– I would say I definitely
follow this advice fifty percent of the time. The other fifty percent of
the time it’s quite impressive how ridiculous I allow
myself to look in public. It’s kinda like a game. (gentle disco-beat music) What’s up Socials, welcome back to AmyTV. I’m so excited to be back
in the office filming today. I just got back from San Diego, which of course, is also amazing. But, while I was there, I have
to say, I was a little sick. I mean, don’t be worried about me, but I was like just a little sick. I went out there for a conference
I go to every single year Social Media Marketing World, and I met a ton of you Socials out there, who were unafraid to touch
me, which is very sweet. To be fair, I warned you. I go to this event every
single year, and I have to say the first quarter of this
year was super super busy all the way up to this conference, so by the time I got there,
my body was sort of like (imitates Valley Girl voice) “Are we taking a break yet or not?” And I was like “not”. (laughs) And my body was like “yaah”. And I was like “but you don’t understand. You can like, shut down ma nostrils, but I still have to go
work, so like, do you see how we’re not gettin’
along real well right now?” Anyway, it was obviously
fine, we have these moments where we kind of have to power through. In addition to that, there were some people
that came to my session… I got a lot of feedback about confidence, and sort of how I was presenting myself, and how much, I don’t
know if it was just like, more than people expected, or it was more than the
last time they saw me. Not really sure, it’s always good to hear. So people were actually asking me sort of, where does that confidence come from. We’ve actually talked about
this on the channel before. I made a video called How to Be Confident. And I talked about a lot of the things that have helped me develop
my confidence over time. It’s not something I was born with. I think confidence is something
we’re always working on. And another thing, I was sick, and so I was really trying to
present my best foot forward, my best face, every single day, even though I was basically leaking, from my nostrils all the freakin’ time. So cute. It’s such a cute detail
for me to share with you. One of the things I
talked about in that video How To Be Confident,
was dressing the part. And I absolutely think
that had everything to do with why I was able to continue to present the best version of me at this conference, whether I was sick or not. But certainly cover up the
things that were not going right. So that led me to want to
sit down and talk about how to always look like
you are put together. Using the word “always”
here a little loosely because that’s what
people tend to say right. “You always look put together!” And I’m just like “Well I do
not always look put together but I am happy to do this with you.” And, try to look put
together most of the time, so we can keep up this reputation. So let’s talk about it. How do you always look put together? Before we get started,
I just wanted to ask you a quick question. Are you subscribed yet? To this channel? Yes, this channel. Mmm hmm, mine, yeah, Amy … I’ll wait. (upbeat music) Step number one: put pants on. This is probably not going to be an issue for those of you who leave the house on a very very very regular basis. We’ve been trained to put our pants on before we leave the house. But for those of us who
tend to be home a lot whether you work from
home or you work remotely, or whatever the case may be, sometimes there is an inner debate, should I put pants on today, not sure. I’ve had quite the debate
myself with this sometimes, because it just is so much better, when you can wear your
house-robe the entire day. It’s comfy, it’s warm, it’s homey. And, you know what, it’s magical in pretty much every way you can think of. But, if you always want
to look put together, the house-robe is probably
not the way to go. Sweatpants, certain types
of leggings and stuff. There are pants in your closet that are “putting your pants on”,
and then there’s like these are not real pants. These are not things we
wear to impress people. So I think you kind of have to just know, that if you’re trying
to look put together, then your gym shorts are
not going to pan out. I actually deal with this a lot being in an apartment building. I have sort of the inner debate of “Oh, am I going to
leave to go get the mail wearing my pajamas, or is
that considered the public, when I walk out my front door,
and I am in the common area?” Still debating that one. (upbeat music) Next up, face prep. I cannot, I literally
cannot move on with my life until I take care of washing my face. And so there’s sort of a
skincare regimen I think that you should always have. I think it just makes
you feel so much better when you sort of move forward in your day. And it’s gonna make
things a lot better later if you’re one of the
people that puts makeup on. You definitely need to have skin prep. I know that it can get so easy to like sleep in makeup, or not wash your face, or if you’re anyone, literally just maybe not even realize that there’s a lot of other
things going on, on your face that might need removing, like dead skin, exfoliating
things like that. So, it’s good to have a
regular skincare regime, no matter what that looks like for you, and I do it twice a day, but if you can stick with it once a day, I think that’s gonna help a ton. I know that at least if
I don’t have makeup on, that my face is clean,
and not just like gross, because if you don’t feel good up here, you’re not gonna emulate
that to anybody else. (upbeat music) Next, two of my dear, dear friends, include, eyedrops and sunglasses. Your eyes say a lot about how
you’re feeling, to the world. I have noticed this
because of how many times people have said “You look tired”, and expecting a positive response to that. There’s never a positive response to that. I wish people would learn. If I’ve ever said to you,
ever, “You look tired today”, I don’t know why you didn’t smack me, ’cause I feel like I
would never ever say that. Like, why would I think, “you look tired”. Is that someone trying to create drama, because they’re like “I feel
better than you right now because I put eyeliner on”. I only discovered eyedrops recently. I didn’t realize how much I liked them, until I started using them. It’s really incredible
what they do to just like, (imitates horror voice) make you look so awake. I don’t know what it is about
getting rid of the red lines. I try to be really careful about this, ’cause I do think there can
always be too much of a thing, even if it’s a good thing. And so I use different kinds of eyedrops just depending on what’s in them, something more natural
probably makes sense if you want it more often. I don’t actually have
dry eye, so it’s like, don’t do it that often. You cannot OD on sunglasses. This is the good news, I’m
here to share with you today. Sunglasses will literally
make you look fabulous, no matter where you are,
or what you’re doing, or how little you did to care for yourself before you left the house. Especially if they’re bigger, it’s great. The other thing is, I like these because they cover up my eyes,
like all around the eyes, and that’s very good for sun protection, if you’re trying to keep your face with less wrinkles than
God wants you to have. (upbeat music) Next, this is probably for
mostly the ladies out there. Practise your makeup profiles. So right now I’m wearing
camera-ready makeup, that took six hours. I’m just kidding, it
didn’t take that long. (laughing-crying) Sometimes it does though. I also have, just like
a daily makeup routine, and I have a “no-makeup” routine, which absolutely includes makeup. I don’t know who actually
has a no-makeup routine that’s not wearing makeup. We’re all actually wearing makeup when we say we have a no-makeup routine. Can somebody start saying that in public so that people can stop thinking that they can achieve the impossible? I have makeup on when I have
the no-makeup routine, okay? There’s caffeine in the
concealer, we need it. If it’s one of those things
where I’m like in a hurry, and I’ve gotta look put
together really quickly, I need to know what is my
routine for each of these things. It’s probably not going to
be a no-makeup day routine. If it’s like the daily routine,
I’m not getting on-camera, I don’t want to have too
much caked on my skin, I know exactly what I’m gonna put on for that chain of events. And that way, putting on
makeup doesn’t take as long. (gentle music) Next, you need to know your uniform. This is really helpful I think, for people who are always struggling to find something to wear, in
their closet every single day. If you have something that
is your go-to uniform, that you tend to get compliments even though it feels
very effortless to you, make notes about that, in your life. Like oh, “jeans, boots, sweater, people think I look fantastic. I’m gonna wear this every day.” It’s nice to have that uniform
so that if you’re like, “I need to look put together, but I’m just running an
errand” then, perfect. Then there’s sort of
larger-scale things, right? So when I speak, I tend to
wear the same thing every time. But it looks different, obviously, ’cause that would be weird. I like to wear a dress. I don’t prefer to wear pants. I don’t like the different camera angles of where people are
sitting in the audience, and what it looks like
when they take a picture of their favorite speaker on stage, and she’s wearing pants,
and the wrong top, and like things look out of proportion. Every time I wear a dress,
that is cinched at the waist, and below my knees, I am fine with every single
picture that is taken of me, every selfie that is taken of me. I don’t like to show cleavage,
I usually have a sleeve. Like I literally have a
uniform whenever I speak, so I know when I go shopping, there’s a dress I should try on, because that’s totally
my uniform when I speak. And so, you’ll just notice that I tend to wear the same
thing on stage all the time. It’s just different
colors, different brands, and it’s because I know what looks good. And I’m not going to be freaking out, like “what do I wear on stage”, when I have like seventeen gigs in a period of a few months. (gentle music) Next, you need to check the code. Basically this means if
you are going somewhere, and you are not sure what to wear, try to find some details somewhere. A lot of people I have met in my life, don’t check any details whatsoever, and they’re like “I’m
going to a birthday party”, and they will throw on their work jeans. And I’m like “Are you serious?” Rule of thumb, do not wear a light jean if you’re not sure what the dress-code is. Look into it, know the code, and then dress your uniform,
the way you like it, the way you look stylish, the
way you look put together, that aligns with that. And if you want to break the code, that’s completely up to you. But you’d better look on point! (upbeat music) My next tip is to have a dope-coat. When in doubt, especially
here in the mid-west, if you’re not gonna take your coat off, then it had better look
amazing, just like your outfit! I swear, a coat saves me
every single time I’m like “I don’t know this is a variable, I’m just gonna keep my
double-breasted coat on, with the nice buttons”,
and it always looks good. That way I know that, if for some reason we’re in a freezing cold environment, and I’m not taking my coat off, then I’m not like “Oh
crap this coat is so ugly, I wish I could show whatever I’m wearing ’cause this is more
appropriate than my coat.” Have a dope-coat! People on the west coast probably
cannot identify with this unless it is below 65 degrees. (upbeat music) Next is just to always
have a comfy shoe on you. I love love love wearing heels, especially if I’m doing
something that requires heels, like wearing a dress and speaking on stage
or something like that. But if you are going to
wear heels ladies, anywhere, really, just have the flats with you. They have the most amazing
technology of flats these days that just fit into your purse. So you should just always
have a comfy shoe with you, because you do not want to
end up in a situation where, you look ridiculously not put together, ’cause you don’t know
how to walk any more. Nobody wants that. (upbeat music) And, my final piece of advice to always look put together
is, to stand up straight. I sit at the computer a lot, so this is very difficult for me. I find myself having
to remind my shoulders where they’re supposed to be. And if you want to smile,
that’s probably a good idea too. But I choose not to smile
when people tell me to, ’cause it’s annoying, and I feel that I can look put together without a smile on my face. Maybe they should do something
to make me smile instead. But I’m gonna stand up straight,
so I look put together, and they just look like
they’re begging me for a smile for some reason. What is your go-to tip
for looking put together? I want to know, all the tricks. Put them in the comments below. Let’s talk about it. Let’s help each other look
fabulous all the time. (upbeat music) That’s all for today Socials. Thank you so much for tuning in. I appreciate it. As always, make sure you
subscribe for good vibes, and remember to continue to go after the life that you want. Cheers. (gentle music)


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