How to Cloth Diaper | Basics

hey everybody welcome to my channel I
just wanna make a quick video today to actually talk to you guys about starting
cloth diapering I know a lot of people when I started looking into it they get
a little bit overwhelmed with you know where to start
what to do one of the best things to do is honestly look into different types of
diapers see what you know sounds like you’d be the best option a lot of people
want convenience and when you want that convenience what you need is probably
more like an all along which this is actually above ingenious free time and
sorry if I sound sick I actually have two rossette allergies today and it has
the insert you know so in that way when you know it’s dirty just tossed in the
hamper and then don’t have to worry about it until you go to wash with that
being said the next step to that is probably a pocket diaper this is
actually an Alva pocket diaper and pretty similar to the all-in-one you
don’t have you know like a cover how you have to take a prequel which is this and
a cover which is like a plasticy material that is waterproof and another
type besides the pole would be a whole cover
which a lot of times it has like a double layer to make sure that it
doesn’t leak out it looks very similar to like little underwear and you could
also pull it you know this again the prefold like you would with a the cover
which is actually just a Velcro cover this is a super whisper wrap and then
this one you could also you the fit which is just a bum ease fitted and
pretty similar to like the pocket diaper or the all-in-one has an insert and then
you also just you know just for added absorbent seat back to the pocket so
pocket is pretty similar like I said to the
you could stuff it with a prefold you can use it as a cover or you can stuff
it with microfiber I actually right now have a flower sex hole which is very
similar to like a flat diaper and you can fold it any way you use it like as a
pre fold it’s just that it’s just a kitchen towel
it really is you can use it as a pre Foley pre similar to this pre fold with
using a fast amount of snappy here’s a snappy instep the little claws single
claws on it and then when you’re not using it you actually are supposed to
put little plastic things over so that way you can’t hurt yourself with it
because actually also a diaper type called an all-in to which I actually do
not have and it’s pretty similar to an all-in-one except instead of this
interesting sewn into the actual diaper they actually have something very
similar to this which is the snap and it snaps into the diaper those are actually
very convenient because all in one so when you actually dry them they can take
a very long time because insert to sewn in and you can’t separate them from the
actual diapers so they take a little bit longer to dry with an awl to unsnap it
it dries faster and then another thing when you are doing cloth diapering is
you have to look at you know it can vary from person to person one person could
have a good routine and then someone tries it themselves and you get rashes
leaks whatever don’t really varies by person some of the few things that you
really need to look into when you’re wanting to look and find a good wash
routine is your water hardness the type of washer you have you know whether or
not you want to air dry drying a dryer the only thing about driving a dryer is
that if you know where the pole and out in the diaper faster which can you know
lead your diapers to leak more faster and another thing
that it can also wear these elastics down so really if you’re wanting
longevity out of your diapers you’re going to want to look into getting like
a line to hang up in your in your yard or like a drying rack you can actually
get drying racks pretty cheap on Amazon I can link down below where the one that
I have that I love I’ve actually got two one just days outside for like towels
for swimming and and then one I keep inside to have you know put the diapers
on them bring them outside let that being said when you want to wash your
diapers you want to make sure they are getting thoroughly clean which means
spring you know if you’ve poop unless – you’re breastfeeding your child if
you’re breastfeeding charges start right in the washer doesn’t matter water
soluble it will come off you might have staining but putting it in the Sun
typically takes care of that staining if your child eating solids or a formula
fed or whatever on cow’s milk whatever you’re going to want to rinse the poop
off first if they’re pooping if they’re just pees just over in the hamper not
worry about them you’re in loss priam also you’re going to want to buy four
sprayer or you can dunking swish which literally is just what it sounds like
you dunk the diaper into the toilet and push the football you have to be really
okay with getting messy and dirty and getting your hands in a toilet bowl I
did that for the first year of diapering and then once I knew I was pregnant with
my daughter I had to invest in a diaper sprayer because I was not going to do
that for – poopy diapers when you’re spraying you can also get such things as
like a spray pal the diaper diamond which is actually
what I have you can get it through the Rebecca Foundation or I think it’s $4
and then you pay for the shipping which is I believe another $4 so it comes out
to eat dollars I don’t know how often or if they always have them in stock on
their website I love it it’s very convenient
I also didn’t at home which I can actually how they do a tutorial for in
the future with like a clipboard and some folders that I got from the dollar
store it’s pretty easy however with two very mobile children
and then I’m getting broke so I invested in the diaper diamond because it just
looked more sturdy than when I had when you’re using the diaper diamond you
literally just slide it in and it’s got two slots got keeps watch on the bottom
two spots on the topping and it stretches the gussets out to where you
can get you know all go gets really really really clean I love it I really
do I would recommend it to anyone I have our having those people that I know that
cloth diapers so when you spray the diapers off you could you bring them out
and then throw them in the hamper and then it come wash they depend like I
said depending on the washer just you know everything that you you’re soaked
I know in a lot of the cloud cloth diaper groups like on Facebook and stuff
like that they don’t recommend certain detergents like I think all is one of
them a Green Mountain diaper soap is one of them and Charlie’s I know for sure
that Charlie’s has caused some babies to end up getting ammonia burns because it
doesn’t clean them properly so I definitely I stay away from it
personally because I I don’t want that it’s awful
oh and what you want to do after you have all your diapers together and
you’re ready to do wash you’re going to want enough diapers in your washer and
enough water in there to where you have a stew and not a soup I know that was a
really hard concept for me to grasp when I started clock laboring you want to
stew meaning you want and you don’t want chili either so you don’t want like so
many diapers inserts white wet bags whatever you use in there to where you
aren’t eating enough agitation to rub the diapers and then same thing with the
soup you’re not doing enough education let’s do is you have enough diapers in
there to create like excuse that consistency I’m sure we both had to do
before slickin what I’m saying I loved you but I still
for the longest time could not figure out for my washer the best way to get
that consistency of the wash I have a very cynically washer it’s an
80 with machine so it doesn’t fill up more than about a quarter so I can only
fit about 20 neighbors maybe on a good day in my washer to wash them when you
wash your diapers however you want to do a pre rinse so it’s going to be a
shorter cycle on your washing machine and then depending on the soap that you
use I actually use pure X baby soap because I love the way it smells and
it’s safe for your koalas not saying you have to use the baby safe soap so you
don’t have to use your after you you can you don’t have to you can use tide you
can use certain gain so really anything that you you can use the regular Purex
but really anything that you use for your clothes typically and you can also
use for your cloth diapers I’m in a link actually probably below the group that I
first joined when I first started cloth diapering I’ve been doing this for going
on almost three years I have two children that are in cloth diapers right
now hopefully soon only one trying to potty train and they actually also make
cloth trainers so if that’s something that you have to do in the future you
going to still continue your Kloster me and then for your main wash cycle you’re
going to want to make it your longest cycle of your washer which is typically
like the full wash cycle so so with that you have to make sure you let you to
really just do some work research on you know google cloth diapers and then you
know the type of machine that you have what I would say though is really really
stay with your Pinterest because they have some awful paper recommendations
you’ll have to wash them in hot it’s not necessary
um I recommend washing them originally on cold I wash actually
all the whole cycle both cycles on cold because it actually helps release the
stain so I really very rarely have I mean this this paper has stains in it
but that’s because I just really don’t care thanks are going to saying they’re
going to get pooped in they’re going to get beaten so with that said you’re
going to want to go to your shortest cycle for the for the pre-wash and then
your longest cycle for the main wash for depending on depending on what soap you
use isn’t it depend on how much you can use for each typically I like to stick
with the for the pre-rinse are going to want to use about half a cap and then
for the main wash you’re gonna wanna use a whole cap so depends for actually the
Pyrrhic baby wash that i use i have to use for the main wash this kind of a
week or soap I like I said I just really liked how it smells it smells like a
baby for the pre wash you’re going to want to use a half a cap but for the
soap that I use I use a full cap and then for the main wash I use a cap and a
half so there’s that you’re also at depending on the water heart that you
have you’re going to want to maybe use borax or Khaldun I used borax for a long
time and I along with many other people actually had the problem with it making
your diapers smell like a swamp really gross
so I sister Calvin I use the cat pool Calgon tears I actually live in Texas I
was a desert like the water is really hard here in my if I don’t use the full
cat pool for each wash then my kids start getting rashes and burns and it’s
no bueno anyways with all that said I’m sure
there’s stuff in this video that I didn’t cover that I will probably make a
video in the future to turn in help everyone’s house for now if you have any
questions feel free to leave a comment below they’ll subscribe leave me a
comment let me know what you think what you want to know and I’ll make another
video in the future I

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