How to Crochet A Baby Dress Any Size — Part 2

Here I close row twelve crochet the last three double crochet in the
third chain slip stitch. There is the slip stitch I will make a slip
stitch I will make a slip stitch in the previous stitch I release the chain I take the chain that I left loose and there I formed one chain. The first and crochet two more to start row thirteen here I crochet two double crochet there are three formed with the chains. Here the fans unite without a chain crochet one two three double crochet of the next fan with
five chains I need one more chain and in the same space
crochet the next double crochet and in the next stitches two double crochet
separated there it is and we are going to continue each fan like that until finishing row thirteen here I am going to close row thirteen. Here I have five chains and slip stitch in the third chain there it is finished. I will start row fourteen So not to release the stitch because I have
to crochet two stitches before slip stitch I turn over the work. Slip stitch and in the next stitch and the second stitch I turn over the work on right side and I start
with three chains four chains, three double crochet and one
chain of separation and one double crochet one chain and single crochet in the middle
of the fan. One chain after the single crochet lets crochet six double crochet in this space
separated by one chain I have three four five and the last six here we have only two one chain and single crochet in the space
that we have here. Don’t forget the chain and crochet the same six double crochet with
a chain of a separation in this space. this row fourteen that is the same as row sixteen. Lets finish row fourteen This is where I closed row fourteen crochet one, two, three, four, double crochet
and one chain slip stitch in the third chain of this two that we have here when we start the row and
slip stitch one space. Here we start row 15. with two chains two double crochet with out
closing I have one two and I close with one chain here I continue with the fan. The next fan will unite here. I will not make a chain separation and we take the space of one chain in the
middle of the two double crochet I have one stitch make three double crochet with out closing. I have two. I have the third. and here I close it. One chain. We are going to have two chains of separation continue in each space. The three double crochet without closing. I close it. One chain. Like that we crochet the fans and without a chain when
the two fans unite it is how this row we made here just like row seven. This is row fifteen lets finish it. Here I am closing row fifteen. i make the last two chains. Left are four groups of double crochet and here we
have the fifth one made. after the two chains slip stitch in the same
space that we crochet the stitch that we close. There slip stitch Here I mark this space I make eight chains I will start the dress in this space. Eight chains I will use five fans for the sleeves. Here I have two and two and this one is five. And I have them marked here also five fans for the sleeves because this same work is being used for the
dress You will have the option now. Lets start the skirt just like we started
the neck area Lets start here in this area. Lets start the skirt here we determine how many fans the skirt
is going to need. You will see how how to increase the skirt. You will have the idea how to increase the
size. you will make another row. You may repeat the rows also. I recommend you can repeat the rows from the row eight from row eight
so you may make another row one more row more so may make a bigger size here I made the eight chains In this space a single crochet because I will cut the yarn the single crochet and I cut the yarn I will take this space with this one. Crochet eight chains here and I make the eight chains. And with the single crochet i take this space slip know the knot in this space we cut the yarn I have made eight chains I have the five the five fans and single crochet crochet three chains for the double crochet that we need and two
chains of separation we crochet in this space. A double crochet we are going to start the
first row of the skirt two chains in the third chain a double crochet two chains and in this space where we put the yarn. there
a double crochet. there we have four double crochet. Counting the first three chains. Two chains of separation. en like that we continue two chains the double
crochet. Here are the two fans I take away the mark. Here are the two fans This is the first one that we are counting
this double crochet this four are for the fan that start from
this space Here we have only one. Two Two chains three and four make four double crochet in each fan and two chains of separation to start the
next four double crochet just like we make each fans. This four double crochet with two chains and
two chains And in the eight chains lets crochet four
double crochet. Just like this till we finish In this space. It is the first row of the skirt Here I finished the first row. lets say that this is the row in between two. To start the skirt. Now lets start the first row. This is how the the space will be that we
close here of row sixteen of two chains slip stitch in the third chain. And this is the space for the other sleeve let me extend it ok I will start the first row. Crochet three chains crochet two double crochet in the chain space
and one in each double crochet of the two space. Two double crochet in each space and one in
each double crochet. that is how we finish the row Here I finished the first row. In total One Hundred Forty Four. this is row number one. We will have eighteen fans. Here we start row number two. that we did in the neck area we start it here. row number two. and we continue like this
until row fifteen so you have the instruction till number fifteen here is where we start the skirt. the first of the double crochet here where I have the marker is row number
two Here is where we have eighteen fans. Here we finish
the first row. the first row. this one of double crochets this is row nine. to start row nine row ten that we have here marked. Row ten we crochet three chains two single
crochet , three chains and two single crochet separated. Number three chain. and two single crochet together this is number ten. here we need to have twenty
four fans. this is only in the skirt and in the neck. It is done when you crochet row ten which it is this
one left over the four double crochet of row nine those four double crochet of the whole row you will distribute in whichever space skip
without crochet here we skip three stitches and four in one
space skip the second the third and fourth more
advanced four stitches skipped in different space to
have the twenty four fans here we arrive at row sixteen here i finished row fifteen here we have the blouse. two rows of the blouse
and two of the skirt in the first row of the skirt. we have eighteen fans. In the second we have twenty four fans I close row fifteen and we start row sixteen only one slip stitch this finishes row fifteen turn the work only to slip stitch slip stitch turn the work to the right crochet five chains in row sixteen of the
skirt. Five chains double crochet, two chains, two chains of
separation. this row is number eight two chains it has four double crochet in each fan. until slip stitch in the third chain. that we have in the first chain space that you knit is number sixteen I closed the row under which dis number sixteen and I started row seventeen. It is just like row one, and row nine. lets finish row seventeen two double crochet. In each chain space. and one double crochet in the double crochet
underneath Like that we finish row seventeen here I finished row seventeen. this is how the dress has grown it is not to its length yet it looks long because it is extended on the
table lets start row eighteen row eighteen is going to repeat like row ten
and fifteen in this third row we will repeat it. Here where I have my fingers is the third
row third row has thirty two fans each motif of fans if composed of nine double
crochet every nine double crochet you will make one
fan and in one group of chains that we have here
and one fan with nine double crochet this is the third line and where marked is
row ten of repetition by my calculations left over will be eight
double crochet you decide if those eight double crochet you add a fan or a complete motif from this
space to this space left over is one. You may make it using these nine double crochet left over. Just count nine double crochet for each motif one motif is from the chain to this space
here Ok this mark here is row ten of repetition is where the start of each fan I have arrived at row twenty three. The third row of the skirt we have thirty two fans. turn twenty three. I will make one last line of fans. It will be turn twenty four to thirty one. for row 24 and 31. let repeat row eight to fifteen this is row eight to fifteen. Lets repeat to have the last row of fans this is the progress. lets finish the last row Just like I explained from the third row before. It is the last turn four Here you will have forty three fans. You will make it with nine double crochet depending what you have. You will add or skip the stitches Personally for me you may add more fans depending
on the double crochets you have left over if eight are left over. Make one more fan here I finished row thirty one. I will not add nothing else. You may add any feature you like I like it like this here we have forty three fans in the last
row here I did single crochet here under the sleeve. I will leave it just like the skirt here one slip knot just to start the a single
crochet under the chain. Three single crochet in the space It is two chains. So it wont be tight crochet only three single crochet and one double crochet
in the space of the double crochet here I finish only the chain to this space I close and cut the yarn Here is the other space and it is finished Here it is so that it will have more support crochet a small edge in the neck the only thing i am doing after single crochet
. skip four space or four double crochet two double crochet in the same space of three
chains and in the same space two double crochet skip four stitches and I do a single crochet skip four four double crochets this is to reduce the neck area and give it
form because it does not give the correct turn
that is needed. It all depends on the thick of the yarn You will see the space that you need. Depending what you will use In this space only slip knot to start slip stitch and cut the yarn the other stitch will help to tie the two this is the neck you may finish with a single crochet here it is finished I put a flower for decoration. This is the dress. It is beautiful and fresh. I hope you like it and enjoy You may crochet in a color and size of your
choice. You decide. Thank you and a Big hug for all. See you in the next video. Thank you!!!!


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