How to clean your menstrual cup, period underwear, and cloth pads


  1. Awesome vid, Hallease! This is just an extra tidbit to the information you've already but Pre-Soaking!!! Every girl/woman should know about pre-soaking. Game changer. It will save SO MANY of your undies lol. Rinse with hot water and soap to get as much of the period stain out as possible. Then you can follow up by throwing them in the wash with regular detergent (of you prefer). But definitely pre-soak if you're using cloth pads, period undies, or have had an unintended oops in your regular undies.

  2. I never thought of peroxide for my cup. I used it on my cloth pads but I'm going to give the soak a try on my cup. TFS!

  3. I bought a Saalt cup at Target and the wash from the Saalt brand as well. I really like it, but I do leak while using the cup. I gave up on some period panties I bought, but I may try them again with the soak you mentioned.

  4. Makeup wipes/baby wipes also help with discoloration. But your way is more sustainable. I'm going to try it.

  5. This is a great video that I needed aroud this time, Hallease! I have one question. Do you empty your cup out in the toilet before you take it in the shower to clean and reuse, OR you do it all in the shower?

  6. I'm always going to watch your Menstrual videos because that search page is hella white. I really believe you are giving women of color permission to explore healthy options.

  7. I had no idea they made washes specifically for cups. I've just been using an unscented soap but I'll have to check that out. Great video 😀

  8. Your locs are gorgeous!!! Also good tips. I like the menstrual cups. I'm so glad I made the change. It only took me 5 years, and a coworker to help me make the change 😂😂

  9. Lord… I’m sorry but I’m a female and I cringed watching this. Ladies it’s 2019 use a pad 🤦🏾‍♀️ I could NOT be pulling out a bloody, clot filled cup. Why lord whyyyyyy.

  10. Just purchases the SAALT cup, and they recommend using alcohol wipes to disinfect if not using the wash or boiling.

  11. I had to stop using my mooncup because it dislodged my IUD (super painful experience). I switched to cotton pads and have been alternating between cotton pads during the day and period panties at night. The panties take up a lot of time.

  12. I've recently cycled back to using my Diva cup. I wash it with mild soap and use a baking soda rinse at the end of my cycle. I also occasionally boil it as needed, sometimes once other times at both ends of the cycle.

    The last few years I have primarily been using Tree Hugger cloth pads (and cloth liners when I don't have my period). They're super comfortable.

  13. I'm so fascinated by the menstrual cup mainly because I can't use one, but it's fascinating none the less.

  14. Thank you for sharing this video! Before today, I have never heard about any of this. I can't wait to share with all my friends here up in Canada. You look quite well, by the way. Keep on posting. Thank you!

  15. I haven’t been using peroxide even though I knew I could. I will now though. My pretty pink cup is stained. Ew. 😂 💗

  16. Hallease,

    This is my first time watching 1 of your videos and I came here after getting a notification that beleaf in fatherhood supported you on Patreon.

    I appreciate you sharing your methods and I look forward to trying the peroxide soak because one of my cups is yellow and got stained after the cycle of use. I'll definitely be checking out more of your videos (my hair is loc'd as well).
    Random suggestion, when I clicked the more info, I saw the address you have listed looks like a home address I would highly recommend getting a PO Box.

  17. Another way to soak cloth pads or period panties is with water and some oxy clean. Using cool water can help as many say hot water (for soaking) can set in protein stains. Give a good rinse. You can use a fels naphtha bar (no more than $2 in the detergent aisle) to rub on tough stains to help when washing. You can also put your cloth in the sun to get rid of stains (worked beautifully with shadow staining when I cloth diapered). Finally, if you have hard water, using a water softener like borax will help your cloth not become full of hard water minerals over time, which can decrease absorbency. I could go on, but I won't!🤣

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