Have fabric scraps?Here’s the way to use them up! | DIY Old jeans idea #HandyMum​ 【12】

Feeling sleepy after lunch…
But think of the works at hand, better finish it before break… Cup of coffee drive away sleepiness… Special thanks to the friends of Northern Akka who brought me homemade coffee beans Take some small snacks for refreshing
Good food always makes me happy… Here are some old denims that are collected for a long time.
Utilise some today! Today will be sharing a small project..
Hope you guys love it! For this time, you can make some changes on the fabric… Sew a snowflake on a side and sew a flower on the other… I live in a tropical , sizzler for all year round, warm, rainy, flowery, green, and fruity country… Although there is no winter,
but we still celebrate Christmas Quilt at the below part. This sewing machine has a quilting function
which can be using different pattern to quilt… I believe you had gain a lot of ideas
Want to know what to do with this piece of fabric?
We will find out in the next video!


  1. 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌝☀️🌞👌👍❤❤👏👋🇺🇦 Что то новенькое…. Благодарю Вас!!!

  2. Todos tus proyectos son fascinantes, a mi en lo personal me encantan, me motivan mucho ya que sufro de depresión y ansiedad. 💗💗💗💗💗

  3. Saludos amiga hermosa claro que todos tus trabajos me y nos encantan y asemos gracias por tu labor de enseñarnos besotes amiga

  4. Cada vez mais apaixonada por suas idéias e a sútil e delicada maneira de apresentar seus trabalhos!
    Nos remete a dias calmos e de muita paz …. parabéns e muito obrigada por nos proporcionar momentos de imensa suavidade
    Super nos impulsiona a fazer trabalhos artesanais com muita graciosidade, com a reutilização de pedacinhos de retalhos , incrível
    Forte abraço
    Bj no ❤️

  5. Very nice, thank you for sharing.
    What about the very sweet music? Is it JS Bach? Could you please let me know the title and the name of composer. Thank you.

  6. Кофе очень люблю. Люблю смотреть ваши мастер классы. Они очень красивы. Спасибо.

  7. O vídeo por si só já e uma delícia,hum com um cafezinho então já e covardia(kkkkk),fico abalada com a facilidade com que você executa suas peças.Mais uma vez muito obrigada por dividir conosco.Sempre te seguindo aqui do Brasil ☺️ 😉👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  8. The mystery continues. So cute. It would be cute, just as is as a framed art piece. Lots of good ideas. Thanks for posting.

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