1. The front loader I have is almost 10 years old, and still working. They are great. However, this video left out that you need a low sudsing detergent for these machines. You don't necessarily need to look for the HE symbol, as most brands I've used are already low sudsing. Only P&G brands need to be HE, as I've found their regular stuff to be high sudsing. And never overpack a front loader either in order for the clothes to properly tumble.

  2. front loaders have tons of computer problems, my father is a repairman, and every front loader will have a bad computer in the long run, what does that mean to you? 400$ per repair, also the motors, the pumps etc etc, front loaders are cheaper in the long run, trust me my dad has repaired appliances for 20 years + and these are a pain

  3. I love the oxy clean baby 🙂 I use it on all of my clothes, along with oxy bleach 🙂 since I always have stains on my clothes xD to me, they work better than the spray n' wash and shout 🙂

  4. F.L.s rock! They seem not to excel at certain kinds of stains, but they DO wash gently and rinse VERY well… (And the stain thing can be quite alleviated by using a prewash spray). AND (I wouldn't recommend this) they can wash a wool garment without shrinking it (I'm not talking about washable wool)

  5. @DadLabs I DO like F.L.S, indeed, yes…I'm a bit annoyed that my sister washes comforters in an agitator-style washing machine, and everything is ragged, including my mother's comforter…

  6. I love the cloths chute. that is the biggest part of doing laundry is getting everyone to bring it to the laundry room. thanks for the video.  I love my front load Maytag Neptune's

  7. this is the first video i watched on your channel and when i saw the username i thought it was dablabs instead of dadlabs

  8. My experience with front loaders there is not enough water they do not get the clothes clean and you can't soak your clothes 2 or 3 hours.

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