Hand Embroidery Designs: Bordado DIY Tutorial | HandiWorks#115

hello and welcome to handy works today I'm going to show you hand embroidery design you will need tricks linen or any other fabric beads needle and embroidery hope he licks biggie you who Oh Oh to finish off your stitch basically to create a knot the embroidery thread on the other underside to situate once you master this technique you can apply it in many different ways such as putting them in a picture frame and make a nice wallet or table decor or suing it on a decorative cushion float or bag and so on if you followed any of my tutorials and made something send me pictures and I will post them on my Facebook page please share this tutorial with offerings I would love to hear your comments please leave them below thank you for watching handiworks please subscribe my channel for more videos Oh


  1. You do such beautiful stitching! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us, I am learning so much from you!

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