Here's How Real New Jersey Salt Water Taffy is Made – Sweet Tooth, Ep. 2

ready oh that smells really good you have to get that paper on here's your paper delightful you have to warm it up so it's warm enough to take the wax paper on wait what is this blue stuff the postman but gummy just have it all day kind of chewy chewy re to either stretch it's amazing get saltwater taffy so weirder taffy is a Jersey Shore original maybe they make it let's all I have no idea maybe I don't know we'll see you poured salt water in the mix there's got to be some sort of water involved right there's no actual salt water in the taffy it's a kind of legend from Atlantic City let me just give you a little bit of history on saltwater taffy but what are taffy was named by a guy named Bradley from Atlantic City he had a store on the beach and he had a product called taffy well one day this tide came up from Bruin dis candy and a little girl came up along and said you have saltwater taffy so that's how the name stuck to the taffy saltwater taffy I never taught water Chevy it's just good it's good treiber's has been here since 1898 and we've only tweaked the ingredients slightly everything that we make here saltwater taffy is made right here everyday and we run about 2,000 pounds a day when we make saltwater taffy it starts out with corn syrup that's your main ingredient once Happy's been cooked you have a hundred pounds of saltwater taffy that is non flavored once the candy has come into the cold room it's gonna be dropped onto a cold table once the candy has kind of spread out you're gonna decide what flavor it's gonna be it's gonna be a fruit flavor you're gonna add citrus acid you're gonna dig a little hole and then you're gonna figure out what color it's gonna be and then you're gonna put some color in there cover that back up once it sits and cools to the correct temperature then you're gonna move it over to the pulling machine the pulling machine is the cool machine that stretches the candy and it also is where you add your liquid flavor you pull the taffy so that you can actually chew it if you didn't pull the taffy it will go right to the roof of your mouth so you're always trying to stretch it to get air into it so you can actually chew it once it's done the pulling machine you're gonna put it back on the cold tables roll it up and then move it on to the machine where it's gonna be cut wrapped and sealed in the summer we have we've run around sixty flavors most popular flavors are saltwater taffy our chocolate vanilla and strawberry but right behind them are creamsicle watermelon blue raspberry they're all very popular my earliest memories of saltwater taffy are coming into this store as a child and watching the machines run and my grandmother mailing a box of saltwater taffy to some of her friends back home I can remember sitting and waiting and watching the taffy run and thinking this place is pretty cool as a kid so now I work here I love the smooth taste and how it kind of gently releases of you hopefully recharge now it's like you're just chewing it's not quite there that sneaks up on you you're like oh wait what is that Oh watermelon Oh peppermint you know like whatever the flavor is and you get that it's it's it's it's fun it's fun and delicious my name is John Gado I'm the owner of van Holten sweet shop along with a partner Bob Meyer we have two stores one here in Seaside Heights and one in Brick Township we make chocolate and candy and all kinds of good stuff we have over 60 flavors of saltwater taffy and you think what flavors we possibly have I mean we have just anything you could possibly want we have traditionals like licorice peppermint chocolate vanilla then we have some high quality flavors chicken and waffles maple bacon pumpkin pie chocolate chip red velvet I can go on forever I mean there's a ton of flavors if you like what you do you don't work a day in your life well for the last 7 and 1/2 years that I've been doing this I feel like I haven't worked I'm just having fun and look better than to be standing in a store on the boardwalk looking over the ocean every day it's beautiful my favorite flavor chocolate my personal favorite flavor is the white cranberry full second would be sour cherry half banana strawberry and molasses that's what my grandfather used to get us I love their pumpkin for the fall and root beer probably as a kid was my favorite I kind of like the root beer strawberry banana people have a memory you go to the shore you grab a box of saltwater taffy anything coming to the sources I was even younger than her and it's just like a tradition to come each time like a question towards the end they get saltwater taffy to bring home I've been coming here since I was a kid 50 years ago every time I'm in the air and I get that my grandfather would rush to give us the salt water taffy before my grandmother would yell at him Thank You Rocky when I was a kid so I grew up with it and I do love it bring back a lot of nostalgia and also reminds me I have a dentist that really loves that I enjoy


  1. Salt water taffy tasted so much different 40 years ago…..Two words spoken in this upload explained why "corn syrup".

  2. Does the New Jersey have a website to buy so yummy salt water Taffy ?? I never had salt water Taffy from new Jersey before sounds very delicious

  3. I love taffy I put mine in the freezer so then after you can easily take off the wax paper my favorite flavor is watermelon and creamsicle

  4. I love that stretching machine… but this stuff is just corn syrup, fake colour & fake flavour, is that right? Yech.

  5. Considering I've eaten salt water taffy nearly every day the past 3 weeks, this video speaks to me on a deep level. Right now I'm all about the rootbeer and smore flavours.

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