How to #Crochet Baby Dress – #CrochetGeek Tutorial Angel Wing Newborn Pinafore

This tutorial is going to be a remake of the baby solomon’s knot dress I will be showing this dress with four ply yarn and a size H, 5 millimeter crochet hook please leave a comment telling me about your crochet baby dress pictures can be shared on Google+ and my Facebook page we will start by attaching a slip knot to the crochet hook take the loose end, wrap it over the main strand, now you have a loop take the loop, wrap it over the main strand put your hook below the center strand, back up the opposite side this creates the slip knot I will be working forty-two half double crochet I will be working the foundation half double crochet If you’re not familiar with the foundation half double crochet work a chain of forty-two and work forty half double crochet across I’m going to work a chain two and this will be the foundation half double crochet


  1. It would also be very pretty with the Hobby Lobby, I Love This Yarn, however I have no loyalties to any one brand and many different types will work. The wrap test is 9-13 wraps per inch, 4 ply worsted weight.

  2. It is the same except for an extra row of half double crochet that I added to the top section, just before I start the knot stitch.

  3. This size is estimated for 9-12 months. You can make it smaller by using a smaller hook, yarn or both.

  4. Thank you Emily. I have a Crochet Geek community on Google+ where you can share pictures of complete project or you can share a video response here on YouTube.

  5. me gusto tanto que lo guarde y apenas pueda lo hago, tengo una nieta en camino que nace a principio de setiembre, muchas gracias te bendigo

  6. Thank you so much for this video. You are an amazing teacher. Are you going to post the written instructions for this dress on your blog?

  7. I star doing the dress but, when you said that on the second row will be 60 st. I have 63. I am doing something wrong?

  8. You may have worked a few extra increase stitches. You can adjust the count on the next increase row by skipping 3 increases. Make sure you count so it ends up close.

  9. me gustaron muchos los vestidos y la sueter de bebe, tengo una nieta de 2 anos y otro en caminos me gustaria que pusieran para hacer chalecos para niños de diez a catorce años

  10. Please tag me @Crochet Geek with pictures if you have made this dress.  It's quite alright if you don't have a picture, describe to me how you made your dress and what kind of yarn you used.

  11. They are pencil grips. You can find them at your nearest department store or order them online. I also use flex wrap to take up the slack on the smaller crochet hooks.

  12. Ty what is flex wrap and where can I find that? Very much appreciated. Started this last night. My 1st attempt at clothes. Didn't realize so easy:-)

  13. Flex wrap is that removable tape used for injuries. Some folks find it in animal stores. You can find it in the first aid section in Walmart, CVS or Walgreens.

  14. Hey can you tell me what size is this one and how can I make it bigger or smaller, changing the hook size maybe?

  15. Hola. Por favor por favor. Pordria hacer este mismo vestidito en español por favor. Siempre logro hacer sus proyectos aun que esten en ingles. Pero en este video desde que ternino el circulo. No entendi como seguir. Porfavor. Esta precioso este vestidito. Se lo agradeceria muchisimo. =) gracias.

  16. Where do I find the rubber things you have on your hook? I have cramps in my fingers and I believe these would benefit me a lot! Thank you.

  17. no hablo tu idioma pero el idioma de las manos habla x si solo sumado a la nitidez del video lo comprendi y lo estoy aciendo mil gracias !!! desde argentina

  18. I am trying to make this for a 12 month size can you send me the number stitches for that size.  i have to increase on my own but am having dificulty. 

  19. Hey! I liked the video and subscribed I would love to get the written instructions for this dress if its possible could you plz help me out? Thanks. 

  20. Awesome video! I'm a beginner, trying to work my way up;) Your instructions were really easy to follow and I love how the dress turned out! I used a smaller hook to make it small enough for newborn.Thank you!

  21. Strange thing its not getting straight like urs when I did it. its getting flounces all over it. I wonder why?

  22. hi! If I start with 130 chains, then the row 1 I still do as "*HDC in next ST, 2 HDC in next ST, continue across from *", right? 

  23. Hi Crochet geek I luv all your patterns thanks for sharing
    My dress I'm stuck on row 7 ok here's my promblem after making the 5 hdc fc where do you join for armhole
    My armhole looks big

  24. Written instructions for crochet baby dress Camille.  This is a different version from this baby dress.  Included are the left and right hand free crochet tutorials.  Crochet Geek blog has additional free crochet patterns.

    How to Crochet Baby Dress Camille CrochetGeek Crochet Geek

    Left Hand Crochet – Baby Dress Camille CrochetGeek Crochet Geek

  25. excellent mam… ur videos are easy to follow and very much helpful..beautiful dress… i wanna make to my cute little angel …she's just 4months

  26. I would love to make this dress with #10 crochet thread. Is it possible to convert this pattern for thread?? Please email me , I would be more than happy to pay you for this. Thanks so much Kathy ([email protected])

  27. I have made 4 of this in different colors for my niece I just love this pattern I'm making another one right now with shoes and headband.
    Thank you for sharing

  28. cuteeeeeeeeeee baby doll dress! <3 wow!!!!! My easy crochet bow video…. and please subscribe!

  29. I love this pattern and dress. I'd want to make it for my daughters chritianing what yarn do you recommend/suggest I use? I don't want a heavy dress, quite the contrary I want it light and flowie, if tou know what i mean.

  30. hi, I m from south Asia & here weather is too hot…Can I make this pattern with crochet thread?

  31. Wow ! I am 64 and this is a new for me.(the back loop tip for the increase)…Guess an 'old gal ' CAN learn a new trick ! Much Thanks (* – *)

  32. hi I have made a few of these dresses following your other video, and they turned out lovely, but how can I adjust the patter for a smaller or bigger baby? it would be lovely to figure this out. Thank you 😊

  33. i'm using yolanda's bottom part of the pattern she said she used your bodice can i get a written pattern of this Thank you

  34. Theresa can i get a written pattern for the bodice, Yolunda said she uses your bodice for the dress she made, i can't find, i made the dress quite a long time ago. Thank you

  35. Awesome thank you. Your speed is perfect. For all the people who don't think so there is a pause fast forward button.

  36. This is fabulous. Netting? Macrame? It's just adorable. Can't wait to grab the perfect color for my neighbors new baby. I secure my ends like you on nearly all my projects. Prefer it.

  37. Hi, I started this beautiful dress, but i found the other dress in white, are they different? thanks for all yours videos you are the best

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