11 thoughts on “Hazel Tindall – on-line fastest knitter entry

  1. Oh, and purling ! My purling is faster than my knitting and smoother/easier , so I like it more. I can purl 60 a minute but not for more than 20 minutes because its exhausing 😀 How about you?

  2. Hi Hazel. What is your normal knitting speed for the hours that you spend everyday knitting, how many hours a day do you knit and are your muscles and joints ok with that?

  3. Hello Hazel… A) do you pull the right needle to the right after making a stitch or B) do you pull the left needle to the left? I mean after you have wrapped the yarn and want to take the stitch out.

  4. Hi Hazel, how you hold the yarn? Is there any video of yours showing that. I'd like to learn to knit with a knitting belt. Just beginning to practice.

  5. Thank you very much for the great video. I knit with English style and I was really surprised when I first watched you knitting on YouTube. Because I thought it was almost impossible to knit faster with English style, than with continental. You encouraged me to practice knitting faster with English style. Well, if I can knit as fast as you…..that's another story though haha.

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