I honestly feel like a little sunshine ball especially at my age where I carry my own a heating system 24/7 you can wear our yellow chandeliers at the same time celebrate what you've got however loose it might be no I have not been drinking hi everyone and welcome to nifty after 50 and today I am yet again for the second time doing a H&M hole and you've missed the last one I shall pop the details up above but I was passing by I was going to say miss Bruce to get a pint of milk and then I saw big red lettuce sales no lettuce as a not salad lettuce so I had no choice but to go in and of course I left with the largest bag that they could find in a shop the majority of the stuff that I bought is in sales so if you are new here I am a crazy mama Grimes 57 year old who every Sunday posts fashion homes and then on Wednesdays I tend to focus on other things like Beauty anti-aging like self motivation self-confidence I also recently introduced a very important series on my channel dedicated to women women of all ages and my first guest was Amanda and I will pop the video / Bob who shared her 10 stone lost journey if you are a woman who has gone through hell and back and comer the other side please share your story with us it can be absolutely anything from breaking up with a boyfriend to gained through a divorce to suffering with mental illness the podium is yours please drop me a message all my details are down below I want to celebrate women of all ages and help others to overcome their obstacles please send them my way anyway today it's all about fashion and it's all about saving some bucks so let's start and the first on my agenda is this little penury penury tap now there is no such word send your raita inspired top so this origin was $14.99 and it was reduced to 10 pounds okay I might have to pass this one on to my daughters but in the meantime I'm gonna have a damn good go are trying to make it work so it's got these little delicate straps and also what I really liked is this got this kind of bow arrangement then we've got these fabulous sleeves and because there is nothing better in life than creating outfits I've done it again I paired it up with perd parrot pairs is what you eat a pair pair it up my English is getting worse please help please comment down below if you know good English teacher anyway going back to the skirt much made in heaven I hope so again in sale from twelve ninety nine to ten pounds so an abyssal bargain and it's got this huge slit at the front but of course you can wrap it round really tight if you do not wish to flush your legs 11 as some of you know are used to compete in pageants and I will leave the link upper bar so I'm partial to lead a bit of a chandelier and you probably one drink chandeliers what are you talking about woman I'm referring to very large earrings which go absolutely perfectly because green match is green it's even the identical shade just in case you're watching me shout and accusing me of mixing the shades we do not mix in this hole we style so let's put the whole outfit on and let's see if I should be swinging from the chandeliers so that you can't see me rather than standing around with the camera right but you know let's do it so here is senorita mama Grimes and if the ball spotted me now I think I might be in trouble so I've got this leg slightly sticking out should you wish to of course you can cover it up this actually has got a little side but I've hidden that because I've got a bow here and the truth just was not a good look otherwise so I think in terms of styling I haven't done too badly what do we think and what a bargain most importantly and let's not forget a very important addition which of course I forgot which have now remedied be it it took me about five minutes because I tell you a story I was born in Poland and when I was 16 we did not have ear piercing services like we do now so what did I do I got my friend to disinfect a needle this is how crazy I was but at least I was thinking straight you know hygiene all the way and she's actually pierced my ears but what it means now is that I always have to disinfect them because if I don't then they hurt and they go Pasi and disgusting so don't do it claire's are very good at doing ear piercing this is not a promo for clothes I promise bah all can we just check them out definitely agree chandelier can we just check out the coordinated colors green green red red if you'd like some styling tips from Mama Grimes please message me and at a cost of hundred pounds an hour I shall give you my expertise no not really you know I think I'd have to pay you hundred pounds to listen to my styling tips there is a place for a 57 year old kneeling and speaking to the camera thinking that she knows everything about fashion but can I just say there again it doesn't matter what age you are fashion it's like an adventure it's like a story in the next outfit or maybe all class in demure but let's not kid ourselves how likely is that but I just think that fashion is like art you can paint it whatever color you want so girls let's experiment and of course sales is just the best time to do it anyway let's get on with the next outfit and now to the biggest bargain this one yes I will show it to you be patient but I need to find the label first gosh why do they hide them Shirley itself they want you to buy down there $34.99 215 pounds more than 50% off it's this Paisley little jumpsuit it's got quite tight elasticated arrangements so you know you could go braless if you wish but you've got the support these are bow ties I think no bow ties is what men wear when they dress up okay whatever please comment down below but this gives you flexibility to also wear a bra because rather than do what I do which is use my hair to cover my bra straps this is ready-made for me it's quite I'm quite loose on the okata Rooney wear it kind of looks like you might be wearing a nappy but hopefully I can carry it it off and then we've got a kind of 3/4 wide leg but I was attracted to the design this screams Liberty Liberty Liberty and if you yank and you don't know who Liberty is it's a very posh shop in London and unless you've got thousands don't go in so I'm gonna recreate Liberty design at a bargain price this one is definitely a keeper for me again it may not be so flattering on the waist but you know if you wanted to I suppose you could introduce a belt but it's kind of nice and voluptuous around your bosom area the little bows do exactly what they supposed to do which is cover my bra I love it because the trouser leg is extremely wide and makes all the fresh earth float from down below to up above and you know in this weather we need a little bit of a fresh flow of air I love it and especially if you remember this was the bargain one why are you throwing your hips around oh my goodness me I did a stretch class the other day and I found muscles that I did not know existed so let's check out the top half I've sat down on the stool I cannot balance I'm sorry my stretch clearly not helping me yet but I just wanted to show the top part so obviously you can lower this and you can you know I've got a brass so we better not flush it but you can make it SSS I probably wouldn't want to do that would you oh you probably wouldn't want to do that either or you know or just be normal but try be normal you know both normal is boring also the bright colors intermingled with classy blue and navy I think it works beautifully especially with some orange accessories yep orange earrings that's what I need those earrings by the way bargain price three pounds I literally have them in every color and whenever I wear them people always comment and as we on the subject of a romper suits we've got another romper I just lurk fuchsia my favorite color if you don't follow me on instagram please check me out kasha underscored Grimes as I very recently posted another fuchsia number as I really believe that it doesn't matter what age you are where the color that represents you and you know some days I'm in a fuchsia mood and some days I'm looking a little bit gray but that's normally after I haven't visited my hairdresser for a little while and I don't know about you but bright colors really make me feel happy and extroverted so this is my safety curtain okay might not be a curtain it's a romper suit but regardless no I have not been drinking so apologies these colors are just going straight to my head and that's what they're supposed to do anyway going back to this so again it's in sales $9.99 reduced to five pounds all by the way I stopped one of the shop assistants and I said how long are these cells going to go on he said till the end of summer so girls those reductions will probably be even greater so just grab the bargain whilst you can for the third time back to this fuchsia beauty now I think you can wear this either way so you can wear it this way Oh you can be daring and use the back as the front I won't be doing that I'll stick to wearing it the right way but we've got these beautiful sleeves that's really what grabbed my attention the collar and the sleeves so it's a ruched arrangement so it covers my bingo wings probably not the most flattering things that I have ever worn fashion it's not just about looking impeccable every time it's also about comfort and in this weather I mean not that you'd go out with these bad boys but oh my goodness me honestly these sleeves are absolutely beautiful I suppose if I was a designer for H&M I would have introduced a little triangle up here because a female deputy let's face it you know it's it's a highly desired part of our bodies just in case you did not know I've just made it up bah I just think seeing a little bit of a bare chest that when I said their chest I'm not including these puppies I think it's really attractive on a female and also any male of course you know especially if you into Harry chess because I just don't like that kind of collar of course if you ladies with swan-like necks and long bodies this will look absolutely amazing I'm just suddenly not one of those but I think fashion is more about wearing what suits you rather than what age you are and what you shouldn't or shouldn't be wearing because this will look fabulous on a woman of any age it's just not right for me when I think so anyway you may disagree and if you do please comment down below as I'm sure you've noticed it's all about bright colors this summer and I love a little bit of yellow so I picked her up I just look at her she's all the way to the floor so now I need to worry about shaving your legs you can just literally cover up oh now you can't okay you've got a slit you can go bra less if you wish to oh of course you can show bra straps and covered it with hair like I do but it's just so feminine so summery it's got elasticated bond and as I set all the way to the floors I honestly feel like a little sunshine ball it's so comfy it's so cute it may not be a figure hugging dress ah think it's still very feminine it's value for money it's summery it makes me feel really bright and lemony hopefully not bitter lemon just a lemonade yeah I opted for that one and of course let's not forget about the earrings but guess what Misha's bought exactly the same ones I can wear our yellow chandeliers at the same time but they are actually really lies I mean they you know they frequent what do you want a bit of a yellow droopiness is all that I require and we know summer is all about letting it all hang out feeling comfortable and again I've got a little Paisley number I mean just look at the top arrangement it's so delicate but most importantly it's roomy so on a hot day what you don't want to be doing is wearing tight clothes that stick to you especially at my age where I carry my own a heating system 24/7 it's called menopause and gives you young ranges do not know what I'm talking about this is the kind of top that I want to be wearing day in and day out it's really cute because it's got this little hole at the front or opening as probably most fashion experts would call it so again you know if you're brave enough you can go braless but no no I don't think this would show anything so let's wait and see oh my goodness me how cute is this so it's exactly as I thought it's light its Airy you can wear it without a bra and literally feel the wind coming through and cooling you down ignore the loose skin ignore the bingo wings but you know aging is a process and we all gonna go through it so hopefully by not hiding my imperfections I encourage you to do the same and celebrate what you've got however loose it might be this is very subtle and of course if mine were not pointing downwards and were perky then you'd be able to see the cleavage but cleavage is missing on leap because mama Grimes's boobies are facing south so in case you one drink it's not the design fault it's my fault actually it's not my fault it's the nature's fault because that's what happens when you age and another bargain it's a salmon pink $34.99 220 pounds I love anything that shows the shoulders it's got this little bowtie arrangement quite low on the sleeve so probably braless without a doubt and then it's pleated and kind of below the knee but I thought pure class Breakfast at Tiffany's not sure what the material is but it's very flowy kind of chiffon I think that's what it is chiffon well done mama grand you know you're passionate vocabulary but I just think this screams summer evening maybe even a wedding I mean bargain price okay so I'm not sure do I look like Bank of potatoes because it's so shapeless actually give us a little bit of a classy sophisticated look as I keep on going on you know doesn't have to be tight in order to look good but I adore this neck arrangement also this dress is in size 12 and I'm a 6 to 8 so probably if there was a little bit less pleating I'm a kind of develop a slightly better shape but let's check it out close up if this does not give you parisian sophisticated classy vibes that I don't know what does but can we see I just when you can see the shoulders and then this little beautiful bow arrangement I think this is pure class and of course as usual I'm not talking about myself but for the prize that I've paid for this dress can you imagine matching hat or maybe contrasting no I think if you've got the salmon pink you need to stick to the same colors so matching hat matching shoes matching bag and you're blending in and no one can see you well as I said I'm no stylist bar I honestly think this would be a perfect dress for a wedding what do you think okay Papa Grahams would absolutely hate it due to its bagginess but check this out because I like to redesign no I am NOT doing a strip bar what do we think of this arrangement I couldn't like it because again it why does my shoulders and it kind of adds a little bit of uniqueness to it more if we tied it up at the front I think that may just be one bow too far but you know let's try it and let's laugh at mama Grimes okay you can see I can tie bows I've got two girls I really should be able to do instant bows but I'm gonna prove that I am a good mother and I can tell you bow okay I'm gonna check this out in a mirror katastrophe I think is the only way I can describe it I shall do a better bow arrangement and review it again what do you think now I think that's quite cute isn't it a bit of rearranging and redesigning and you could fool people they could think one evening she's got this dress and next evening quite similar but a different dress he's coming down below do you like the original H&M design or do you prefer designed by mama Grimes personally are opted out for the H&M original arrangement just so good to try different things I love buying clothes and then rearranging them and redesigning them and you know as long as I'm happy that's all it matters you found this a laughing at me them that's absolutely fine because life about trying new things and if you did something new every day you would discover successes know some failures and then I've got two more items no I'm lying I've got more got more than two that I'm not in sale but they are still absolute bargain and I picked this one up for my daughter Anya because I knew she would love it please don't shout at me because I love it as well animal print my favorite and what's wrong with wearing animal print at any age absolutely nothing girls you rock anymore print and so will I but I love the cat of it so it's quite risky at the front but it's got little poppers in case showing at the top was not enough you've got a little split as well but it's a very subtle split I don't think we're gonna be able to see anything and it's not too short hopefully all come just above my knee it's absolutely perfect you know you can wear it with flat shoes or you could put some serious black stilettos and turn a few heads so let's see if I look I should be in a jungle or on a catwalk it's really interesting how I have developed over my youtube journey because in the past I would have been absolutely dreading trying on a dress like this and almost apologising for wearing it as the time goes on I become more and more confident and I truly believe that you girls wear what you want not what other people tell you so what do we think we're showing it at the top we're showing it at the bottom but just above the knees I understand if this dress was like this which by the way hmm you should do this design can you imagine I quite like that actually like a little tutu skirt isn't it I could go and do some some ballet in it without flashing anyway so let's peruse it a little bit closer and yes it is flushing belongings that maybe some of us would prefer to cover and if you wish to do so all you need to do it's pop a pin and then if you don't wish to you can just undo this little pop and then it becomes a little bit more respectable but if you were a prime mother bra that doubles your boob size then clearly they're still gonna be on the show I've got to say when I did my last and first-ever H&M haul I fell in love with the beach where I saw this blue is again especially baby blue is one of the very new colors for me I know you Mother's with little boys may want to wrap them up not that boys can wear pink of course not if I had a boy he would be wearing pink because he would be wearing onions and misha's oh that's really sad what just said if you hadn't watched my abortion and miscarriage video I will pop it up above because oh my goodness me I'm so sorry it's huh well anyway thank you for the therapy so going back to this keep your composure together so I've got one like this in brown with a slightly different design but I thought blue ocean blue on holidays by the pool okay I've got it upside down so let's do it the right way and there it is it looks a little bit like a porcelain cup doesn't it but guess what it's probably cheaper and in spite of not being in sales it is $17.99 fingers reasonable for such a fabulous kimono and also look at the amount of material so you know per square metre you definitely getting value for money no slits no yes there is a slit what is a kimono without a slit come on mammograms you'd have learned that by now we've got a satyr little sledge and with this kimono of course I don't want to flash so I had to introduce a white swimsuit I love this shoulder arrangement and the little plastic circle think whatever it's called but it's padded which is great again this is another one that wasn't in sale but girls if you hang around if your holidays are not till sometime August it will probably well be so this one was $14.99 but I just thought I've never tried a top like that I think it's on trend and with it we've got a matching pair of pantaloons as I like to call them I know forgive me and they've got these matching circles so I shall wear this underneath my kimono and the question is will I look like a delicate little porcelain cup this is definitely beach and pool glamour at its best it's classy it covers you up if you want to be covered and I feel amazing in it now I'm not going to show you what I've got underneath because when I faked it down this morning I forgot my stomach you know it's quite a large area but it got forgotten it looks like a milk bottle so I shall leave it well on the wraps I'll give you a quick flush of the panties so let's analyze the bra I actually really like it I know they look a little bit shapeless and like kind of squashed and melons kind of look there doesn't seem to be much of a separation but you know what happens if I did bad oh oh let's check it out in a mirror I think personally this actually could be the new trend but you know what is the most important thing it's so comfortable there is no underwire yes as I said you might have a bit of a sausage going on rather than two peaches but you know I'm happy to be a sausage from time to time you may very well see me posing on my Instagram and just in case you haven't noticed it Kasia underscored grinds in this bikini on my next holiday which can't come soon enough sadly two more months to go but let's not forget this cover-up I mean come on ladies you gotta say this is a 10 out of 10 and yes I'm not marking myself astern out of turn just in case you fast forwarded and heard the words 10 out of 10 10 out of 10 is for this cover-up but most importantly for me finding this cover-up so again you can you can rush if you want to or you can zip up not zip up there is no zip or button-up if you wish true you can have it off the shoulder if you want to of course you could be normal and wear it as it's designed but personally I think this adds a little bit of kind of circle I've got to stop singing it honestly I'm so sorry thank you so much for watching and if you enjoyed it please give me a thumbs up and also if you think that there are any other ladies that would enjoy not sure that's the right word but who tolerate watching me and would like some summer inspirational ideas please share my video and just in case you did not know there is such function you can forward it to the email address or even to the phone and you know you can punish them ladies and gentlemen if you know of any other mature bloggers or vloggers or Instagram people that I could connect with because this is a really lonely world when it comes to social media for momma grimes that doesn't seem to be many up and are of a similar age to myself i wonder why i think there is a clue there but ignore it I'm not gonna go with the society stereotypes I'm gonna keep on waving that middle-aged flag trust me specially when you young life does get better after 50 and you know why cuz we've got rid of you well I have and I still got two of mine living here using me as a hotel of course and you get mortality time so look forward to Middle Ages and that's why I am celebrating it so here's again we've come to an end I'm sad you probably celebrating I see you soon bye


  1. Celebrate what you got no matter how loose it may be! lol LOVE HER!!! Thank you so much for this channel! I am 45 and this is such an inspiration for me as I am at a point where I am allowing my age to depress me. It is embarrassing to admit, but it is really affecting me. Your videos are inspiring me to live life and not worry about what age I am! Thank you!!!!

  2. Hey theree i m 16 and i come from poland. Tbh i dont really know what i m doing here cuz i m not your demographics haha. I m here cuz of misha and i really love fashion & people not being afraid of wearing fun clothes. I hope to see more poles dress and have energy like you. xoxo

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  5. I love your confidence I wish I had it lol you are simply beautiful and amazing. Never change. 💜 you mumma Grimes

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