How to do laundry 🧺 on Cruise Ship of Personal Cloth (Part 1)

it is hot and dry and sorry I cannot show you how dry it is but it is I welcome back to my channel guys and welcome back to another episode of guys in today's video I'm going to talk about how to do laundry on board yes guys there are total three types of laundry you need to do on cruise ships first very very important your uniform laundry though the uniform which you wear on a daily basis that laundry second one is your linear laundry which consists of your pillow covers your blanket toilet mattress your towel that sheet etc etc so that is the second laundry and the third and very important launder your day-to-day daily wear your undergarments your your jeans man your track pants your shorts everything glued another your personal garments so today's video is dedicated for your personal garment I'll show you how to do laundry of your personal garments so guys without wasting time let's start this video well guys while you coming on board please please please don't forget to bring certain things which I am going to tell you I have already made a video you can refer to that and I am saying this again so the very important thing is that the tortured yes guys detergent so it is good if you bring it from home but you also get it on board but a little expensive so I have bought it from home this second thing a big bag for a laundry bag so to carry your own all dirty clothes in it to go to clean your clothes do the laundry put it back and you bring it back to the bag and nothing else so what I'll do I just put every my dirty clothes in this bag see so many dirty clothes so guys I'm almost ready for my laundry so I'll show you the laundry room also and I'll show you how to do it also because it's very simple believe me very very simple so guys I'm ready to go out now to do my laundry so this is my back now full of dirty clothes and welcome once I have done my laundry it will be full of clean clothes so well guys I am ready for the laundry so let's go so on my big for our laundry this is the corridor rehab then audio you see the door this mess laundry all right I will go inside but this is our laundry room you can see impostor you do get basket but it's better you can bring these are the washing machine what we and this is a trial so I'm gonna use this one I am in a laundry room as I showed you lit it's a small room not very big but it's very convenient and this is a washing machine this one I'm gonna use and I will show you how to use it as very simple all you need to do you need to take your club open okay for one by one foot inside so you just need to just you're young I'm just doing my job I'm sorry of the scammers because nobody is there to catch the camera for me and I bought that detergent Oh close the door when you see the buttons over here so there are different option what you want but I'll put it on a regular this is more than enough so all you need to do is just click start you see that light or not you see the water is pouring now so well guys you can see my clothes in the washing machine has started and working my clothes is getting washed now and this washing machine and I need to come back after 45 minutes much wash them and rinse by that time then I'll show you what is the next procedure I need to do well guys 45 minutes is over and now it's time to see whether my growth is washing or not so without wasting time let's go inside and check whether my clothes are free and of the soul so let's go inside okay guys it looked like my clothes are wash properly but when I open this I'll check again you can see this it was but the only one problem left is it still wet because I have only Winsted we wanted dry but now how can I do dry because on board we don't have roads where we can hang our clothes to keep it for drying so what we can do instead of that we have a dryer you can see this is called Rio so I will take all the clothes from here and pull it up or drying it will take another 45 minutes okay so I will just show you how I do it open this door wouldn't it you see this there you go make sure you take all your clothes on otherwise somebody else will wear your boots check it properly so nothing is there so what you do is you close the door in case you can see this button there are two button this is for washing and this is for dry or all you need to do it is you need to adjust the time okay let's keep it for 40 minutes and push this button like this and you can see it started right so well guys I'll come back after 40 minutes to check whether my clothes this properly dried or not most of the time its errors properly dry but just in case somebody or by mistake we open this door and have stopped so I have to do it ecology and if the clothes is not properly right you can always at the time of again and put it four times okay so I'll come back after property right about 45 minutes 40 45 minutes are over so let me check now it is hot and right and sorry I cannot show you how try this but it is so well guys this is a procedure to do the law your personal garment laundry and there are other two laundries also I'll make a video on that also but for now if you like this video please like subscribe to my channel and comment on my videos so I will keep making such more videos so by prom golde


  1. I love you so much. Really i watch your all those videos. Really it’s wonderful support and helpful for us. May Allah Bless you.

  2. Its shockd to see that crew member have to bring washing powder from home.
    Why dont the company provide this facility to crew member?

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