HEARTBREAKING NEWS -Why Meghan Markle Rarely Wears True Maternity Clothes

[Music] over the course of her pregnancy the Dutchess of Sussex has in general shied away from off-the-rack maternity clothes instead opting for looser silhouettes from regular brands and favoring bespoke designer pieces it’s a choice journalist Elizabeth Holmes who is also well known for her popular number salmon ethought series about royal fashion on Instagram ascribes to a general stereotype that maternity wear is not stylish [Music] I think when it comes down to as there is immense it especially among some in the fashion community that maternity clothes can be from beer daddy Holmes tells Town and Country and I do think that there is a certain kind of pride that some fashion people taken being able to just avoid maternity clothes altogether died in the early stages of pregnancy that’s a fairly easy task to accomplish for example on last fall’s royal tour of Australia New Zealand Fiji and Tonga shortly after she publicly announced that she was expecting her first child Megan simply wore looser fitting clothing I think when it becomes more apparent that you’re not wearing maternity is later on in your pregnancy which is what we are seeing from her now Holmes says Megan has the rare privilege of being able to Commission dresses from the top designers in the world but not every designer is equally skilled at dressing a woman’s body during pregnancy the problem is that maternity wear and maternity bodies are specialty in the fashion world and understanding the dynamics of a changing figure and how each bump sits differently can pose tailoring problems and I think we’ve see some of that with Megan Holmes says [Music]

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