How To ➟ CROCHET FAUX LOCS πŸ”₯ (NO cornrows, NO wrapping, free-parting!)

hey everybody today I'm here to show you guys how I did my crochet faux locs so to create this pout I'm using these bullets right here I found these at my local beauty supply for like $2.99 a pack and I'll leave the link to the exact locks I used right down below and I'm gonna be attaching them with a Ledge hook so I'm starting off with stretched hair I did tie down my edges with a scarf beforehand just to make it a little easier for me to gather the hair around my perimeter so yeah I did that and then to do the faux locs I'm first sectioning off kind of like a medium-sized square piece of hair like that and then I'm gonna go ahead and make a plat while I'm doing this I'm making sure to keep the hair together as tight as I can so I don't have any slack and this just helps to ensure that the crochet LOC is as secure as possible so I'm not planning it all the way down I'm just going far enough so that it won't unravel and that's about an inch and a half to two inches down then I'm taking the latch hook and sliding that underneath the base of the plat I'm gonna take the linked end of the faux lock and place that onto the hook close the latch and slide it under the plate over to the other side now I'm wrapping the end of the faux lock onto the hook closing the latch bring that all the way through the loop of the full up and then gently pull it to tighten and secure it down to my scalp so now we have these two pieces and to make it so we have one uniform lock I'm taking the hook and inserting that a few inches down from the top right through the inside of the lock and then I'm looping that plaited piece onto the hook and bring that right through the lock so now my real hair is hidden inside the center of the full lock and you want to just keep doing that all the way down until the entire length of hair is contained inside the lock and when you're done it should look like this alright so I'm gonna do it one more time really close in so first I'm making my part and for the sizing I like to make my sections just a little bit larger than the size of the base of the lock so that's pretty much how I determine how big to make my parts and then I'm planting that section about an inch and a half down taking my latch look I'm gonna make sure it's open and sliding that underneath the plat attach the leaked end of the faux lock onto the hook close the latch and slide it to the other side now taking the end of the faux lock I'm attaching that to the hook closing the latch and bringing that through the loop I'm gonna pull that all the way through until it's nice and secure and flat to the scalp now to hide that plaited piece a few inches down from the top insert the open latch hook through the middle of the full lock and bring it all the way up through the top opening attach the plaited hair onto the hook close the latch and bring it down through the full up and repeat that until all of the hair is inside so each time just move down a few inches from the opening where the hair comes out and bring that latch hook up and through and when you're doing this you want to try to make sure you bring the hook up to exactly where the opening is so you don't get gaps that could cause your hair to come out of the full lock so yeah just keep that in mind when you're doing this and of course continue all over until the entire head is locked and Here I am all done so for this I used just under five packs of hair and it took me about four and a half just under five hours to complete so yeah I got this down for like 15 bucks and in less than five hours not too shabby at all in my opinion so yeah guys that is how I did my faux locs I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and I will catch everybody on the next video bye


  1. Good luck if your faux locs arent hollow… fucking rip😩

    Thats the only way this method works… mines are not hollow so i have unravel the loc to even get the needle through smdh

  2. You did a great job girl. Really enjoyed the video. Well for people whose hair is shorter than yours it wouldn't take so long to insert the hair between the faux locks. Something i would definitely try πŸ™‚

  3. Black women are magical creatures DO YOU HEAR ME!?!? I love every OUNCE of my melanin!!😍😍😍

  4. Gotta give you women that credit, that's so much work! I would have got pissed off and ended up shaving a chunk of my hair out because I was frustrated lol.

  5. Thanks so much for this tutorial, I have been struggling with hiding my hair inside the loc and I realize what I have been doing wrong. Thank you!!!!

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