H by Halston Jet Set Jersey V-Neck Hi-Low Hem Dress on QVC

I like it a lot I'm here with the fashion director for H by Halston Cameron silver and Cameron not only is he the the fashion director for H by Halston he is also a fashion historian he's an author he's written an incredible book you had your door door back in LA in LA doing a speech and trunk show next week in Minneapolis if you follow me on instagram at Cameron silver you'll you know where to find where you are yes and so and and as a fashion Authority your your expertise is wonderful to have as we're adding these pieces to our to our collection and also understanding that they all are really inspired by the iconic designer and those clean classics a kind of sleek if you will lines that were very much a part of iconic outfits that he dressed some of the most famous women in the world in you see that present in the collection that we have for you so what we're gonna talk about next is done in that Jet Set Jersey very same fabrication as your QV C – big deal jumpsuit this is a v-neck high-low dress now we just reduced the price on this dress because we're down to the last of the inventory I'd say this get yourself a jumpsuit and get yourself an essential top total I didn't think about a dress if you've got those three key things I'll tell you can dress yourself easily always look good no matter where you're going so this dress we offer in three colors we have it in the navy blue we also have it for you in this red that we call crimson and then finally we have it for you in black sizes are extra extra small through 3x and we do offer it in both a regular and a petite so it will be proportioned for your frame but we are more limited in the petite so tell me about this dress well I wanted to sort of dissect the most pure example of Allston dress dressing so we're giving you that Jet Set jersey fabrication that just moves exquisitely and then just a touch of gathering right around the bustline and what that does is that just gathers exquisitely it flatters the body it's a nice tank then we've also added that movement with the high-low hem but the high-low hem isn't too exaggerated it just you know if you're somebody who likes to dance or maybe you can't dance you put this on and it's like you become Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire I know all you need is a 1/2 step you go side to side and when you do in this dress it flows so you look like you know how to dance because because you're describing those details I want everybody to be able to see what it looks like on the body and this remember this dress is under $30 this is a crazy good but just because so the v-neck isn't too low the ruching isn't too distracting gorgeous princess seams which are so nice the high-low hem just creating that wonderful movement on the body and all of those princess seams I can't accentuate this is about fluidity it's about comfort it's about movement this you can put in a ziploc sandwich bag pop it in your suitcase with your jumpsuit and your essential and really wear can't you go I know it's true I mean we could switch switches out and put you on a with a pair of sneakers and like have a run around look but I love it with those metallic Mary Jane's and I like the high-low that the high will come just slightly to the knee region and then the low extends down MIDI length so it really is a flattering kind of it's got a drama to it without being hard to wear exactly it creates a beautiful fluid silhouette when you move in it it's under mean it's under $30 you can see that for a t-shirt tank dress exactly and you know one of the reasons I love the hi-low hem is that if you're walking up the stairs in a if this were to the floor it would be complicated you have to pick it up this we've picked it up for you you don't need a gentleman caller you stay you stand coming back I mean it just gorgeous on the body and if you're a jewelry lover this is such a foundation to like bring on the bling I think pile it on with a dress like this I agree so I just wanted to show you because we have three colors and as you're looking at Brenda in that Navy and maybe you're saying oh I kind of like that and think of all the ways that you you could even take a white button-down shirt put it on I'd love that it's just bad easy roll up the sleeves a little bit right you can do so much with a dress like this the silhouette just lends itself to creating the look that you want for under $30 it's also a nice introduction to Jet Set Jersey to see why this fabric is so so popular and it's 90 poly 10% spandex we give you you feel like a jet setter because you can throw this in the machine I mean that's the amazing thing about this matte jersey fabrication love it my and one of my friends was just saying that she and her husband are doing I can't remember now she said salsa or Samba oh she's got to get the cardinal red dress and the Navy and the black eye should be right there taking lessons they're going to do you know when there's a little dip right am I the only one who remembers Arthur Murray oh there's an Arthur memory and accident far from us it's the best who wouldn't want to do that so you know maybe grab your grab your your honey and say you know what we're gonna we're taking dance lessons I just bought a dress and you got the dress were under our thumb right look at us see you can do that too and did you notice how the dressed world here's what you do let us know that you want it it's a three zero seven three seven two we do have it in both a regular and petite length regular will range 36 to about 38 potato be about 33 to 35 and just an order true to size extra extra small through 3x navy crimson and black I love the dance move we've been with Arthur Murray well ginger have nothing on you – I'm just saying all right listen here's what we're going to talk about next we're going to talk about the cardigan that Brenda just slipped into and when we have our time is short but I did want to have a

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