hey guys today I am in the car with some other lovely humans hi where the story goes I'm Kelsey my name is Becky and they are my former bosses fun fact look a lot of you guys didn't know that I haven't been full-time youtubing for very long at all it's basically been four months and before that my job was working for Kelsey and Becky I would edit their videos and they were lovely lovely bosses to me it's like kind of cools when I started working for you I had you know like 20k subscribers or something and for like my application to them I said there's a really shitty DIY video the job and then you got like too big on YouTube so you quit that's cool though not mad yeah they're like before I'll let you quit you have to film a collab video with us I'm Kelsey and Becky are very talented at building like advanced furniture advanced apartment things now you guys know I moved into a new place like two months ago yet it is still a pile of clothing that's it'll be like yeah oh yeah it is no matter how hard I try to Marie Kondo my place it's just clothes everywhere I say job clothes are your job though not mad that's my excuse as well so today we are gonna build a double decker clothing rack hold all that goodness and hopefully get me like a little kick start on my apartment makeover yeah yeah any little push I've been very nervous to start filming it because I feel like it has to be like perfect but so right now we go right outside the Home Depot we're gonna go grab some supplies and then get to DIY in all right they're already getting distracted by the plan this is what happens when you bring the sorry girls to Home Depot we got some knotty pine also got some penetrating wood stain Leah we're gonna get screwing so here's all the supplies we picked up for three-foot black steel pipes and 241 inch black steel pipes we got these cut to size and threaded at Home Depot a 2 foot by 4 foot piece of knotty pine 40 converters for flanges six 90-degree elbow connectors eight closed nipples for wheels I got lockable ones so my rack wouldn't roll all over the place but you could also get regular ones that are a bit cheaper 32 three-quarter inch flathead Phillips wood screws dark wood stain and poly a wood stain applicator or you can just use an old rag if you have one and latex gloves because you should always use protection kids first step we are going to stain this wood a dark color to match kind of like this detailing in my apartment so they told me to like get some soup hands and rest of my wood piece on before we stain it so in future to access the sides of the wood we're gonna what we have like maybe you know if you have something that you're not gonna eat with later but it's fine payer pop it open our stain this is actually from my past career as new dog professional joint roller how do i stroke hello from the exact same position we just move the wood over here to dry and here's a quick reminder of what our pipes should look like when we're done assembling them there are two horizontal bars to hold the clothing and then four vertical bars that attach to those and keep the whole thing upright so we go out steel pipes which unlike the copper pipes that I've got my other clothing back out of those are copper pipes you have to glue them together these ones come threaded which means that they are like basically all little screws so we actually don't need any glue which is really convenient and will hopefully make it really sturdy so the hardest part was honestly just buying this material and now we just have to screw it together it's so easy oh well hold the words of a fool easy was it was it not missing a nipple since there's two bars like how are they gonna go together like to be rotate it like 80 degrees and like flip it vertically horizontally like they go together in the right pattern after about an hour of assembling wobbly prototype racks rewatching sorry girls tutorials and wishing me had paid more attention in AP physics fulcrum it's not a thing this is the best solution we could come up with so first steps would be to add your end pieces onto the middle bar and the top bar and the reason this is important is because these are the bars that are holding all Bash's clothes we want them to be the strongest because they're gonna be hold in the most weight in order to get these weight-bearing joints extra secure we use longer rods to gain leverage and rotate the joints till they were nice and tight then we screwed in the vertical bars all the way to the T connectors okay so now we get to the final joint which is the trouble child of our family as my mother always told me now ideally you would want to screw in these final two pipes clockwise so that they both tighten the bottom and top joints at the same time however the threads on these top joints run counterclockwise so it's impossible to screw them in that way instead we had to compromise by rotating our pipes counterclockwise which connects the top joint but loosens the bottom joint we only rotated the pipes a couple times so that each end of the pipe was half way threaded like 50% screwed and on the top and 50% screwed in on the bottom I don't know if this makes any sense but I promise if you build the clothing rack you'll understand what I'm talking about you can so at this point weld or glue these half-ass joints together for some extra security better she is 30 okay Wow problem-solving and then we attached the final vertical pipes which luckily screwed in easily without having to solve an SAT level geometry problem I mean coach three two one go literally just literally here's the username and password it's been hard to rotate this tiny little piece the correct way because there's like not much leverage here so we're gonna attach it to the frame and then just like use the leverage of the feet to link oh there she goes yes yes Wow this is our workout I need to frost it when you have to I mean and then we're gonna repeat that process or more accurately tells you to repeat that Wow Kelsey our resident strong woman finishes up the other foot I'm going to give them our plank of wood another coat since it looks like the stains all settled in it's a little bit pale still so go get it ready for summer oh yeah have you ever seen sexier would actually know what is that Oh actually mrs. the joke all right our wood is drying it's looking nice and handsome brace we're gonna screw on this Julian back to the base and then underneath that we're gonna put some wheels and give you life can we just quit YouTube and start a furniture making company so we're gonna do pilot holes with a really small drill bit just so that when we put in our fatty here it doesn't split the wood because if you try to do it just straight into there the wood has like nowhere to go and then it just like cracks the wood but this way you can kind of make a hole for to go into you know you're going straight and this kind of like remove some of the wood too so it's not like building up pressure the first time drilling weight really yeah oh my guys might Bob this row because David broke my bed so I need you to like drill the hole again so I can put the dowels back together but I haven't used it yet hence why my bed is still on the floor [Laughter] we're running into a little bit of difficulty with the screws that are right behind this pole so we're just gonna do three screws on some of these holes and then four screws where we can if you are building this and maybe take into consideration that you want to try to push these flanges so that the holes aren't blocked by your pipe things yeah and finally we screwed on the wheels so the rack could roll rock and roll more like rock and roll oh oh gosh um we made sure that we offset the wheels from where the metal frame was screwed in on the top side so our screws didn't like headbutt into each other from opposite sides of the wood it's the final screw oh my god I think so many of those let's lift this baby over Wow I am actually so proud of this clothing rack it is by far the largest piece of furniture I've ever built but I honestly encourage you guys if you're new to woodworking or furniture building like me don't be afraid to give this a shot it only took a couple hours to assemble and it honestly feels really cool to have actually built something from scratch and that wasn't just like a rueful khufu fig from Ikea you know my apartment still is a giant pile of clothes but uh we put a little dent in it today I'll tackle that issue another day thank you so much the cozy and Becky for helping me out with this video if you want to see more of them they happen to have a youtube channel whoa that's crazy on our channel we did a third star challenge Ruby tried to thrift wedding outfits but we started with some pretty questionable thrift store items so head on over to our channel to check that video freedom now thank you guys so much also thank you for being like really good bosses okay see you guys next week bye


  1. omg I didn’t know you worked for Kelsey and Becky?? How did u manage to do all these things including college?

  2. I love your channel HOWEVER I rlly dislike these other two, glad you no longer work for them!! They don’t deserve your talents imo

  3. honestly??? ashley ur everything i aspire to be and every time i watch your videos i get so deeply excited about life and the future and existence and it's such a stark contrast to how my thoughts and feelings used to be when my mental health was worse and sjkhdjdfhs thanks man

  4. Around how much did all these materials cost was it cheaper then buying a pre built clothing rack ?

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