How the Duggars Share Maternity Clothes | Counting On

– Yes. It’ll be great with
a growing bump. It’s pretty expensive
to buy maternity clothes. A lot of times,
you buy something in the first, second trimester,
doesn’t fit the third. So it almost feels like
they purposely mark it up higher, because they
know we have to buy different sizes so often. You could probably wear
that to the very end– – I don’t know about that.
– Cause you’re so tiny and cute. No. Probably not quite. It’s a lot of fun being
at the same stage. And I think each one of
us carries differently. And so there’s
gonna be stuff that works for one of
the sisters that’s not gonna work for another. So it’s just kind of seeing
what works for everybody. Oh, this one is my
absolute favorite, but it doesn’t fit anymore. You just wore it yesterday. My belly is getting big. And it’s coming up in the front. When you’re big,
pregnant, you just want something that feels cute
and elegant and comfortable. Most importantly, comfortable. But over the years,
we’ve all been collecting different items. So I feel like we have a
pretty good stockpile now. We can just start
rotating them around. You are so tiny. We could add elastic
to that shirt. And it would make
it look maternity. Yeah, the ridging, right? That’s what goes
on a building. Tearing down a roof. Tearing down a roof. Poofy. You have to poof the pillows. Has to do with clothes. Is that an English word? It’s probably like
tailoring, right? Ruching is where
they put a little piece of elastic on the waist
sides to kind of accentuate your bump, versus
you looking fat. That’s not maternity. So I was thinking maybe
you could just do the sides so I can make it that. Yeah. Jana is literally the– Girl of all trades. She’s the Jana of
all trades, instead of the Jack of all trades. So now, Jana’s doing
maternity alterations for the sister-in-laws and sisters. My pile’s growing. Probably the only part
that I enjoy about– well, not the only perk. I like being pregnant,
but I enjoy not having to suck it all the time. I can actually be
proud of my belly. Yeah. The skirt is definitely too big. Oh, that would be an easy
thing to take in the hips, cause you don’t have
those hips like I do. It really is
very surreal to see that my daughters and
my daughter-in-laws are, you know, my– my kids are having kids. And it just– it
is kind of like, I have to like blink and
think, wait a minute. I feel like I can
empathize with my girls, because I’ve been there. Being the one on
the other side now, not being the one in labor,
I want to be a prayer support encouragement for them.


  1. Of course they are gonna share maternity clothes. They are always pregnant. Most of those clothes probably have gone full circle.

  2. Ok this may be weird question but who is Tyler? I don't think he's a Duggar because his name doesn't start with a J but why is he doing a confessional? Unless his middle name is Tyler

  3. Those girls should be travelling the world, having the time of their lives. Instead their having baby after baby & it’s the highlight of their lives

  4. Sad this is what they are raised to believe. Only way to leave home is get married and have kids. Starting so young. Go from raising their mothers kids to now their own. No time to find themselves and explore the world on their own. Sad sheltered life they all have. Screws up their mind. I mean look at what Josh did. Not surprised with the way they are repressed. More like a cult. 🤦‍♀️

  5. I can’t help but feel sorry for the girls. It’s like they were raised to do one thing, to breed and birth babies. There is a serious over population issue and this “let’s see how many babies we can have” comes off cruel and inhumane. That’s just how I feel. There are so many children with out families in this world. To see all the girls pregnant just shows the lack of individuality that they CLEVERLY never allowed to have. Women are so much more then a breeding machine. It’s a beautiful gift but this life style comes off very cult-ish and wrong.

  6. They are all such pretty girls and looks beautiful in their lovely to share among themselves.and it's even special that they have a seamstress among themselves. Michelle looks so gorgeous.

  7. Funny, because everyone loves to say that Christians judge others for the way they choose to live but it looks like so do all of you 🙄

  8. I wonder if Jana gets sick and tired of trying to be happy for every girl that constantly gets pregnant but she has no choice but to be a nice sweet girl

  9. i feel so bad for Jana imagine sewing your younger sisters as sister in laws maternity clothes while you are forced to stay at home.

  10. Jana has some really good skills… she can cook clean take photos, make clothes, teach. She is good with designing stuff. She’s very talented and she deserves so much happiness

  11. You know, for all that 'home-schooling', none of the Duggar kids speaks correct English. For example 'sister-in-laws', 'Jim Bob and I's house'. There are at least 7 examples in this video alone, and it's so obvious that they didn't have basic grammar and usage emphasized in their schooling.

  12. PETITION TO GIVE JANA HER OWN REALITY SHOW. Like she's so resourceful and multitalented . She should do home makeovers

  13. michele eyes whenever she talk, as if she think hard the way to spin it. and the way she bought time by stressing every syllable, and her face in the end kinda like, this should be good enough answer right, right, should be fine right….please tell me im not wrong

  14. Jana is the family slave basically 😂😂😂 Also, on a serious note, I think it's fine to want a big family and all of that, but it truly seems like the lives of most of these girls literally revolves around only having babies and that is just beyond weird and sad.

  15. i love the duggar’s, but jana please move out. NO WHERE & I mean NO WHERE does it say you have to live with your parents until marriage in the bible!!!!

  16. Awww this it's so sweet that they can help each other like this. And yall need to stop saying all those awful thing about Jana, YOU CAN BE OLDER THAN 18 AND LIVE AT HOM AND BE HAPPY. And just because she is doing thing for them doesn't mean they are taking advantage of her. She travels and has businesses and does stuff on her own all the time.

  17. Michelle does not naturally look this good. did you see her in last week's episode where they went to devil's run?

    she looked hideously fat.
    tlc is just trying to bring them back on the air.

  18. People saying Jana does everything….she likes being involved. Look how happy she is with her sisters. When she's ready to have her own family, she will. Until then let her be happy helping them out in the most loving way. ❤

  19. JOY IS PREGNANT?! This are pregnant kids , I mean at that age u have not emotionally matured into an adult

  20. I feel like if Jana did get married her husband would be different more modern probably come. Family of 2-3 kids where the mom actually works and wore jeans and maybe short short skirts and shorts once in a while!! she would probably wait a year like Ginger or have one then wait like 3-4 years to ahve another and probably move out of Arkansas start wearing jeans get some certifications in design sale products like her cousin Amy

  21. Jana is gay just like the two sisters from Michelle, nothing wrong if she wants to keep this private 🌹

  22. Cute and elegant? 🤔🤔 two totally different descriptive words..its like saying I like being big and little at the same time..

  23. Poor Jana. She’s like Cinderella, the single sister taking all her married & pregnant sisters/sister-in-laws clothes. I so hope she finds a great guy one day. But I like that she didn’t just go for the first men that came her way. Good on her!

  24. Being pregnant sucked.. it’s uncomfortable, you’re sick all the time, you get fat, your feet hurt so bad at the end you can hardly stand…. I can’t believe this lady did that like 20 times

  25. Their life but they don't give their bodies enough time to recover before they get pregnant again. They also miss out on the attention they can give one and the joy of watching it grow. But hey, theirs lives

  26. Or you could just not go along with the whole "eat for 2" and not gain a ridiculous amount of weight. I stayed active as much as I could and didn't eat for 2 and only gained 15 pounds. I didn't need to buy maternity clothes.

  27. I bet the couples don’t see each other naked at all the only way they have sex is through a hole in a single sheet

  28. It’s sad that if one lady doesn’t have a husband or kids that people judge them as gay. Jana is the oldest and I’m the oldest out of three and naturally looked after everyone’s well being over mine growing up. One day she will realize it’s okay to do things for yourself and not feel selfish. I was overly picky as well and just didn’t even date for the sake of dating. I wanted a romance not just “a your available and I’m available type of thing” and I think she’s a romantic. I wish her well in whatever life she chooses.

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