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So there’s no kind of like bin
system or like drawers- There are two bins that I
had from college. Is this your nightmare? A little bit but it’s fine. Ok cool. Hi my name is Meghal
Janardan and I’m a host and video
producer here at Refinery29 and a self proclaimed
organization nerd. Today we are in the East Village
to meet with my friend and coworker, Sloan, to
figure out new new under-bed storage
solutions. Hi! Hello. Welcome, welcome. Thank you. Okay. So this is my room. You have a ton of stuff under
your bed. It’s definitely overflowing
and I feel like it’s this and just continued
under there. I don’t have a closet. Okay. So under my bed functions
as all of my storage space. So I have like a dresser and
I have a hanging rack. I have all of my like makeup,
all my hair stuff, shoes, all of my bags, a
soccer ball, sheets and towels. Why do I have so many pairs of
slippers? -decided that I wanted to craft
and then just gave up on that. Like I have a bag of
hair. It’s fake hair, don’t worry. Everyone calm down. There’s no real function
to it and it just reminds me how
like [crickets] I’m not a real adult yet. So how is everything
stored under your bed? So I have duffle bags, I have
a suitcase. Oh no it’s stuck. I can stick it on this. Like do you have easy access
a little bit to some things that you need? My system that I have in
place now is that all the stuff at
the foot of the bed are things that I’ll use like
daily or weekly. Things that I use on maybe
a monthly basis are easy access on this side
of the bed. More seasonal shoes, my
random ski bag that like lives in the
back corner. I also have a little window sill
right next to my bed. And I take a little standing mirror
and I’ll put that on the window sill, take
all my beauty products, I’ll put it on the bed. Another problem is that I have
a headboard but that my wall is not flat. So there’s kind of this like
magical dumping ground that exists back there. I’ll just be like, “Oh I have a bag
of stuff that I might need sometime.” Chuck it behind the headboard? And I chuck it behind the
headboard, yeah. I hope that we can find an
organizational system where I know A what everything
is and B where everything is and see
how to find it. My first thing thing that I
see is this funny looking device. We have a rogue eyeshadow
palette which worries me. Wait. It’s like pulling things through
prison bars. And it just keeps going until
just darkness. For Sloan’s under-bed, it’s
really a matter of finding a new home for all
of her everyday items so she’s not constantly
pulling things out from underneath. So everything that will be under
her bed are things she doesn’t use
often and everything that’s out
will be everyday items. Okay so I am back and I’ve
brought some organizing solutions for
you. But before we start, we got
to take everything out put it in your living room. Okay. I’m stressed. [laughing] Don’t worry. We’ll get
through this. Okay. Is that a dog sweater? This is a hot water- Oh! Your suitcase. Oh it’s open. Oh. [laughing] That’s a fan. Soccer ball. Ooo it is dusty back here. Oh my god. Oh my god. I think me need to dust and
wipe down under there. It’s pretty gross. Okay. So are you ready? Yes. Alright. [buzz] So first what we’re gonna
do is sort everything into different piles. We’re gonna put backups
for makeup and skincare in here and then in yours
we’re gonna put everyday stuff. Behind us trash and donations. Love. Cool. Okay. Let’s go. Besides your massive
collection of makeup and skincare, we have bags
and linens and yoga gear all out here. So once we’re done going
through all of this, we can move on to sorting
your clothes. Is this Tums or something? These are ears. A general rule of thumb is
to have a one in and one out system. So if you go through a mini
then you get a new one. Okay. Okay almost done. We’ve taken all of the clothing
off of your existing rack and put it on your bed. Let’s separate your clothing by
season. Summer clothing will go back
under your bed and winter clothing will stay
out. Is that all winter? Big winter coat. And just one more thing. Bag of clothing from under
your bed. Just dump it out. Yeah dump it. Oh oh. Oh my god! These are my- Wait, I’ve been looking for these
since I moved to New York. I’ve made it through three winters
without my gloves. We can finally move everything
back into your room. So we’ve sorted through all your
winter clothes so now we’re gonna put them
on your new rack. Yay, it’s so cute. I love it. What’s so great about this
rack is that it has extra storage. So we can highlight some of your
favorite shoes and purses on the side shelves and then
the rest of your winter shoes can go on
the bottom shelf. For your makeup, I got this
amazing clear acrylic organizer. This will keep your makeup
safe, clean and easy to find. I also got this super sleek
LED light mirror so you can do your makeup
right here instead of at your window
sill. Okay so now we’re gonna
put everything back under your bed. First the row near your
headboard. Let’s start with putting your
duffle bag with ski gear and your suitcase in the back
since you don’t use them as often. And then in front of that will go
your linens which are now in this new
storage bag which I love because it has
handles so you can easily pull it out. Next is the row at the base
of your bed and I got this really cool
shoe organizer that not only has divided
compartments it also has a clear top so
you can see where everything is. And then in front of your shoes,
we’ll put this storage bag full of all of your summer clothing. Finally at the base of your bed,
will be these baskets. One with medicine, one with
electronics, and one with backup skincare
and beauty products. Now I’m gonna make everyone
come over and I’m gonna be like, “Look under my
bed.” Lastly, the nook. Since we moved your bed
to the other side of the room, now you have way easier
access to it. I got these tall and narrow
hampers that fit perfectly into the nook. I can’t believe that you were
able to take all of the just like junk and madness
and organize it. Like every single thing
has a home now. The new hanging rack is
my absolute favorite. If I have to look at my stuff,
why not highlight it in like a really beautiful
way. I think we ended up with
three bags to donate, a few bags to recycle, a bag
full of terracycling. Yep. It’s just a lot more spacious
under your bed. We’re done! Woo. I get to go to bed now. Thank you so much for
watching. To watch more, click here. And to subscribe to
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  1. Well I definitely would not use under my bed as storage…ever! If you believe in feng shui it doesn't provide positive chi (flow/energy) through the room.

  2. I would have switched the bed with the hangers etc. It triggered me because of the gap behind the bed all the time! 😅🙈

  3. Honestly if I had a room that small I would just ditch the big bed and get a twin, or a loft. I know it seems childish but it would free up a lot of space

  4. I love this! Great to see different spaces being utilized. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a closet or storage space.

  5. when they started putting stuff back under the bed… there was dust or fluff or something…. Sloan is hot…. that bed is weird for a room like that… I cringe putting stuff under the bed if it isn't in a covered/sealed container… hate bug surprises….

  6. her room wasn't so bad, she actually had a good amount of stuff but she just didn't have enough room to store it lol

  7. I cannot STAND things under my bed. It could be because I have cats but man… I hate that shit. I mean, I understand she doesn’t have a closet but dang I would be getting a huge dresser! Ha ha ha! But this was a great solution for space!

  8. I would of put the bed where the dresser is and then gone to IKEA and bought one of their wardrobe and put it where the bed was.

  9. I'm in awe of the organizer's talent because I had no idea how anyone would be able to work with that size and shape of room, but she did it. It also motivates me to reorganize my own bedroom because I have a lot that needs to go to the charity shop. I love videos like this <3

  10. Sometimes a have the feeling that Americans don't know how to live in smaller space (and this room seems pretty decent size). And just like in this video they don't know how to storage when they don't have a walking closet or any kind of existing closet. It is very strange to me when I'm watching this types of videos

  11. I wanted them to move the drawer into that hole in the wall. I think it would’ve been perfect there. Or at least use that wall to put shelves. The bed would then have to be over where the drawer was too. Like a whole switch.

  12. I've been trying to do this but everything just keeps getting messy again! I gotta work on keeping it clean.
    You guys did such a great job! Decluttering really makes you feel so much better.

  13. Why is she putting linens under the bed? It seems like she reclutteted the room all over again,but just put things in boxes smh.

  14. just… if summer clothing is going under her bead this means that it's more or less winter and they're in tshirt at home ? It shocks me so much this is so un-ecological. It's a huge cliché about the us but it seems pretty accurate that you just put the heater full on to be able to dress in tshirts all the time that is so bad…

  15. i'm very surprised she didn't put a thin shelf behind her bed or hooks on the wall for all those things she chucks behind

  16. You couldve switched the bed and dresser so the dresser could fit perfectly in the little gap where you put the hampers

  17. My relatives judged me for not cleaning my room when I was in elementary and middle schools. The words just sarcasticly traumatized me. So be nice, guys.

  18. thought the host did a really nice job, the room looked so cute and peaceful at the end! love the rack she picked out too

  19. Still more organized than my bedroom tbh (I also don’t have a closet….or even a bedroom really, don’t come for me)

  20. I'd get a bunk bed and just sleep on the top bunk and have the bottom as a place for desk/storage. But maybe that would feel too much like a dorm…

  21. Her wall can actually be used as shelf's
    Get those detachable racks and just place a board over them to create a shelf
    Thats if you arnt allowed to damage the building itself

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