1. Well certainly better than the Lancome that I just previously watched 🤣 Kinda glad I got this one then even though it's much more pricey!

  2. OMG! I LOVE your Skirt!!!!! Where did you get it PLEASE.???? Thanks for the video, really want to try this one

  3. One year later and 4 trips to Sephora for this foundation and we still can't figure out my shade even with a tester. Buying 2 different shade is totally out of the question because this is actually $99 at Sephora. Urrrgggg everything look so pink or orange on me or ashy. The shade 4 is perfect yellow but it's too light for me even I packed on the bronzer. I love love the finish of this. I want it soooo bad!!!!

  4. I'm SO glad I found you, I'm an extremely oily skin girl (I live in PR) & I trust your reviews…thanks & keep it up!
    Btw, more drugstore please!

  5. Hi Sharon, you keep saying your favourite foundations are double wear light and another one but I can't make out what your saying (sorry, my ears!) lol. I'm getting married in July and would love your recommendation on foundation. My skin is pretty identical to yours. Thanks! Chloe x

  6. Thanks for this review. . I'm a fellow oily skin girl. I saw a bad review on this, so your review has made me reconsider. Good video, Sharon.

  7. Does anyone with dry skin have tried it ? I wanna buy it but I don't know if it works , help meeee pls

  8. Thank you so much! I'm a new sub with oily skin. I haven't found my holy grail and go through one foundation about every 3-4 months. I've tried both high end and drugstore. So far the best on my skin has been Mary Kay Matte and Doll 10 gel foundation. But they still aren't it for me. I have a couple months left on the Doll 10 so I'm doing research through YouTube. I think you're beautiful and I enjoy watching you. I also enjoy Thrift thick who I am also new to. The others I used to watch didn't have the challenges I have and you both do and your both a joy to watch! Sorry so long 😬

  9. I've been trying to convince myself that i don't need that foundation, like baAAh my mac studio fix is fiiiine, who needs such expensive foundation, it's not that gooood… but now i see your review, the only person with oily skin that i trust in this community and i'm like GODDAMMIT >:( I NEED IT

  10. Oh you're Australian, I thought you were Scottish 😂 I'm planning on getting this for my birthday, I've heard great things about it, hoping it's worth the price for me, I'm from England and it's £40 here.

  11. New subscriber here, I just bumped to your channel and realized we have the same skin type. I might be able to find a foundation that will actually work on my oily skin. ❤️❤️

  12. This is my 5th time watching your foundation reviews. Im on a marathon haha! Just want to let u know that your reviews are really helpful ☺️ btw does this foundation oxidize?

  13. Oooh, you've convinced me to try this one out! I have just ordered it online from Myer with a 20% discount (wooot!), can't wait to pick it up and play 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Hi Sharon! I also have combo/oily skin and would like to know what you think of the new double wear water fresh foundation:) thank you!

  15. Hi Sharon, can you share where you got the shirt? Also, can you do a tutorial on your overall make up look? Thanks! X

  16. One more thing…Sorry to be a pain. You mention that you'll try it with various primers and powders; which have been the best so far? And do you still use a moisturiser? Thank you Sharon.

  17. I'm struggling to get the redness on my face covered with this. Should I use a concealer too? If so, before or after applying the Power Fabric? Cheers. P.S. Have been using foundation brushes to apply this with.

  18. I have officially become obsessed with your reviews! Could you please review the Nars Velvet Matte Tint?

  19. Have you tried the Lancome teint idole again at all? i know it didn't work out well the 1st time but I wasn't sure if you tried it with any different primers or powders.

  20. Does the foundation have flashback? I really want to use it for an event but I'm scared I'm gonna end up white. Someone please tell me if it does!

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