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it's Victoria K I'm finally back with another video and I'm back here at ISA today with the triumph hall and as you can see behind me I have some very beautiful holiday dresses I want to show you today something casual too super fancy along with some very beautiful shoes that I cannot wait to show you if you love any of the dresses that I'm about to put on you can refer to my description box right below I have my link along with my code listed there for you so you can get a discount and I'm about to head over to the dressing room and show you my first dress it's my first holiday dress I'm dying to show you because this is my favorite dress out of all dresses today even though every single dress I'm about to show you it's so beautiful but I really love this dress I don't know what it is about it but I really love the color it is actually a rust color and it also features the v-neck and long sleeves and it just hugs your curves so perfectly I just feel so elegant in it even though it's a casual dress but this dress is definitely my favorite I love it so much here's my next holiday dress for you and as you can see it looks very festive and I think it's super cute it's actually a lot shorter and what's so cool about the stress is you notice the mesh design and it also has an hourglass design to it I really feel like my my waist looks like really really tiny in this dress which is nice and I also love the little you know gold beads that it has and the glitter all over it's definitely a holiday dress I would not wear it to any other occasion and this is my last dress it is the highlight of today's try on haul showing you holiday dresses this is a very very elegant dress this is perfect the New Year's Eve as you can see it features a very beautiful sequins design all over the dress and it has long sleeves and a turtleneck it's a very very elegant and it's just super nice and you notice the back of it covers you completely so in the front it's very sexy you have shorts that come with it and then the back is completely covered so you can feel comfortable I also love the fact that the back material is very stretchy very flexible so I am not uncomfortable and then the front is a lot more fitted but this dress is everything and I loved wearing it as you can see thank you so much for watching everyone I really appreciate it I hope you loved today's try on haul and these beautiful dresses as well as shoes if you loved any of them you can just refer right below in my description box I have my link there for you along with my code so you can save and please don't forget to give my video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and I will be back very soon with another video


  1. ..and your first beginer outfit in this video is absolutly BEST!!! So natural and very very sexyyy..Damm your black leggins it's supersexy!!!! My good….. D D

  2. amazing!!, I can´t stop watching those curves, no wonder she makes every single garment look so good 😛

  3. Hello my dear godess…u good looking with anydress..!U move & walk very very sexy..! I love u..

  4. You got a superbly-built shapely figure anything and everything you wear fits you perrrrrrrrrrfect my dear

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