How To Crochet Women's Ballet Slippers

How To Crochet Women's Ballet Slippers

hi everybody its Michelle and in this video I'm going to show you guys how I make my ballet slippers the women slippers this is by far the most popular pattern the free pattern that I have on the blog and I'm going to do the video demonstration and show you guys how I put this together the supplies were going to need of course is our yarn and for this I'm just using the red heart Super Saver you can use any type of yarn you want I wouldn't use like a chunky yarn because that will change the size of the slipper I plan on making more with the red heart with love yarn because it's super soft I love it but just for the purposes of doing this video tutorial I'm using red heart Super Saver and it's a great yarn to use for these slippers anyway because it's really rugged and these need to stand up to a lot of wear and tear they will last for a very long time if you take good care of them so I made it in a solid color you can make them in several different colors you can switch out your yarns to make a multi color you see that in the pictures on the blog where I do make them multicolored but we're going to do this all in one solid color and I'm going to show you how I put it together at the end we will need an F hook and I use my clover hooks for that and a tapestry needle if you don't have a tapestry needle don't sweat it you can use your crochet hook to kind of so in the that final end in the back and of course just scissors and that is all we're going to need so let's get started to begin I'm going to form my loop and chain two and then we are going to single crochet five times into this very first chain right here one two three four and five here and just join with the slip stitch to form a little circle now that's just our base starting that's a very toe of the slippers we're going to chain two and double crochet two times into each one around and you're going to end up with ten stitches all the way around these are really quick to make and they make excellent gifts for everyone that you know two more now we are going to join with a slip stitch and that is our second row chain two and the same thing for this next round two double crochet in each stitch around so then you're going to end up with twenty stitches around now at any point you can switch out your yarn colors to make them striped multicolored two-tone whatever you want to call it if you see the pictures on the blog post you'll see what I'm talking about some of them I do in two colors and alternate them just here and there it make stripes or just a two-tone the front is one color the back is a different color the possibilities are kind of limitless really when you think of all the colors available on the different alternatives where where you can switch out the yarn almost done okay so we should have 20 and you might want to go back and double-check if you're not sure of your stitch count now I'm going to join that now this next row that's row 3 round 3 so round 4 we are going to chain 2 and 2 double crochet in this first one and then just one double crochet in the next and then two double crochet in the next one and one double crochet in the next so we're still increasing but not by as much these first two we were increasing and each stitch around and this one we're increasing in every other stitch around so a 2 1 then 2 we'll end up with 30 stitches on this round after doing this let me get some more yarn 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 and pay attention now we'll skip that one what's the great thing about these once you get past this room right here you can pretty much go on autopilot to finish the rest until you get to the back portion because it's the same thing around each time so you don't have to count all of your stitches and this is the last one then we're going to join that now from this point on here we are going to just put one double crochet in each stitch around and that will be for Row 5 it's 5 through 9 so the next 5 rolls 5 6 7 8 9 count of my fingers yes so the next five rows just one double crochet all the way around and a good way to keep replaced with this you might want to just grab a little piece of yarn let me do that to mark your spot that way you can just count rows you don't have to worry about where you are I just kind of stick a piece of yarn in there like that as a stitch marker and just one double crochet all the way around join with a slip stitch and start your new row until you finish round nine and I'm going to do that off camera and come back when I finish round nine and show you how we go from there and do the back portion of the slipper okay okay I have made it to the end of round nine and this is the front portion of our slipper and now we're going to work on the back portion here this back portion where your foot slips in you can take that out I already took out my little marker I don't need that anymore now when I design this pattern I designed it to fit a size seven and of course you can have a little bit smaller foot a little bit bigger foot they will stretch so if the foot is a lot bigger than a size seven you can try to modify this by adding maybe a row or two right here to make this front part come up further bicker and then adding more rows at the back also it should work but this is for size seven so we're up to round nine here and we're going to start the back we are going to double crochet two times and double crochet I mean sorry chain two and double crochet in each stitch across two for 21 stitches so we're not going to go all the way around we're only going to go the next twenty-one stitches so we have that and then we have one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 and we're going to stop right there so if you include the first chain – we should have 22 stitches across that we're going to work with it's going to be that bottom portion of our slipper now we're going to chain two and turn and just double crochet across if you want to double check your sketch count there you go ahead and do that this is only other time you really need to pay attention oh no you can just double crochet turn double crochet and turn from here till you finish we're double crocheting all the way across and we're going to do this here from let's see that is row ten through row 19 so it's ten rows and you can just count those up as you go so for ten rows these next ten rows here total to the end we're just going to double crochet across chain two and turn same thing until we get to nineteen I'm going to do that off camera and we will come back and see how we finish off the slippers I have come to the end of rule 19 and we have finished with the slipper except we are going to put an edging around the top you can leave it like this if you want but it kind of looks unfinished what we're going to do is just put this little edging all the way around the top portion of the slipper and we're going to do that by chaining one and then just a single crochet all the way around this top leather side edge here which is now the top around here all the way around so let's do that now and you just kind of have to fill your way through this because this is not a normal section to be crocheting on so we're just going to find those spaces and single crochet in there it's a little awkward holding it but it's okay it's pretty quick to get it done I will note that when I'm making these for me personally I usually leave off a row at the end to make them just a little bit smaller because I have like a six and a half foot size and it fit better on me if I leave off one row because these are made for about a size 7 foot and that is us women size 7 the written pattern for these slippers is on the booty baby blog and I'll put the link below so you can see the written pattern now we've come to this section here which is easier that front piece back around the other side now I'm going to pull out a lot of yarn and start making a bunch of these because my supply has disappeared they disappear like socks I can only find one of each color so I need to make me some new ones for this coming fall and winter and I'll be making them both out of just this regular Super Saver yarn and the with love maybe some Hobby Lobby I love this yarn if I still have some left this last one here and that is it our engine is are done now we're going to flip these inside out when we're totally finished so what we're going to do now is cut this yarn and leave a very long tail because we need to sew this back end here and I think this is what people have the most difficult time visualizing on the written pattern so I'm going to show you guys how to do that so make this very long so we can so just cut that you're finished with your yarn set it aside now you need your tapestry needle wait first let me gather this through and tie that off there we go on my tapestry needle so here's a slipper this is the back heel this will be sewn together this part right here so if you fold it this way we're going to sew this back part together just like if you were sewing anything else together I can get my yarn in the needle if you do not have a tapestry needle you can weave the yarn back and forth through here just using your crochet hook but it's just easier to use the needle so we hold it together this way and I like to come to this top and just reinforce that top part right there pull it through and I go front to back it doesn't really matter as long as you get it put together and I just go through those stitches there and the stitch on the back it's very easy all the way down to the bottom Hill and then we're going to weave it in and we'll be done one more it's the very bottom I'd like to come back through and kind of do a knock twice and then what I'm going to do is I'm just going to run this through the very bottom here just to kind of weave in this end here and make it where the tail end will end up coming out at the front in case you get a little scraggly end it will be underneath the toe and you won't see it so just keep going that's good all the way up to there so now I'm going to snip that snip that toe and we're going to turn it inside out and there is our slipper there's not a right or left it's either foot now what you can do with these also to make them non-skid a little trick that I learned online I don't remember where which I did I would give that person credit but is you can turn them over to the bottom and use some puffy paint to just maybe do some dots on the bottom and it kind of gives them grips so you're not sliding around on your floors just make sure you let the paint dry you do have to be more careful about washing them though if you do use the puff paint but it's okay I don't mind slipping around they're not too bad so they're the slippers if there's any questions about this pattern just please put it in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible or leave it as a comment on the blog and I will have that link below so that you can check out the written pattern also you guys have a great day and I will see you next time you

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  1. I absolutely love your video! So well explained, I haven't done it this way before and i"ve been crocheting for over 6 years. Perfect explanation of everything!!!!! 🙂 Thank you so much!

  2. I am woman’s size 9 shoe. I followed to a T and these were huge! I did end up pulling the last two rows and doing a reduce to curve the heel. Nice tutorial less the sizing being off for me. I’ll be mak8ng another pair with stitch reduction for the top of foot and less one row. Thanks.

  3. i have been trying to make some slippers, and have failed, with your tutorial i have made many pairs and they are fabulous! They are so easy to make and they are warm and comfortable! Thank you so much for making this video! God Bless.

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