HIP DIPS, ARE THEY UGLY? (Violin Hips on Women)

Hip dips are ugly. Or are they? This is, I suppose, the difference. Between someone with and without a hip dip. As you can see here… this person’s booty is big enough to cover up the dip. And this person being a bit skinnier, seems to be suffering the hip dip. The hip dip can also be seen here. (aka violin hip) As well as seen here. In fact this is making me wonder if I have hip dips. I don’t know guys, this kinda feels like a dip. So uh oh, looks like hip dips might affect the both of us. Even this chick has ’em and her body is fucking hot. This person thinks hip dips are ugly. I disagree. Another person who appears they’re ugly. I’m so confused, why is this a thing? Person has great tits, an inhumanly tight belly but that’s not good enough ’cause you have hip dips! “I’LL NEVER BE PERFECT!” Fucking deal with it! This person is complaining that they have hip dips and other people don’t. You know because they’re not fat, so can’t complain about that, they’re not disfigured, can’t complain about that. You’re not in a third world country, where women are often extremely oppressed. They don’t have a lot of other issues. So let’s fucking obsess over hip dips! What’s next? Your belly button isn’t belly button enough? Mean while this right here isn’t exactly hip dipping it’s more like muffin topping. And that shit is likely on you and your fucked up diet! Here we have to insanely hot bodies. But I’m sure they too will find something to complain about, because life can never be fucking good enough, can it? Just like you and your body, so imperfect till the day we die. Another women with hip dips get the fuck over yourself. This 18 year old hates her hip dips you know because she has fully functional hands, eyes that work, a voice box that works. She can hear shit. She is not paralyzed so she can move her other body parts. Doesn’t have diabetes! Or cancer! Or aids! She can afford her food! Got a roof over her head! But fuck it! Let’s complain about hip dips. Here’s basically the reason you hip dips exist; because of your fucking bone structure. I mean what the fuck you wanna do? Shove a metal plate in there? So you can finally be the image of perfection? Here is someone talking about exercises that can help you get rid of hip dips. Or instead of those exercises you can just get a fucking life. And learn to appreciate your natural body. Here’s someone who thinks hip dips are sexy. Five people agree with her. Another person who finds ’em sexy. Another person worshiping the hip dip. More people who call ’em sexy. Someone asking whether or not any guys like violin hips. Sweetheart, a lot of guys just want pussy. Whether or not you have violin hips is likely irrelevant to them. Hip dips are probably about as important to guys, as guys being able to flex their titties is to girls. “Oh look I have muscles in my tits and i can make them bounce!” Nobody fucking cares bro! Long story short; If I were with a woman who regularly complained about her hip dips after every time we had sex I would literally fill those hip dips with my cum and I would keep doing that until she stopped complaining hopefully that would convince her that her hip dips do not turn me off. You don’t like your hip dips, and you think they make you unattractive? Well encourage your boyfriend to turn those hip dips into hip lakes of semen. Maybe one day you’ll finally appreciate what you have and shut the fuck up about these stupid bullshit aspects of your body that you pointlessly obsess over. Before today I didn’t even know that hip dips were a thing, nor did I ever judge a single women for her fucking hip dips. Who the fuck even cares?

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