1. It would look even better if you used blue color for the word blue and green for the word grass and red for the heart.

  2. Kind of annoying when people post video's and then don't stick around to answer questions from viewers. You might as well disable comments if you're going to do that. No Like. No Subscribe.

  3. you can look for silicone printing machines & silicon printing prosses. https://www.youtube.com/user/lussomachine/videos

  4. You can buy modge podge for fabric. Yes they are washable. But hang to dry. Also if you use freezer paper and iron on you don't have to peel off stencil until after you heat it.

  5. I had to watch this 3 times because I thought at first the "Black" lettering was a copy made off of a copier… then it finally dawned on me … since the video was cut off at the first (I guess) that you had already taken out the letters of the vinyl and was putting the glue in it… or on it.. That made sense! I loved your video and thought this was soooo smart… please next time show how you removed the letters first… Again, thank you so much for this great idea… 😉

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