Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships – British Knitting Instructor Reviews Entries

what do you think of these heavy metal smithing well I think it's a fantastic idea yeah it pops up on my Facebook feed I just thought it sounded so interesting so unusual because he's taking heavy metal which has got its own set of sort of stereotypes and all sorts of things surrounding it and you've got knitting on the other hand which has got another set of stereotypes around it and you smooshing them together and it's you know it's just great populist and you've got all these young knitters and young designers coming up as well and we've all got different tastes and things so it's it's like a great way to just celebrate it you know to celebrate the diversity yeah yeah it's lovely I'm not sure I could manage that without losing stitches using some some sort of plastic II yarn possibly a Tom made of like t-shirt fabric and she's got massive knitting needles they're great and it looks like her stocking stitch which is just a knit stitch really so in your ending you've got two stitches you've gotten it and you've got a purl yeah I think he's just a stockinette yeah but I don't know how she's knitting with that it's like her like a vinyl or something which is a great idea because you've got the vinyl records while I you sir yeah how do you rate her effort I think she's amazing yeah I think this is what people think of when they think of knitting is but this is this is our meeting so they using a really fit yard it's sort of knitted to itself and then they're lifting out on the wrongs oh that's great I don't know how practical it would be you really don't need to so what are these thick Yuans used for arm knitting is a strange thing people have been using sort of merino yarn which is very loosely spun and their arm knitting it to make ROK's but I'm not sure how hard-wearing they are because actually it's the spinning the yarn that holds it together gives it structure and lets it be manipulated and stops it falling apart while it's being used so that wasn't a merino that that looked like a knitted yarn so it's probably a bit more hard worrying but I imagine he could make it a blanket or a throw with something I'd do something like that

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