1. I am the geotextile manufacturer, Feel free to ask me any questions! I can answer any questions about video!

  2. You just demonstrated the layer used in Mechanically Stabilizing Earth like they do on road subsurface for ramps and main roads as well as retaining walls.

  3. I am not a huge fan of geotextile fabric as rock will net you the same result and is cheaper and easier to obtain, at least where I live.

  4. Geotextile can strengthen soil so,it usually used on road building.Also geotextile can be used with geomembrane as protection layer.

  5. I used silt fence which is made of geotextile fabric, but much, much, much cheaper. Created a gravel path through a mud hole, giving me a nice path to the river.

  6. We use this fabric for 2 uses where I work. We lay concrete storm pipe & drains. If we are setting a manhole for example & the ground is to soft or wet, we put down a layer of fabric, then stone before setting the concrete boxes. They also wrap the connections (bell & spicket sp?) ends of every pipe to prevent dirt getting in the pipes.

  7. Very Nice Demo! Soft soil will ruin anyone's day and especially for a long term solution to avoid down the road nightmares.

  8. First be sure to put holes in the bottom of the pool (like 2ftx2ft) or better yet break up the entire bottom so it doesn't hold water. Then yes 2 layers, with about a foot of dirt in between, and at least a foot of dirt over the top layer.

  9. Hey I am filling my pool, would you recommend two layers of fabric? Too at what depth do they need to be and how much dirt between the two layers of fabric?

  10. hI Man what is the Geotextile Brand that you're using? it great the performance! nice

  11. @BobcatNinja2124 NIce i dont like the cat pattern but i think thats because im use to the deere controol pattern. thanks

  12. @fishproet The fabric is way cheaper. We would have had to truck in sand dig the old dirt out, mix the sand in and put the dirt back. And it probably wouldn't have even done much.

  13. We use that stuff heavily out here as well as geogrid where we have thick pockets of silt and clay silt that is to costly to excavate fully. Usually with permanent roads and non-permanent haul roads we dump large shot rock like 6" minus limestone works awesome.

  14. Great job, Geotextiles are the only way to go in those kinda of conditions. did you endup punching some holes in the bottom of the old pool ???

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