How NOT to Make an Electric Guitar (The Hazards of Electricity)

Hi! How to make an electric Guitar: Well, I don’t know But from the Name of it, it’s just a Combination of Guitar and Electricity Here is the simple one I made Here is the basic electric guitar I made with 4 strings We can add more strings if you wanted to Strings are just wires stretched over a piece of wood, tied to nails on each end The wires at this end are tied together in pairs as you can see, and each pairs are attached to one of these cables Which we can plug them into the wall power plug *switching sounds, I presume* Please join me for the first time to hear how it sounds and one, two, three, four… *JOLT* *profanity* It definitely made me sound like a rock star Although it feels more like an electric chair rather than a guitar It is extremely dangerous to touch 110V or 220V powerlines You can easily get killed And believe me, nothing is worth touching a powerline When touching a powerline, a few different things can happen. If you are wearing your plastic slippers that isolate you from ground and then touch the live wire You still feel it, but its not too bad *shock* f**k! Because you are DC isolated, you re not AC isolated. As there is still some capacitance between your body and ground In some cases, due to the shock and the pain, your body can react fast *HIT* *pain* If you touch the live and neutral wires both its very dangerous because the circuit closes through your body Your muscles can contract, disallowing you to let go *shock* If the current goes through your vital organs like your heart or pen- Um, brain. You will very likely meet your Maker. *Heaven sounds by Mehdi* Darth Vader: I am your father! Margaret Thatcher?! The funny thing is that they use electricity to save a cardiac arrest victim *imitates defibrillator* Clear! S**T! What the F**K! If you are barefoot and touch the live wire, the current can again flow to the body to ground and kill you. It can also contract your leg muscles and make you jump *JOLT* f**k! F**K! Its a pity though. I thought I could share my artistic side with you AH S**T! *Intense swearing* *Banging* F*ck, I forgot to unplug the damn thing. It definitely made me behave like a rock star though Makes me think of the similarities. *rockstar rage* Its obvious, the problem is the guitar Don’t use the guitar *outro*


  1. I wonder what would happen if you climbed up a power pull and grabbed a hold of the live wiring with both of your hands??? That's about the same thing what your doing with 110v.

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  3. So this is the reason Rock stars have spiky hair all because they get electrocuted every time they hit string of electric guitar

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