretty lace socks for home are feminine and so pretty!
    * Plunge bras for plunge tops.

    Plan purchased based on the level of need you have for that item.

    * Strapless bras are essential.
    * Your casual bra should be of very high quality, soft and comfortable. It should also be nude.
    * One to wash
    * One to wear
    * One to spare

    Explore the world of lingerie.
    * Lingerie is not about how you look in it, it's about how you feel in it.
    * Not all lingerie has to be overtly sexual.

    * Jewelry adds femininity not only to your look, but to your energy.
    * Keep jewelry dainty and simple, adorn yourself.

    * Choose what you will maintain.
    * Shiny, milky nude nails in an almond shape are easy to maintain, and super feminine!

    Daily Standards
    Functional undergarments
    Easy sock choices
    Daily jewelry collection
    Signature nail style

    All of this helps eliminate decision fatigue.

    Tip: Put a clean and unused shirt on your face, making sure to cover your jaw, and then put on your shirt, and your shirt will not be stained.

    Chapter II

    * Hyper-pieces are pieces that you see at a shop and just have to have, often times they can ruin a wardrobe.
    * They are not wardrobe essentials, they are pieces that you may have seen on
    * The Hidden Hyper-Piece: an exiting element on a basic essential, for example, jeans with embroidery

    These pieces aren't bad, however, you need to make sure that they are pieces that you will wear again and again. Personal style is finding hyper-pieces that are personal to you, that you will wear often.

    * The Loud Hyper-Piece: loud hyper-pieces are captivity and stimulating, however, having too many loud hyper-pieces leads to you not knowing what to wear, and not knowing what to wear them with. Having less of these that you really love is the answer here.
    * In an outfit, it is better to have only 25% of it be a loud hyper-piece.
    * The Hyper-Silhouette: These are trendy new pieces, silhouette wise, such as mules, fanny packs, and very high skirt slits.
    * One way to make these more wearable is to wear a hyper-silhouette piece in an everyday color.

    The New Buying Process
    Refine Hyper Pieces
    Improves shopping habits
    Heightened standards
    Getting what you want

    Step 1: Identify whether this item is a need or a novelty.

    Step 2: Before buying it, ensure that it will go well with at least 3 items you already own.

    Step 3: Purchase, keep the receipt, and make sure you are always familiar with a brands return policy just in case you do not like the piece as much as you did initially.

    Vintage pieces are of higher quality, and have a certain charm to them that is different from modern clothing.

    Tip: Plan your outfits on a weekend to prepare for days where you are in a rush.

    Tip: Take time to go through your clothing, try some things on again, and figure what you do and do not like, what looks good on you and what doesn't. If you find something that you don't often wear and you want to wear it, find clothing that would look good with it and make it into an outfit, to ensure that your lesser worn clothing gets worn.


    Chapter III

    Color Theory

    1. First, determine whether your skin is warm-toned or cool-toned.
    2. You must learn to train your eye to see the subtle differences in color, because it can greatly affect your look.
    3. Warm golden white looks best on warm toned skin, and crisp blue toned white looks best on cool skin. Neutral skin can wear both. The same applies for any color, if it generally has a look of warmth, it is best for warm toned skin, and if it generally looks bluish, it is best for cool skin.

    Texture Theory

    * Regardless of silhouette or color, the texture of clothing impacts the way the body looks.
    * Light and dark is in everything, and it impacts the way the clothes look on you.
    * If a piece is very shiny, even if it is dark, it will make that park of your body look larger. If a piece is very matte, even if the piece is light, it will make that part of your body look smaller.
    * This is not always the case, however. For example, if a piece is densely patterned, it will distract from any luminosity present in a piece, and those combined elements will make that area look even larger. Or, if a piece is very luminous but also very simple, dark and solid, it will still slim you down.

    I wrote this for myself on my notes app, but I decided I would put it here just in case anyone needs some notes to keep with them! Please watch the video though, don't just read this! I hope it helps you!

  7. This is amazing!!! 🥰 Thank you for all your videos! 💕 Could you please do a video about necklines for your face and body shape? (V, square, scoop, sweetheart, turtleneck, strapless, etc)

  8. OMG…do not want to be impolite, but her taste/style is barbaric compared to most European and Asian women. SORRY!

  9. I love how you promote sensible habits and wearing what you personally love with lots of info to find what suits you, instead of "this item is good, that is bad, only wear xyz also don't buy anything intersting or bright ever". Tbh I was a little scared of that rigid attitude so I put off watching this, really shouldn't have, even for someone who doesn't care to be very feminine and wears mostly dark and practical stuff this was super interesting and useful! Also heck yeah thrift shopping! Best solution to having like no budget, avoiding fast fashion, finding really interesting stuff and sustainability

  10. Can you do your outerwear video you mentioned in “the art of sexy”? It’s getting close to winter and I want to find something that will capture my personality. Balance my figure. And enhance my feminine vibration

  11. If you'd do a whole video focused on Color Theory only I'd watch it like there's no tomorrow 🥰
    I'm learning so much from you

  12. you are my ideal of a woman honestly. please keep on making those videos, i have already learned so much from you, yet there is still so much more!

  13. I’ve watched this video like 3 times cause I want to be refined ✨. And it has helped my shopping TREMENDOUSLY

  14. It’s my first time that I stumbled across your channel and I am wholeheartedly hooked. Honestly you are the mother figure we all need in our lives!! It humbled me to watch your channel. I stopped watching most YouTubers due to the false standards, misleading facts and drama.. But now I’m definite that I have a go to channel. Your aura radiates warmth, and it reminds me of my true self 🥺 I’ve been practising unconditional self love on my spiritual journey but this video definitely reached me at the right time. Also as a nail biter, the nail tips were useful and motivated me. The video about embodying the inner femininity inspired me and was too much needed. I miss feeling good about my hands. I’m actually looking forward to shopping this month eeeep. And i’m so excited to explore neutral clothing in regards to my professional career. I am eternally grateful🦋 You are a radiant soul and we are so lucky to gain wisdom from you. My whole wardrobe is definitely going to benefit from this, and my overall confidence, thank you, thank you, thank you!! Sending love, light and abundance to all souls out there, you are beautiful 🌺❤️ Embody your inner divinity 🙏🏼

  15. What prevents me from looking my best ?
    – bank account
    – hate waking up early to do all these extra shit
    – bills

  16. Alexandra! I am a 43 year old woman and you continue to teach me how to be a woman. So classy and so simple and yet my mind is blown. I wish I could hire you to come to Texas and go shopping with me and make me over.

  17. OMG I AM ALL HYPER SILHOUETTE HOLY HECK 😔 literally I shop based on how things are cut & tailored I had no idea.

  18. Your voice and honest nature is so pleasing to me. I really admire your strength,
    I’m 43 and I look up to you. Keep being you and wow.. possibilities. Endless, you got this girl. Lizzo the song truth. Chic anthem.. lol

  19. In my whole life I only found two fitting bras and both are soft! I never thought I could wear this but if you dont have big breasts you absolutely should try them! Look really beautiful

  20. What a wonderful video! I'm almost 50 and I think I have a pretty good handle on my look now, but it's taken me years of self-discovery and trial and error. When you're young, it's difficult NOT to look good. Even in sweats, you have great skin, a trim body… it just comes so easily. As you age, it takes more effort to look put together. When you wear slouchy sweats at 50, you just look like a bag-lady! So many young women get used to dressing this casual way and then it's hard to change later. You develop a "comfort zone" that's difficult to escape. Just a word to the young girls, that it's never too early to develop good self-care. Later, looking back, you'll be so glad you did.

  21. I literally always struggle and stress over what to wear because I’m always wearing the same boring clothes but then feel like I wanna dress nice too. This video was super helpful! Subscribed 💕

  22. YASSSSS to a color theory video!!! Also loved this one so much, love the longer super informative content 🙌🏼👍🏼

  23. ALEXANDRIA! I was watching an add on Pinterest promoting a lip plumper and I noticed they used YOUR LIPS from one of your lip related videos to advertise their product. The website is called ‘’. I’m pretty sure they didn’t ask for your permission and that you didn’t use that product on your video. The product is called ‘Instant Kiss Lips Plumper’. I just wanted you to know because there could be some other companies doing the same. So go sue them and get your money girl!!!!!

  24. PLEASE someone help me figure out my skin tone!! I paid a stylist and I’m pretty sure she’s wrong! Does anyone know an app or willing to help? I will pay

  25. I love her logical approach to fashion. It's so refreshing to learn about the system she's created and the reason behind its process rather than just seeing "outfit ideas". As someone who cringes at so many Youtuber's who neglect the intellectual content – I am a HUGE fan of Alexandra's channel. #Goddess #MentorGoals #INSPIRATIONAL

  26. Here’s my list:

    – I always go for comfort, I reach for the loose and unflattering clothing.
    – I don’t like showing off, I avoid ANY indication that I have boobs or hips.
    – Jewellery never sits on me right, I have uneven collarbones and rings don’t sit right,
    – I try and replicate outfits I see but with a tight budget, it never works and the clothing just sits in my wardrobe.
    – My nails have a short nail bed (the pink bit) from genetics so I feel the need to keep them relatively short to be proportionate this also makes me reach to the distracting bright nail polishes.

    ~The End~

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