there’s a huge seller ships are calm and
I just went crazy but not too crazy guys out I was keeping under limit spend
under $MONEY hundred-fifty books first one is shirts gym shirt got some undies
and there are these into Pastides of that size medium so if you think they’re my built then
get a size medium got a shirt size medium once your size
large shirt and one got a silica packets in here just to
keep your coach fresh and speaking of you know these things anywhere on boxing
codes usually when they have used especially
to prevent wrinkles about where i learned that that’s very interesting alright guys so here’s the shirt on me
during the sponsor get it makes me look like a shark that’s lifting in the gym
right for sure guys size medium community you mind is on sale was like I
didn’t know how much the price was twenty bucks for this shirt guys very
nice love it like the the tapered fit and it helps the arms so it looks makes
it look bigger than you actually are medium the detailed guys there’s the gym shark globe around and
they’re just so people know that it’s Jim sharp ok so here’s a second shirt yeah and I like it’s very nice think that
would change about it was probably make it a little longer to call the whole
alphabet brand is like to change the camera so you guys can see that the
whole project feel like a model that’s the second sure guys like it a
lot and I don’t want to rip this off by just like to pretend like it’s still
knew before actually Waring’s alright guys so here’s the third shirts
the size large tank top version all the shirts that was trying on right
now guys are all the strife it material very very nice here field field and
threes guys this is the fourth shirt this is actually size medium yeah ok the rest of the hall that have guys it’s
all literally on these packets of undies and I’m not about to change outside here
and model for you guys but it is the black color is this one yeah yeah yeah


  1. πŸ‘Nice review. Gymshark needs to pay you!! I had not even heard of Gymshark shirts or the brand before you mentioned it. πŸ˜ƒ

  2. heck yes man aweosme haul !! you have a awesome personality for youtube. keep grinding, definitely some tips and aspects of your channel i want to incorporate in my own πŸ™‚

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