Hand Sewing Stitches : Secure a Knot & Tie Off Thread

now I'm going to show you before we get started how to do two things that are very important number one how to secure a knot in the beginning when you're starting to sew and then number two how to secure and tie off your stitch here I have threaded the needle I put the thread in the eye of the needle and I always so double so what I'm doing here is I'm pulling the thread making it making it double so it's twice as strong at the end to secure knot what you're going to do is fold it in half at about an inch and a half so you have that folded in half you take your fingers roll it roll the thread together and then you can make a for make up like a single knot and you make like a four shape right so you know I'm just putting it over here weight crossing it over and then looping it through no so it's like a regular knot and I'm pulling tight and then I clip at the knot and clip the excess off and then you're ready to go on the flip side now let's say you've finished so this is your last stitch what you're going to do is you you pull it out of the fabric and then to secure the end and tie it off what you're going to do is just take a little bit of the fabric stick your needle in halfway and then you're going to put your finger on the needle and you're going to wrap around it like three or four times and you want those those wraps to go to the end hold it with your finger and your thumb and then pull through gently and then tighten it and then you have a knot and then you can trim it and that's how you end your stitch so that's how we always begin and end each stitch now I'm going to go into each specific stitch


  1. I know a bit of sewing, but sucked with making strong knots. The hat for my work uniform was falling apart badly on the back strap, so this helped a lot! Thank you so much.

  2. Good Lord!!!! I can't believe I never thought to double my thread in the beginning! And I'm nearly 40 years old and finally learned how to tie and ending knot! 😭😂 Thank you!!

  3. fuckin genius. a little technique can go a long way. thanks! informative nice n right to the point… literally

  4. Would have been nice if the resolution wasn't 90's quality. Can't even really see what you're doing at the end.

  5. thank you very much I just fixed a T-shirt with a torn sleeve.

    -manchild who has no idea how to sew

  6. Thanks for posting! I bought a bunch of discounted smartwool at an REI garage sale and the items just had some holes. I patched it up and saved over $200. Youre awesome!

  7. I have tied granny knots my whole life and have wondered if there was a better way. Thank you for this! I am a man that knows how to sew. My mother did me the favor of making me sit down and learn. Sewing has come in handy for my entire life. Thanks to you, I've just added another tool to my tool box. Thank you!

  8. Thank you! Helped a lot. I dont have a working sewing machine and idk how to thread it but i really want to make something so now i can hand thread!

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