GTA 5 Online – How To Create The Joker Outfit In GTA 5 Online (Customization Tutorial)

[SXVXN] Whats happening 7 squad, welcome to a brand new gta video. now today im bringing you a tutorial on how to become the joker within gta online, now this is what you will look like after following this tutorial you will look like an absolute legend. The full credit goes to arouraYT so go subscribe to his channel hes a massive fan of batman and the joker and many other things aren’t you aroura and its looking somewhat very nice indeed look at that so to begin you want to build the jokers hair, ill show you how to do that right now. go to hair styles and down to slicked which is $375 massively cheap indeed. now go through the brightest colours of hair and get the brightest green you can now once you done that you want to find some form of highlight, I think aroura used was a form of yellow one which was lets have a look, that will be this one right now. there we go so that’s the green youll use and yellow highlights and we’re already starting to look like the joker so now youll need to go down to face paints but you will need $13,000, its a bit expensive for face paint but it looks absolutely awesome the one you wanna be selecting is sorrow demon on face paint of course when you’re at the hair dressers so you buy that and you going to be looking very snazzy indeed so to intensify the makeup on the joker go to lipstick and get smudged on colour 21 so ive got smudged and going to wack up the opacity so you see it 100% but put it on 21 colour so that means you buy that for $550 and youll have lips ready to match the face, look at that it looks sweet now we’re moving on to do the clothes, so for the joker pants you wanna go for suit pants and find yourself I belive, oh no I hate the sliders on these man here, purple slim fit so that’s what you’re looking for I pretty much bought all the clothes anyway so its a choice to find them, purple slim fit is the ones you’re looking for so now we move on to the rest of the clothes so head over to to tops within the clothing store go down to vests and scroll to number 7 which is olive checker thats going to allow you to look even more swag and more like the joker so buy that then we move on to the tie and other parts of the clothes after you applied your vest it will allow you to buy a vest shirt so move down the list on tops to vest shirts and find yourself pale blue shirt it should be 4th on the list so you wanna choose that it looks a bit purple like ive been told before umm so yeah. buy that then we move onto the tie now go to accessories and then ties and go down to number 25 which is a purple skinny tie that’s going to match really well with the shirt, trousers and the vest so buy that and what not and you are now going to just need to get the shoes and you’ll be complete and you’ll be in gta 5 as the joker so choose gray 2 tone oxford shoes and that will complete your outfit and you will become the joker I cant belive how awesome it looks oh my god soo as you can see 7 squad this is how you become the joker in gta 5 there is now 2 jokers and im sure after this video there will be many more. theres just one question that remains and its why so serious? hahaha oh sh*t nooo well that was um yeah. I was only meant to kill 1 joker but I killed both well there you go 7 squad make sure you checkout arouras channel and I look forward to seeing your photos and stuff shared to both me and aroura and in game my names been 7 also known as martin wood, like and comment on all you love ill see you in a future video , thanks for watching {outro}


  1. I transferred my account from PS3 to Xbox not long ago and didn't get the Halloween dlc is there a way I could get it?

  2. OMG we have just passed 300,000 views. That is just insane, truly thank you to everyone who has watched and shared this video and even subscribed. I truly appreciate it.

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  4. Incomplete information. If you did not play and purchase the Sorrow daemon face paint on Halloween you won't be able to get it. This type of tutorials make people waste money if forget are not properly informed.

  5. Hi, I really want to be a joker in gta 5 online like you but I can't find the sorrow demon face painting where did you found it

  6. Quick Fact:Go to MakeUp choose eyes and choose GOTHIC i think its like dat
    And go to lipstick choose SMUDGE Red It dont have white face but it might look good also for those who cant see the Demon Face Makeup

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