if you will my girlfriend Susan back with another video and today I'm going to be talking to you guys about how to become a ambassador but I had a friend in peril so please continue watching this video watch to the very end because I know you guys like to skip around and stuff like that like no stop asking the same questions basically cuz and I over repeat myself and it's just like you know I got time for that I mean I don't mind asking or like answering your questions but then it's like once it gets to a point where you're asked the same questions I have to make another video for it so this one is gonna be about all the questions that you have about how to become an ambassador and more information about how to get paid if I wasn't so clear on the last video where I talked about how to get paid from California Piro I'll link all the videos that I have from how to get paid from California Piro I'll link all the websites that I'm talking to you guys about in the description box and I'll link all the information I have in this one video down below so check out the description box before we even start getting into the video please go ahead and check the description box right now if you have any information about or any questions about the information whether relating to how to get paid more information about how to get paid stuff like that because that will help you guys a lot if you guys have questions I'm not like the CEO of halluf or near apparel so don't relate to me or come to me thinking that I'll answer every single question every little thing like I'm just the ambassador like I work there work there but I'm not you know I'm saying like I worked there but you know I'm not the CEO I'm not the president of hello hello from the apparel so don't look at me as that cuz just I'm never going to be that but yeah let's get on this video a lot of you guys always like to ask how to get paid from California pyrrole so how to get paid if you guys haven't already known how to get paid I will leak the video down below as I said but here's how to get paid once you already signed up and everything like that it's basically easier for you to get paid like that like if you haven't even signed up there's no way for you to get paid but if you have signed up here's how to get paid so California pure has sent me an email because during that time whenever I was an ambassador like the very beginning they didn't have this website thing that they have now where basically all your commission all your money will get transferred onto the website that they have and I'll have it listed from who clicks your link you know everything like that and uses your code so once people use your code ill list it and stuff like that and all that money that is listed on the screen will get sent straight to your PayPal I didn't have that but now I do have that but before when I had made the how to get paid video I didn't have that then but now I do so there's a new way how to get paid from California puro instead of getting like since um what's it called California pure I used to send emails asking what is your email so we could send your money to your PayPal or what's your paypal email so we can send the money straight to your PayPal but now they have a way to transfer the money like they have a way to UM what's the word like organize it where when people click it it'll like are to automatically like transcript on to the website or account of the website of your own account and then from there um once you have I don't know if they have a limit I typically probably think that more likely it's going to be just if you get people using your code and you have money on there you could just transfer it straight to your PayPal so yeah and that's that now on to how to become an ambassador if you guys are interested in being a part of the hata Forney apparel team you know I'm saying because we always need a little more people on the team so let's get on with that part of this video okay so how to become an ambassador it's really easy really simple I'll tell you my story and then I'll tell you other ways how to become one I guess if you don't know so basically a lot of people been saying that they have become an ambassador like without even really becoming one like they'll get an email from California Pio Pepe roll out the blue saying do you want to be an ambassador and I'm just like California really didn't do that for me California was basically on my Instagram timeline and um I was scrolling through Instagram I'm on business and then sorry yeah my camera had cut off if you see that it's kind of darker it's getting darker outside but as I was saying California um did it do that for me I scrolled through my timeline and I seen that Halla fornia was sponsoring people for I'm just promoting their brand on their Instagram but they didn't really say anything about like the little stuff behind it and stuff they just said who wants to be promoting our brand and they could get paid off of it so you know I signed up through that and Halla Fournier pure does have an Instagram I'll link it down below and all that so um I sorry y'all my camera had cut off again but as I was saying I scrolled through how my timeline da da da da and yeah so then from then I hit me up I think about a week or is it just a couple of days I can't even remember but they hit me up through email talking about okay we have your login stuff so basically I just logged in through that and I made an account and all so but they didn't have the website thing that they have now for all the new ambassadors but back in the day I guess you could say they only had the send me your email that kept emailing me talking about send me your email so I could send me your paypal email so I can just transfer the money through that but now they have a website for any ambassador so that they could just have a transcript or something like that like they could just transition all the Commission money that you're making and organize it into that and then all that money will go straight to your PayPal so basically that's how I personally got hit up by California Apparel I basically put myself on and yeah so I don't know what y'all be talking about saying that they hit you up first through email like I don't think so but yeah so basically that's really all sorry for the lighting all of that in this video it's kind of choppy I guess you could say because my camera be messing up sometimes but yeah thank you guys for watching this video and thank you guys for school Andre baby yes we already or actually passed 200 but I'm just now acknowledging it I don't know why but we're already at 215 yeah 215 last time I checked so from the numbers up like run it up run it up run it up baby okay okay let's get this one cake coming so I can do this giveaway for you guys and thank you guys so much watching this video as I said please go ahead and like coming down below and subscribe follow me on my social medias yeah I know what the drill is baby okay okay and yeah see you on the next video bye my love's


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